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Is anyone else as scared as I am about global warming? I am seeing some very alarming articles recently predicting 80% annillation of the population in 31 years and irreversible path to this if not corrected in 5 years. Other articles about melting ice caps 70 years faster than originally thought and greenland losing billions of gallons of ice in a day. Efforts by scientist to block the sun in an attempt to cool the planet. Other ideas such as blocking the sun at the poles to mimic the sun's reflection of the polar ice caps which are currently melting away. Other articles about the methane gas trapped in permafrost which is melting and will release it into the atmosphere...causing an accelerated warming. My son is 2 years old. This seriously keeps me up at night and is hard for me to shake. I believe it all. The worst part is literally no one cares.

Lauraleigh39 6 June 23

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This should be more of concern []

azzow2 Level 9 June 23, 2019

super interesting but what are the ramifications?

@Allamanda I am not a scientist however I could take a stab at some answers. Our elipse could be at different markers causing different weather patterns because the constant no longer exist. So in other words we would be further away from the sun at points where we should be closer. The moon could be out of sync. As an example I am thinking of finely instruments even a micron off and the tool can be can cause calibration to be way off. Other factors could apply the warp zone around the Earth can be larger or smaller. The warp zone idea is one of Einstein's theories. The lateral angle and azmath can be changed in relation to other planets and the sun as well as the black hole at the center of the galaxy. These are just guesses btw.


I have been warning anyone who would listen about this for 50 years. I am now 70 and have seen the changes with my own eyes already happening around us. People don't seem to be willing to make any change in lifestyles because they don't percieve that it has affected them personally. It seems to be difficult for humans, particularly Americans to think non-linearly. This is a curve that is rapidly steepening but until the flood, fire, volcano, drought or oher disaster is immediately upon us nothing will suddenly change and by then it is too late. I don't think science can solve this because people won't listen to scientists in time. The general public is certainly not scared enough. sadly!

Hell Ive been trying to make changes since 2013 not successfully. I suspect the government may be culling for the planned disasters ahead trying to control too much. I will begin trying again. Your post inspired me.

I am 64 and been a big science and nature buff for most of my life. Yes, sadly. I often check sites around our town and beautiful areas I love. I have done paid furld sampling work experience to study the effects of pesticides on crops and plant paracites. Over the last few years I have noticed a drop in populstions of animals I loved in my youth. And the full death of field sites I ysef to study. Do much had been lost just in my area of Oregon. To building and developement. Common fresh water shrimp and Hydra seem to be gone from many areas around town , and frogs and their larva have taken a hit. It used to be that frog calls would be very loud but hardly notice them now. I have found a larger number if bald eagles recently though.


Ice loss from the Greenland ice sheet is much worse that you think because it involves much more than merely losing ice. Currently, Greenland's ice sheet is losing approximately 300 000 000 000 tons of ice per year. The rate is increasing exponentially and in radical steps because of many different factors, though the initial driver is the rise in temperature. If this were sea ice, we would see no net change in sea level, but this is sheet ice resting on the crust and the crust in turn is resting on the plastic material of the mantel. Below are a couple of videos that might help in understanding the major issues.

This one is a brief description of the loss from the Greenland ice sheet.

There is some drama presented in this CNN special report, but there is considerable important information as well.

Among other changes beyond sea level rise, there is the reasonable expectation of increased seismic and volcanic activity resulting from plate springback (post glacial uplift), the crust under the ice sheet rises as the weight of the ice is removed. The dying off of sea life because of temperature changes, modification of subsurface currents, salinity, and acidity resulting from the influx of fresh water.

Severe weather systems as a result of global warming we are seeing in real time now, but it should be known that it is going to get much worse. Everything has a thing I like to call 'flywheel effect' where one thing changes and there exists a time lag before some other change will make itself apparent. I am not sad about all this. I am extremely angry. I have been one sounding alarms over these changes since my experiences in the far north, particularly Alaska and across the top of Canada. That began in 1964/65.

thanks for this!

@evidentialist Thanks for the videos.


