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Definition of "The Law of Attraction":

The law of attraction suggests that you can attract positive or negative things into your life through your thoughts and actions. It relies on the theory that everything is made up of energy, so the type of energy you put out will come back to you. If you’re ready to use the law of attraction to tell the universe what you want, start by creating a positive mindset. Then, take action toward your goals and confront your setbacks with a good attitude.

What are your thoughts or feelings about this?

As it's a "pseudo-science" I'm always leary of these things. I've known of the law of attraction but never followed it; lately I've been hearing more about it from a friend... From the things I've read, the one thing I like is how they talk about how changing your mindset can make a big change in how you see and deal with things, but what bothers me is that it seems very simplistic and trite, and dismissive of anything more complex... Me, I usually just tend to pick and choose what works for me from different sources and then disregard the rest, so I don't know why this bothers me.

bleurowz 8 June 17

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Religion and fake science should bother all Atheists...people have a Feminist Atheist birthright denied to them by parents and theocratic is a miracle how many women escape the brainwashing and rape epidemic in USA


i do not believe in this sort of karma-style "energy", but buried in this mumbo-jumbo is a psychological law: if you are full of self-confidence and other positive "vibes", it will do you good: by expecting to live of the sunny side of the street, you unconsciously act in such a way to move in the direction of the sunny side. It is basically a self-fulfilling prophecy, nothing supernatural

Matias Level 8 June 17, 2019

Yes, exactly. That psychological nugget is the only part I can relate to.


This is just positive thinking dressed up in fancy packaging. Yes it works, it’s as old as humanity itself, and is what people like Nelson Mandela used to keep himself from plumbing the depths of despair during 27 years incarceration, emerging afterwards with optimism and drive to make South Africa a better country. It’s not a pseudoscience, it’s just channeling positive thoughts instead of negative ones, really quite simple in fact. Negativity is self fulfilling, if you channel negative thoughts you will more than likely fail at whatever project you undertake, whereas having a positive attitude will give you a better chance of success....not guaranteeing it, but making it more likely. It’s easier for those who are born with an optimistic personality, we are largely born either optimists or pessimists, but those who are more prone to pessimism can train themselves to think more positively with mindfulness therapy.

I believe that, too. I don't think we need it packaged up in the law of attraction.


I fail to see how negative thinking would benefit Anyone, so, yes, I am all for positive thoughts.
However, if you believe your thoughts will be enough, it is just more religious crapola.....



We know that if we prime (or pre-condition) people to see certain things, they will see it everywhere. They don't have to want to see it, you just have to load them up for it. They will process it in the back of their mind and the more it happens, the more they will notice it. If you set your mind towards the idea that good things will happen, you will notice more good things. If you set your mind towards the idea that bad will happen, guess what you will notice. The more of what we see, the more we will start to act towards that state, creating a self-fulfilling prophecy. This hokum is just describing confirmation bias.


It is true that the state of your mind is going to affect your life experience. Following this general idea, thinking out what you are doing in life, making plans - modifying when necessary, fortifying your self with positive thoughts, seeking out positive people to be around, is going have a good influence on your life. BUT, my experience with the people believing in the Law of Attraction, is that they are people looking for a quick simple path to material wealth. Life is a bit more complicated than that.

Agreed. And that's another big turn-off for me, too. I think it skips over some important steps -- like how actually doing the work of making changes can be messy and uncomfortable.

uh, huh, just a little more complicated.😊


We want to be able to understand human behavior. We've been trying to for thousands of years. I don't think it's that easy.

I know people that are negative with poor attitudes, but they will switch into the most oozing of positive in front of certain people. Politicians pander to garner votes. One could say they are emitting a positive vibe that is fake, yet they can be rewarded handsomely for it.

The law of attraction does not take into account that people can fake behavior.

The law of attraction seems to want to say that we attract what we deserve because of some sort of energy we are emitting. I just don't buy that. If this were true, then can we say that molested children put out some negative energy that drew a pedophile to them?

This doesn't take into account people who prey, target, abuse, and use.

Agreed. It's way too simple-minded and doesn't take into account the complexities of life.

it's been said that if a politician is good at faking sincerity, he/she will go far.


I do believe a change of mindset does have a real affect. I am not always good at it, but when I manage to do it and hold onto it, I do notice a difference.


It's a horribly wrong misconstrued version of quantum physics. Energy is energy there's no positive, negative, good, or bad energy. It's all just energy.

The law of attraction is either an egregious example of scientific ignorance in action or a highly profitable scam.

What I've noticed from studying religion, witchcraft, and the law of attraction from a neutral point of view is that with prayer/magic/positive thinking accompanied by complimentary actions; you will not accomplish anything that you could not accomplish through those actions alone.

Now that I've given my logical and skeptical opinion of what I consider to be mysticism without all the cool props; I will say that it may be possible that some of the gullible followers will be inspired to work harder in the belief that the universe will give them their wants and that effort and the boost in confidence just might give some people the morale boost they need to actually succeed.

