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As recently as 30 years ago, America was over 90% Christian. Today, that number is down to about 75%. They don't silently rule the country anymore, and as they see that power start to fade they pushback. And any sentiment that paints Christianity as anything other than the beacon of all that is good and morally superior in the universe, is seen as an "attack on liberty" and as "taking away freedoms". A bunch of buzzwords that ultimately have no logical support.

Downgrading a religion's status to "equally represented", as opposed to having a borderline theocracy, scares the people of that religion. But they've been comfortable for far too long now..

Piratefish 7 July 12

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Sorry, dear, but 75% is still a majority.


What else happened about 30 years ago? The internet. Personally, I'm optimistic. Not only does the internet make so much information available to people than they've ever had access to before, it also gives them lots of opportunities to talk to other people and try to defend their position. When you have to actually explain what you believe, you also have to think about it. Thinking is so dangerous to religion. I personally think the percentage will keep declining.


Gaslighting by twisting argument s is an epidemic these days.


Tsk-tsk , the proverbial poop is hittin' those whirling blades !

At last ...


The religious right is terrified because their traditional power over the masses, through religion and politics, is eroding. They have always believed that being “a good Christian” was enough, but now it is no longer the case. The buzzwords are their reaction.

So true

To borrow a term 'gas lighting'. Attempting to marginalize another party by blame, labling, or false accusations as a way to obtain or maintain power over.


Music to my years.
Thank you posting good news.


You are dead right, it scares them to death.

Exactly, because what else would they hide behind? Even in South Africa, the RR based apartheid on the bible. and a few of the RR are now Atheists. How interesting! What a (great) turnaround.

Yes it does


As indicated elsewhere in this thread, there is a big difference between people saying that they are Christian in a poll, and actually being practicing church goers.

Here in southern Utah where I live, most people will say that they are mormon even if they haven't attended a church service in decades. So called Christianity all over the world has this same issue.

However, in one on one discussions I find that few people really believe. I like to think that most of the people I live around are actually closeted agnostics that haven't wanted to rock the boat. When non-believers are so vilified in public, there is a lot of hesitation in expressing one's true beliefs and feelings.

The trick is finding that tipping point when those closeted agnostics are willing to admit their non-belief to those around them. My hope is that moral support through online forums like this can help shift that.

I'd guess that the 70% number is as fictional as the rest of the stories that religious people tell.


I would venture to say that some of the 75% are "Christian" in name only, and I don't mean the obvious hypocrites. When people are polled or asked about religion, they will sometimes identify with Christianity because that is what they grew up with.

I agree with what you have said, but take it a bit further.

While I have been an atheist for decades, in the past, it was not uncommon for me to identify as Christian in polls and social encounters, because I kept my beliefs closeted and also because polls didn't accurately define non-theists.

I feel a degree of certainty that any religious belief poll comes with a margin of error which favors the godbots.

It's truly a cultural thing for most. If they were born in Saudi Arabia, they'd answer Islam. The ignorance of the indoctrinated .....whew! I told a friend the other day it's as EZ as this: Whatever is claimed about religion as "truth", reverse it 180 degrees, and you'll get the "truth"

@Heathenman Agreed. Although I was open when I was a pagan and now that I am an atheist, I know people who have stuck to telling people that they are Christian--and for various reasons. Even the dating site that I am on has no category for "atheist"; the closest is non-religious, but that covers a big area. I state on the profile that I am an atheist, but guys tend to look at the pics, not read the profile. Of course, the profile is hidden most of the time.


Many see, "freedom of religion," as, "freedom of MY religion." A person is free to have any religion, even Satanism. Non-religious and religious alike have to accept that. The ironic thing is the fact that the vast majority of religions are not conducive to this freedom. It is: "Believe all of this and nothing else."

MrDMC Level 7 July 13, 2019

The reputation of Christianity is being harmed by their support of Trump. We may well see the percentage of American Christians slip from its current 75%.

I asked my evangelical sister how she could support a godless, pig of a man like Trump without being ashamed as a Christian and she righteously said it's because he supports prayer in schools and is against abortion. Apparently, other issues and the rest of his un- Christian qualities don't matter, which shows how shallow and hypocritical the belief of most Christians are.

@TomMcGiverin It's been my take that they are narrowly focusing in on just a few issues, like abortion, prayer, getting conservative judges on the Supreme Court. The rest of Trump just goes by the wayside. They refuse to see the whole Trump. Which, when you think about it, is how religious people think.

@linxminx wedge issues have been used for a long time and are quite effective

@twill People are stupid that way.

@TomMcGiverin Pretty ignorant of Trump, because prayer has always been allowed in school. People who think it isn't are just being willfully ignorant so they can feel persecuted.

I can only hope so.

Very shallow indeed.


Flat out true facts. I recently heard that the
ANTI ABORTION is a stance held by RACISTS.
They see any birth to white woman would
offset the decline in thier population advantage.- So here are 2 groups that only
fear the true facts of the issues they espouse.
Saving babies; religious freedom; indoctrination; monetary coersion; political
power are all examples the push back you
stated. They have been "flexing" thier political
power for the last decade; it's obvious they
are selective in what they support-look at workers rights supported by the Jesuits in south America. The movements were censured; leaders removed. Because of the
precieved threat to the existing power.These
issues are not social benefiting; they are just
a twisting of the true facts to suit the agenda
that should be exposed to the citizenry of
the world.
thank you

BBJong Level 7 July 13, 2019

Equating racism with abortion has to be the dumbest thing I have ever heard. I would love to see the scientific study that supports this far-fetched idea.