I think the EPA was doing good work until POS45 , started reversing laws that were in place to protect the future . Climate change does exist , and flooding in both Florida and Texas in recent years has proven that . And it's going to get worse .


Every computer model and prediction has been horribly wrong so far. Which means they have no clue. Garbage in, garbage out. But climate change is the new religion. Believe in the face of error, lies, and propaganda. If you stay up at night worrying about it, you are no different than my mother who worries about "the end times".

Oh my friend you are sooooo wrong. Scientists actually have a pretty good understanding of how this global warming thing works. But let's pretend for a moment that you are right and there is only a small chance they are right. Let's say the odds they are right are only one in twenty. Would you get on a plane if you thought there was a 1 in 20 chance it would crash? Or we could look at it from another angle: who are you (old man) to gamble with the futures of young children and their children? Finally, I would ask you what are your scientific credentials? Have you really studied the science. Do you really have a clue? I bet the answers to those questions are "none, no, and no." The fossil fuel industry has been wildly successful at sowing doubt about the science among the laity. Their motivation is clear: short-term profits for themselves and the devil take the hindmost. But the fact remains that the scientific community has reached consensus. Global warming IS an existential threat.

So far, the models I was shown by a researcher at thr National Center for Atmospheric Research who came to speak to my fifth grade class in the 90s, this models have become our current reality: Weirder, whackier weather, wilder more energetic storms, deeper drought, and more frequent floods.
As for propaganda, who or what could possibly benefit from insistence that clinate change is real and disaster is imminent if we don’t act together to reduce CO2? Makes far more sense that denial of the negative impacts of climate change is propaganda - oil companies never feel they have enough


We're rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic at this point. Find one with a good vantage, put up your feet, and enjoy the end.


I am sorry to say that your fears are well-founded. It appears that we have about ten years in which to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions in order to keep global temperature rise under 2 degrees Celsius. Beyond 2 degrees, feedbacks in the natural system kick in and temperatures spiral upward uncontrollably. Feedback mechanisms include things like decrease on Earth's albedo (reflectivity) due to disappearance of ice cover, and massive increase in atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations (and consequent temperature increase) due to melting permafrost. If proposals to add sulphur dioxide to the atmosphere to counteract the loss of albedo sound crazy, you are right. The acid rain resulting from such so-called geoengineering would devastate our agriculture (and forests). Technologies that can suck CO2 out of the atmosphere are in development, but they will be expensive and will have to be implemented on a massive scale. Bottom line: tough times ahead.

Did you write the content of your post based on any detection of me? I suffer from paranoia. I'm trying to understand my condition.

The answer to your question is "no." I have no idea who you are. None whatsoever.


Climate worriers, stop, the solar cycle that has caused the global warming has ended, and now the sun is entering a cooling phase, all natural and predictable Google "Maunder Minimum" you will also find CO2 increases plant growth and a greening effect can already be seen, most of the news about climate has been exaggerated by Fake news organisations, all to pump the idea of a carbon credit exchange system where they can milk millions more from the gullible public, stop reading the propaganda and do your own research into the facts, man made global warming has been a HOAX and most fell for it because of a clever press system lying to you all the time, most believe what they are told and cannot believe the press would lie about something as important as this!!! but they have, they have been caught faking the figures on warming and when corrected show no warming happening, Arctic ice is now expanding all checkable folks, the last time a Maunder Minimum happened we entered a mini ice age, with frost fares on the Thames, search maunder minimum and solar cooling cycles and find out what I say is true, sorry folks your bubbles that your living in have been manufactured to manipulate you, but a search will reveal the liars. kind regards Peter

Another denier. Go stick your head in the sand, you're that useful.

Don't confuse the global warming worriers with facts. Then they will need to find something else to worry about.

Mister, you obviously have NO idea what is real and what is fake. Actually, while the sun went through its MINIMUM output of energy in its 11-year cycle, the Earth experienced its HOTTEST years ever recorded. Geez, get clue!


Richard Feynman on the scientific method:

Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming(CAGW) was an interesting theory that has been refuted by experience. Worry about something else.


