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Tropical storm Barry could bring 2 feet rain to New Orleans and Louisiana. Another disaster?!?

sassygirl3869 9 July 12

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This is the NOAA link for up to date Forecast information in Louisiana if anyone wants to check: []

We have some members there. Hope they'll be safe.
Hope everyone will be safe.

tHANKS @RavenCT for the link.


Let’s hope not.


Yup went through NOLA after Katrina one bridge down car lots with cars that had been totally immersed they are on the brink of another disaster

bobwjr Level 9 July 12, 2019

I used to live in Rosepine, LA. Glad I'm not there!


Glad I don't live in New Orleans 🚫


New Orleans sits in a bowl. If the storm sits in one place and dumps that much rain while sitting there, it will be similar to what happened in Houston. Even if the levees hold it will flood.


It sounds like we're getting two feet of cats n dogs on my roof! And I'm in Florida!


My heart goes out to anyone in its path,,.especially those who may be here on this site. Try and keep safe!

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