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Ok,,, if I start an atheist "church",,, how many of you will join? No tithes, no ties, no Gods, and no spaghetti monsters 🍝... i do get to wear a robe and one of those awesome Pope hats! Darwin, Dawkins, and Hitchens are Saints!

Coffeeman 7 June 21

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Can't we just have a party?

Amisja Level 8 June 22, 2019

Ok, party it is! Can we still wear silly hats?!


I'll join but only if i get a pope hat too lol

Damn right! Pope hats all around! Yours can even have little horns!

@Coffeeman yay! I'm gonna bedazzle mine lolπŸ˜‚


If there are no tithes, how will you take advantage of your tax-exempt status? πŸ˜‚

dkp93 Level 7 June 21, 2019

Right on! Ok, ok, givith me one tenth!


Why do we atheists need a church????

We are missing out on all the wine drinking and cracker eating! We'll have cheese on our crackers though!


"A gathering" of like-minded people would be nice. Just a place to hang out. No pseudo intellectuals or other bullsh*t


After the French Revolution, the anti-religion activists abolished Christianity and replaced it by a "cult of Reason" with its own rites and temples and saints.
It was not a huge success - to say the least

Matias Level 8 June 22, 2019

In early books adopted into the bible the word Jesus used for church was the Greek word β€œekklΔ“sia”. The same word is used for when a gathering of citizens are called from their homes into a public place for an assembly.

If you are thinking of some sort of assembly / party / meeting of like minded agnostics I'm in ... but if you plan some sort of organisation with leader, heirarchy, rules and codes - not for me. I follow no god, no person, no rules but my own.(generally aligned to polite society)


I considered setting up an Atheist church that meets every Sunday morning at a buffet restaurant for breakfast and conversation. That way, if nobody shows up you still get breakfast.

Great advise superman!


I really think that a lot of people who go to church do so for the community and social aspects. So we just the those and ditch church and religion.


Organized religion without the organized religion? What will you do with the money?

Burner Level 6 June 22, 2019

Spend it on prostitutes of course... Hey,,, it beats little boys right?!


I like the suggestion with, can't we just have a party other than that I'll pass.

Ok, party time!


What about 72 virgins? Are some virgins involved? Lol

Hahaha! 71 virgins and a slut! Someone has to teach the virgins!

@Coffeeman good point! 😏

@Coffeeman "Slut" Naughty word. How about "One lady who makes poor personal decisions"?

@rainmaker-47 yeah but that bad personal decision might have been to buy a car she can't afford! We need somebody to teach these 71 young ladies how to fuck!


I've got the altar candles!

BillF Level 7 June 22, 2019

Too fun!

Oh, now that's just tooo funny!


To those who responded negatively to the above idea: You should realize how much organized religion has fucked up humanity. It's got to go. The church has fucked everything up, replacing organized daily life with slavery, prejudice, misogyny, war, child abuse, mistrust of science, elitism, and on and on.

Here's how outlandish the culture has become under its influence: There's a day honoring the memory of one of history's most murderous, cruel and sadistic individuals. In an authoritarian church the truth means nothing. Christopher Columbus's favorite saint was St. Dominic, the founder of the Spanish Inquisition. The saint was won't to visit burning pyres of sacrificed "heretics" and read them various Biblical texts as they sizzled like marshmallows. Columbus was sending back pure gold back to Spain by the galleon-full. And this country had a holiday in his honor.

Today both of these religious assholes have countries actually named after them: Columbia and the Dominican Republic.


Other than bands, I'm not a group kinda guy.


You might see more interest if you include sex orgies.

MrDMC Level 7 June 22, 2019

Daaaammmmnnnnnn! I like the way you think! I think I just found my first Arch-Bishop! 🀣


Nope. I burn in ''churches''


What no hookers lol

bobwjr Level 9 June 21, 2019

Hell yeah we'll have hookers! The kind that work for nothing!

@Coffeeman call them special helpers for the lonely

I LOVE that you get my sense of humor!

@motrubl4u I love it! Great joke, but just in case you're not joking,,, what's her number?

@motrubl4u, @bobwjr That's already my balls name


I would consider attending as a social gathering, perhaps with a meal included, in order to meet some like-minded people in my area, but I would immediately leave at a sermon of any type.

No sermons, just food, beer, and break dancing for Jesus! Hehehe, sorry i forgot my meds today

@Coffeeman You could have left out the "Jesus" comment.


No, thank you.


You need a dress code or a no dress code.

azzow2 Level 9 June 26, 2019

Great one! Come to church wearing nothing but a pope hat!


Try the First Church of Atheism:


Thank you superman!


Already one up and running. Why not join and set up a local branch?



Hell yeah. No church meetings and I'm signing up. I'll be with you, in spirit πŸ™‚

Corden Level 5 June 23, 2019

Ok, we will "pray" for you! lol


I wish there was a "Church" devoted to science and stem education that was both scientific and agnostic that I could join and raise my son in.

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