Once again be careful who you vote for and put into office, those Republicans don't believe in global warming, can you imagine if Gore was rightfully elected President.

According to that idiot Al Gore the arctic should have already melted. Thankfully that nut wasn’t elected.

@Trajan61 I think that Gore wasn't a nut when he lost to Bush. He lost his mind afterwards. Al might have made a better President than George. I'm guessing that at least we would have avoided the Iraq war.

Gore never lost his mind. Its time to put a stop this type of negative bashing of an individual just because you disagree with them in one way or another. It's counterproductive and no good. What the hell was wrong with him making the movie and having talks about it? It harmed no one and he was trying to show us what is already happening today. Those who criticize people who are only trying to improve our world are very damaging.

@Lauraleigh39 I couldn't agree more. Al Gore's efforts to wake us up to the dangers of climate change is nothing short of heroic. I've seen way too much evidence that it's a matter of great concern. How can anyone ignore starving polar bears, melting ice caps, and increasing fires, floods, and intense hurricanes seasons? Here in Southern California, fire season used to begin in early fall and run for a few months---it's year 'round now. Nobody can convince me that this isn't a serious problem.

@Lauraleigh39 I think that anyone like Al Gore who says global warming is a life and death emergency but also lives in an enormous mansion with a huge carbon footprint and flies in private planes with huge carbon footprints is at best a careless hypocrite, and at worst a complete charlatan. If you want to talk the talk you have to walk the walk. Or as Dr Albert Schweitzer put it "Example is not the main thing in influencing others, it is the only thing".

I also note that while Mr. Gore got a "D" in science at Harvard, I got a number of "A"s at Columbia, so I am at least as well educated as he is on scientific matters, in fact considerably better educated.

As I mentioned above, I personally think that Gore would have made a better President than Bush, but since he lost the 2000 election the course he has followed has made him a seriously negative influence on American life. In fact judging by this post, he's a seriously negative influence on YOUR life.

@doug6352 two points on what you said: one's marks in schools are often not a good indicator of original thought or even cross-disciplinary ability... and if he is the negative influence some people need to escape what American life has become, that is the object of the exercise.

@Lauraleigh39 Ive seen global warming documentaries. I'd much rather see someone not Al Gore in the documentaries. Does anyone else have anything to say comparing documentaries?

So who do you want in there now OAC...?

I find it irrational why every person that becomes an enemy of the right wing is bashed relentlessly until people on the left turn on them. They will still agree with them but want to find someone new to say it because they are so adversed to contraversy. The right understands this weakness and will attack every new person that gets attention. This is one of the reasons they have no respect for the left and consider them cowards. The right will never give up on their people even when they should but the left is all about tossing people under the bus. Al Gore was tossed under the bus by most on the left.


I tend to be an optimist. There are a myriad of things we can do. We have to start by getting the oligarchs out of office and elect politicians who understand science so we can formulate a plan. Remember, during the Roman and Medieval warm periods it was much warmer than it is now and those warm periods were times when humans thrived. That being said, green house gases are a big concern that could allow things go get out of control this time.


Nope. All fake news. An orange orangutan told me.


I volunteer at a local hospital. Every time a child is born, the hospital plays a short version of Brahm's Lullaby. At one time I would had had a warm feeling about another life coming into the world. All I feel now, is sadness thinking about that child's future. The loss of biodiversity is also a reason for sadness. I sometimes think that climate change deniers, a vast majority of which are evangelicals, believe they will be raptured away before the bad effects (The Tribulation) hit us. This so, even though evangelicals have contributed greatly to global warming.

Yes it’s very sad but also quite horrible that their selfishness and immorality can have a religious justification

The evangelicals are a far lesser threat to the environment than the liberals and their looney ideas.

@Trajan61 How so? Details!


Yes, I am terrified. I think governments are just going to have to be very firm, no more single use plastic, no unnecessary air travel, hugely improve rail and public transport. Then encourage repopulation of bees, fish etc. We can do it but not until the population stops seeing this as lead by a fringe group of dreadlocked hippies and start realising this is REAL.

