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Christianity is a fraud religion since it is based on two events that never happened; a virgin birth and a resurrection.

retiredguy 4 June 27

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Mankind worships over 5000 separate god(s)!

Hence only two events might only be part of a larger scam to con your undying needs to belong!

Of course fraud with smoke and mirrors wows the masses!

All mysterious beings seem to have god(s) like qualities which no human dead or alive could ever possess!


The Bible is full of fraud and fiction.

But wait, virgin births happen fairly often. I've heard they are more common in South American. That's where young girls (to save their virginity) give their boyfriends a handjob then satisfy themselves without washing up. Those little swimmers are amazing creatures.

mischl Level 7 June 27, 2019

As far as I know the the word was mistranslated from "young woman" to "virgin." So the virgin birth was not a prophecy to begin with.

Also Jesus had siblings. I assume he was the oldest because if he wasn't then.........well you see where this going, right?

I see exactly where you are going and Yes, according to the Buybull stories, he had an elder brother named James, therefore, either Joseph was previously married and then a widower OR Mary was a widow, OR she'd played around long before she had met Joseph.
Anyway you look at it, the whole myth is little more than absolute bullshit.


Just like socialist religious dogma!

zesty Level 7 June 28, 2019

Yup no shit

bobwjr Level 9 June 28, 2019

Great Scott!! you mean to say its all a bunch of boloney?

Nardi Level 7 June 28, 2019

If you accept the "believer" interp, certainly. So i mean note the progression if you will; "believers are obviously deceived, and believers say ___ is in the Bible, ergo the Bible is deception." ? Ok


many will be deceived is not in there for nothing i guess, ya.


so other religions are NOT fraudulent because all of THEIR stories are true? really?



She was smart played those men and made them pray and worship her son lol savage

Gigi Level 3 June 27, 2019

I'm not sure that Mary played any men to make any of this happen. Men were in control and this is some god setup that they wanted. If you read other writings Jesus was not the first "virgin birth." This was a "purity" concept that seemed to fit ancient religions.


Christianity is not based on only two events, someone didn’t do their homework.

The entire basis of 'Christianity' is the Virgin Birth, as expounded by the innumerable Sects, of the entirely Mythological Jesus of Nazareth and his 33 years of life ( again never proven empirically to have happened), his death by Crucifixion ( again never proven empirically to have occurred) and his subsequent resurrection ( also never proven empirically to have occurred). Since Christians, for the majority that is, have somewhat discarded the Old Testament in favor of the New testament because, simply, it far better suits their purposes.


Well so you say, but wadr "the virgin will be with child" would have been understood to be a ref to the Athena wisdom school at the time, and ones "resurrection" is supposed to happen at baptism, but trust me Mithraist Christians are totally ignoring that too. Peace

What is a Mithraist Christian?

@Geoffrey51 a "believer" who thinks that they might go up to heaven (Elysian Fields) after Jesus (Apollo, Hermes) "returns" (can't be quoted anywhere) and takes them? No one has ever gone up to heaven, there is only one immortal etc

@bbyrd009 Nonsense. There is no correlation between Mithras and Jesus other than the rituals that Christianity absorbed

@Geoffrey51 Google "Mithraism and Christianity" for more if you like, obv virtually everyone claiming "Christian" believes they are going up to heaven after they have died, to become immortals too, in direct contradiction to the Bible they claim to love so much and read so literally. They are Jesus Cults who have really quite obviously put Jesus in the place of Apollo/Hermes. Again, have a good one k.

@Geoffrey51 Google is sick with it, but here's one [] prolly by some "righteous" religious person still tho i guess, "cog" ya he's a cog alright lol

@bbyrd009 Now I concur with you. I agree that Christianity took elements which also appear in Mithraism. It seems I missed misunderstood your point. I thought you were saying that Mithras and Jesus were the same rather than Christians taking on attributes of Mithraism.

Christianity is the great syncretic religion. It borrows from everywhere to appeal to the locals!


It's what people believed in back in those times. And those beliefs have been passed on throughout history into todays society via our parents (minus Agnostics/Athesists). As we grew older we saw the logic and questioned religion to the point that we are now agnositcs/athesists.

Trod Level 5 July 17, 2019

Perhaps Jesus didn't even exist. There are no contemporary records of him.


"I can buy the mother and the child. But not the virgin birth!"--(Some old eighteenth-century French Philosophe, or another!)


Both of which events are central to a number of religions. That does not make Christianity a makes Religion a fraud, whose primary purpose has always been crowd control. But I’m sure that I’m preaching at the choir here, if you’ll forgive the expression.


There is so much more to use in an argument vs god/agnostic. It is based on being he may never have even existed. []
Also placing Jesus above god when god said (according to the mindless writers of the bible which is still ongoing) that's called idolatry and god said "HOLD NO OTHERS BEFORE ME". As far as Mary...she is of the deny deny deny version of events.

You accuse the "mindless" writers of the Bible for clarifying that Jesus Cults are bad? I don't get it

@bbyrd009 whot? Regular people have been "improving" the bible since they started it right after they created god in their own image. Yes. Mindless.

@K9Kohle789 Ah well in English anyway, sure. But even the Bible warns about this, "scribes," so just read in the original, from a lexicon? Big diff.

@bbyrd009 Cults are bad. Full stop. I not a fan of absolutes but this one I am on board with.

I never come across one that has been acknowledged as good.

@rovingamber well, wadr the meaning of the word has changed somewhat i think from its use in the Bible, cultus used to be the completely acceptable way to state ones "school of thought," and was not a slur then. So i agree with you, jim jones bad, sure


Maybe but I’m pretty sure the part where the donkey talks to the man when he’s whipping him in the Old Testament is 100% true

no suh

Ha that would never have been taken literally then, we have just forgotten what "donkey" represents, represented then, i guess


“The Virgin Mary… We have a whole religion based on a woman who really stuck to her story.”
—Greg Giraldo

It makes you wonder how many girls since then have told that line to their father. Honest dad i'm really still a virgin. God immaculately concepted me and I've really never been with a man.


Christianity is not any more fraudulent than the global warming theory. My experience is that many people do not think rationally about many things.


I grant a little extra latitude to Jainism. A nontheistic Indian religion promoting nonviolence, to the point of requiring vegetarianism and taking great care not to kill bugs. Noble if not rational. One of the few that does not overdose on magical thinking.

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