Again though we tend to remember the successful outcomes and credit whatever magic we believe in, while forgetting the failures or blame them on something we did wrong. Selective memory and skewed perspectives always seem to work in the favor of the supernatural

JimG Level 8 June 17, 2019

Ya.. this stuff bugs me to.. especially when it gets rewrapped and sold to millions more.
Its mumbo-jumbo based on kernels of truth.. (with a lot of baloney added so they can sell books and self help videos).



Having/keeping a "positive mindset" and taking action towards your goals/confronting setbacks with a positive attitude is called being a functioning, well adjusted adult. No magic or magical thinking required.

Agreed. That's the only part of it I like. When it gets into the mystical stuff then it puts me off.


So, The Universe is just another word for God, basically. I'll pass on the new age religion thanks.

I wonder if Donald Trump got all his inherited millions by sending out positive vibes to the Universe?

Agree. They mystical part of it puts me off.

now, that's a very depressing thought.


Or is it a case of telepathy? I have increasingly noticed of late that I have wanted something in my life. Having identified my desire I have been frequently surprised to obtain it within a month of making my "wish" known to myself. It does not always happen and the identification of desires is becoming less and less.


It makes sense in some ways. If I smile at someone then they are more likely to smile at me. If I am nice to someone then they are more likely to be nice to me. It's not a given though.

Where I think it's bullshit is with "The Secret" type of thinking. You aren't going to become a millionaire etc. just by thinking positively. It can't really hurt though, but that thinking dismisses any complex thinking. It's kind of the mentality I usually see conservatives promote. "Pick yourself up by your bootstraps" or if you aren't successful then it's your own fault. It almost completely dismisses any outside affects.

Agree. It's a good idea, but the law of attraction reduces it down to something super-simple that doesn't account for life's complexities.


The Law of Attraction is utter bullshit that is not supported by evidence.

It seems to have worked so far for Donald Trump.


Dumbasses believe that the “law” means that it’s science so it must be true.


I'm happy-go-lucky (interesting expression in itself) most of the time. I think there is a lot of negativity out there so I'm not surprised when happy does not go down well.

happiness might not always go down well but good whiskey always does.


Is there anything more complex? If not then simplicity isn't an issue. I have no clue where there is anything to it or not I know putting a smile on my face makes me feel good. I know avoiding people who don't smile, are grumpy, critical and nattering are not fun to be around.
I think what ever works for you. I also try not to visit my dysfunctions on others. 🙂

It doesn't seem to address people who are dealing with serious or difficult issues. The mantra seems to be, that regardless of what you're dealing with, to just change your mindset -- which isn't that simple if you've got a lot keeping you from being able to do that.

@bleurowz You are correct, it does not deal with those issues, they want you to think if you follow the path the serious stuff will flow by you.

problem is by avoiding the ppl who are grumpy & not always smiling, you are avoiding the ppl who actually know what's going on in the world.


I loathe Law of Attraction fake-philosophy. You'll notice in the show it's all from wealthy people spreading fake nonsense. I've thought positive thoughts until blue in the face to stop the pollution that greedy and/or lazy people keep doing to damaging our water/air/soil/food,our bodies, etc. I've meditated hard to think positive to attract positive people only to be rejected from both the hearing and deaf communities, go figure!? Wishing is not the same as actively speaking against such injustices that is happening in our struggling "civilized" capitalistic societies as the government is taking more and more rigid control over our lives. Look at the current state with you know who is wrecking lives and racisms has shot through the roof and women and girls are now fearful. So much for Law of Attraction. The very few powerful wealthy people and corporations are doing everything to destroy our jobs, our health, our education, drive a huge widening gap between the rich and the poor, increasing taxes and health insurance, neglecting the disabled rights... want me to go on?! Law of Attraction is nothing but self invented proclamations to earn more money from sheeple always hoping life will just turn around for the better, not realizing that they have to get up and vote, get up and protest, get up and boycott, get up and demand respect, get up and fight for their rights every single day.

That's the part that turns me off. It's not enough to think or believe positive things, you then have to act on them, and that's where the real challenge comes. I think that part is kind of pushed into the background in the whole law of attraction message, because it's safer to think than to act.


I used to believe this totally in my days of pre-atheism. It was a law of some psychic mumbo jumbo. Now let me explain it to you. Messy people are likely to have a messy house. An unclean person could actually smell. People obsessed with crime and murder may be more likely to commit crime and murder, or they are involved with others who try to stop it. In other words, you are what you want to be. You attract what you want to be associated with simply by your association.


Pseudoscience. Actively working toward a (any) goal will always have better results than wishful thinking.


A bit like the prosperity gospel nonsense. lt certainly works, but only for the few who promote it. The mugs who contribute are always left poorer but unlikely to be any wiser.


Sounds like bunk to me.


Why not? No worse than many other ideas out there.

True. If you take what works for you and leave the rest.


Old canard but works

bobwjr Level 9 June 17, 2019

When something bad happens to you it's sometimes very difficult to see that as a positive but in time it turns out to be positive so to me the question would be that time interval. Let's say your no good cheating lying stealing girlfriend dumps you. You might be depressed for years and that affects your outlook about dating for the rest of your life. In my case I would just go buy a new tv and get a new girlfriend. So everything is back to being good again. The universe loves me or was that just me?

Yeah, I don't think the universe has anything to do with it.

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