Amisja Level 8 June 23, 2019

I worry that it will take something even bigger to trigger political movement: we have it coming though. I believe that we will see tens of millions of climate refugees within 15 years for eg. Think Farage is going to have to wake up a bit

@OwlInASack Oh absolutely. Some parts of central US are already suffering extreme climate change and lack of water. Always hits the poorest first

@Amisja It really does. Lots of sub saharan Africa is impacted too. SE Asia will lose its water out of the monsoon as the glaciers melt now in the Himalayas. The UK east coast and likely the Netherlands will go under. Along with low lying areas the world over. We ain’t seen nothing.

@Amisja Actually the central US has had too much rain this year, farmers are not able to plant crops because it is too wet. We are experiencing a super el nino these last four years because of the heating up of the Pacific ocean.

A huge problem will occur as the ocean currents such as the Gulf Stream change because of the warming of the oceans. Europe will have colder winters while Siberia will become warmer releasing huge deposits of methane gas that will further exacerbate AGW.

@DaveSchumacher central apologies


Yeah, me too. I tell people that I am an Atheist and a bit of a nihilist -- I see no ultimate meaning or very long term future for the human race.

But that said, I never imagined that I might live to see the serious start of the end. I constantly wonder what people are thinking about the fates of their children. 😪

RichCC Level 7 June 23, 2019

The evidence for climate change is overwhelming. In 2018 the Great Barrier Reef was declared dead. Several independent sources warn of the collapse of the Great Plains water source by 2040. Climate models are coljaborated with air samples from the Greenland Ice Sheet going back 15,000 years. Climate change gappens over decades, not milennia. Human contributions accelerate natural cycles.
Fear, though, as they say, is the mind-killer. It is healthier to ask yourself how you can adapt. Denial just sliws your ability to adapt. The religious wingnuts will attribure change to God, and throw up their hands helplessly. Relying on ither bureaucracies to solve the problem is futile. Focus on how you can adapt and position yourself. For me, it’s reducing my iwn carbon footprint, reducing my energy consumption and demand for material things. Let the deniers slip into olivion as you thrive.

Do you think governments will have to cooperate to some extent about climate change?

something to think about. the great barrier reef is supposed to be dying b/c of higher ocean temps. yet there are the exact same type of coral reefs 1000+ miles north which are in water which is 1.5 degrees warmer & are quite healthy.


It should be the number one priority for humanity right now. There was a story on 60 minutes last night about 16 or so children that are suing the Federal government over global warming. The story framed it as endangering the future of these 16 children. It's way bigger than that. It's about the survivability of the human race and perhaps many other life forms on the planet.

I've seen the effects of global warming myself with the melting of permafrost and glaciers in Alaska and I've seen it by simple observation of the weather in Colorado. Winters are just not as cold as they used to be 25 years ago. I'm going with the 97% of scientists who say it is happening due to human activities.

Most of us who are scientifically oriented will go with the data, even though it is an "inconvenient truth." There are some who will believe the opposite because it is more comfortable psychologically to believe it's not happening.

Regarding the 5%, what is their understanding?


take a deep warming reports you read are alarmist. climates change drastically & have done so way before the CO2 scare.
you mention melting ice caps. try this simple experiment. put an ice cube in a glass fill the glass to the top with water. what happens when the ice melts?

alarmist for a reason....its actually happening and we should be alarmed! this is no joke!

@Lauraleigh39 ,
you are totally brainwashed. obviously you didn't do the ice cube experiment.

@callmedubious I think the ice cube experiment is extraneous. Very solid archeological evidence shows that radical climate changes DO happen, and they can have devastating results.

@callmedubious The melting polar ice is not floating on water. It is on land. Your experiment with ice cubes in a glass does not represent the situation accurately.

Your example was laughed at when a theist made the same assertion. Think the show was The Atheist Experience.

To more accurately represent your experiment suspend a screen above your full glass of ice water. in the screen suspend ice cubes so the water from the melting ice will fall into your full glass.

Another factor you missed is: []

@NoMagicCookie ,
is the glass 1/2 full or 1/2 empty? or are you playing with a full deck?

@callmedubious .edu is a domain reserved for universities. You would be well served to read the content.

Ad hominem? as apposed to addressing the topic. This does not paint you in a good light.


Don't know if you have heard of this. I hadn't until 60 MInutes did a story on it this evening. 21 young people are suing the US government for not doing enough about climate change. Many thought the case would be dismissed right away, but so far the court case has proceeded forward. If the Supreme Court rules in favor of the plaintiffs, it means there will be radical changes in the use of fossil fuels in the US.


yes been following it, and it's happening in several other countries also


Denial and fatalism run rampant. It is rather apparent in just this thread. Not the sort of people I'd want on board in a blow or accompanying me into the wilderness. Oh well.


you are right to be alarmed but that should empower you to take and demand action . . we need more of this!!


It snowed in many places in the US and Canada on the first day of Summer. That is not normal.


I had an exceptionally bad childhood, and as a result, did not have any illusions about just how bad the world could be. I never wanted children because I did not want to drag anyone into a world that is clearly FUBAR, and the older I got the more I saw that convinced me of the rightness of that mode of thinking. Yes there is also a great deal of beauty in the world, but some of it is illusion. We have political leaders who deny it all, and at the same time are trying to block the sun . . . . they know, but their avarice will not allow them to stop.
Unfortunately, it is not global warning that I see as the greatest danger, although with no doubt, it is certainly a great danger. Our greatest danger is those who put us in this situation, and the weapons that they have on hand, nuclear weapons. Scientists have said that just a small conflict between two small countries, for example, India and Pakistan, could cause the demise of the human race, and I see no reasons to disregard that idea.
What is happening now is the world is over-populated, and our government is trying to conquer as much territory as possible for the resources that these territories have. No doubt their ultimate goal is world domination, but even if they were to accomplish that, it would not stop what is clearly in motion. The more likely scenario though is that some nation will come to the realization that it has no way out, and being cornered, will let loose with all its nuclear weapons, and humanity will be wiped out. I no longer think that it is a question of IF, but a question of WHEN.
Either way, there are two huge threats to human existence that have been poo-pooed for so long that humans have become complacent and eventually it will all catch up to them. There are no words that one could or should say to comfort those who come to this realization, because it is to late, that water is under the bridge already, it is what it is. Life is ephemeral, and no matter what your age, background, social status, it can be gone in an instant, there are no guarantees, promises, or even rights to it.
You should never stop fighting a behemoth simply because you expect it to trample you into the dust, you fight anyway, and this is the behemoth of our age. The mark of courage is not to turn away and run, it is to run headlong into the fray and oppose this behemoth in whatever way possible. It is simply the absurdity of existence.

THHA Level 7 June 23, 2019

I’ll be fine. I have air conditioning.


I was agnostic about AGW until I read James Hanson's book, "The Storms of My Grandchildren". I have two brothers who are pretty sharp guys, one is an engineer who thinks that we can't stop it. The other is a commercial builder who thinks that we will develop systems to sequester co2 in large enough amounts to turn the problem around. I don't know if we can stop it, but I suspect we will not be able to.

You are right that we are not doing anything about it. The US should be a leader but we only lead in exacerbating the problem by producing more fossil fuel. In second and third world countries as people pull themselves out of poverty the first things they want is a car and A/C.

It may be that the reason we haven’t encountered other intelligent life (aside from the deep space and time problem) is that life forms that evolve are so aggressive that they end up using all of the natural resources of their planet and end up killing all life there.

Sorry to tell you this, but we are still apes although we have turned into a runaway species on this planet. We will probably eventually make the commons unlivable and force our planet into the Venus syndrome killing all life here.

I think the analyses that compare humans to a virus have some merit. Our explosive population, coupled with devastating impact on our host for eg.

In reality it is all potentiate in all probability!


Oh lots of us care. Just not enough of us. Yes. It’s going to be catastrophic. And they arrested Climate Change protestors in NY yesterday. They continue to arrest the wrong people

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