I'm looking forward to the day when it's under 50%.

Dietl Level 7 July 13, 2019

I'm looking forward to the day when it is 0%


As they see their power start to fade Trump steps in with Pence waiting to enter in the background. The controlling elite are here to lie to us, confuse us, and take our money as they set up the Christian nation that so many have talked about from our beginning.

One of the greatest threats to our Constitution.


Same as Christianity losing its numbers in America, you see the same dynamic with white males losing their privilege, they act cornered and get frightened and angry, lashing out at women, gay people, and racial minorities for allegedly taking away their power, status, and jobs. So they vote for Trump or other conservative demagogues, commit mass shootings, and other hate crimes as their way of striking back against their perceived enemies.

Speak for yourself. I'm a white male and I don't do any of that shit, neither do most other white males I know. As for privilege, it sure would be nice for mine to start kicking in for a change. I have been stepped on, spit on, shit on, pointed at, and fucked with my entire life. I have never been hateful toward a group of people, but I have had a lot of hatred shown toward me simply for having the audacity to be born with white skin and a penis. Quite frankly, I'm tired of hearing what a privileged piece of shit I am - the irony of how this is the very definition of racism seems to be lost on the majority of the ignorant SJW crowd.

@Piratefish I don't do any of that, and I'm by no means saying that all white men do those things. But it does seem like about all the mass shootings, hate crimes, and Trump supporters are white, so I stand by my criticism. You are entitled to disagree with me. Some people can accept losing their Perceived privilege, and some can't. There is a difference between the two. Perceived privilege, for many white men, is the feeling that they are entitled to jobs, more money and status than women and minorities, for example by being white men. Actual privilege for white men, even poor white men, are things like not getting stopped and shot by cops for being white and male. Or being followed around a store because they are white. Get it?

@TomMcGiverin You hear what the media wants you to hear. It's aimed at division - to keep us fighting each other rather than the true oppressors: the central banks, the military-industrial complex, and mega corporations. They literally own our country along with a tiny handful of the super wealthy.

Hating and blaming white males as a group for the reprehensible actions of a very small, select few from that group is no different than saying blacks are stupid and criminal because a very small, select group of blacks are criminal and do not value intelligence or education. It's like calling all Mexicans lazy and thieves because of what a tiny handful of what that group does. Or hating immigrants because they "steal our jobs and rape our women". It's not only ignorant, but inaccurate and extremely divisive.

So, keep playing the exact game those in control of everyone want us to play. Me? I'm a little smarter than that and can see right through the bullshit. And I'm tired of hearing about how evil and hateful I am simply because I have a dick and white skin. Talk about the actual people and institutions who are fucking ALL of us over - leave my entire group out of your mouth when you spew your ignorant hatred. It's a double standard, and it's no more accurate than calling blacks trouble-making criminals.

@Piratefish And I'm tired of your paranoid delusions of being individually and personally persecuted by others. Get some therapy. I agree with your political points, but you take PC way too personally. Enjoy the block.....


Ummm, decades ago 90% of people answered polls asking their religion with "christian", not the same thing at all........

Do some people try to miss the point? Seriously?

@Piratefish it is all how it is phrased...back then the ASSumption was that everyone had a religion. Remember the Huge furor over Madelyn Murray O'Hare? I do!

@AnneWimsey Um, they're simply measuring a cultural shift, not who goes to church on Sunday, prays daily, and tithes. But congratulations - you've entirely missed the point by trying to say you can't measure Christianity.

@Piratefish and I said that where? When?



To the 2/3rds consensus below.

Yes, the numbers seem off, but the numbers are in a state of decline. There is plenty of data supporting this.

Yes, the godbots are still the majority, but they are reacting as a cornered animal. Donations are in decline, their existence is threatend.

To me, IMO, the thing to do now is to discuss how to end the relationship religion holds with patriotic values.

Right on. I am sick of how most Americans equate religion with being patriotic. As if only fundy Christians can be truly patriotic. True patriots want a country where everyone is free to be who they are and fairness is the primary value, instead of greed and materialism, which, in truth, is what most Americans truly worship, not God.

Agree ,overdue...


First where are you getting these statistics from, they don't sound accurate to me. Is that 90% > 70% of the total population, or 90% of people who claim membership in a religious organization?

Second 75% is still a powerful majority. Hell most governments don't get elected with 50% of the vote, and that is only of those who voted.

Third I think you are conflating demographic majority with power. A group can be a minority and yet hold the majority of power.

You can research those figures. They are proportionally correct according to my own research.

In 1992 the figure was 85% and now that's down to 70% of the total population.

However, those numbers don't reflect what's happened amongst our government leaders which remains around 99%.

Then, there is the dangerous resurgence of a very dedicated Religious Right which is apparent nearly every day. Add to that an imbecilic president who has pandered to it shamelessly up to and including infesting his cabinet and the SCOTUS with these freaks. Christians and evangelicals are a core part of his base and he knows it. 81% of evangelicals and OVER HALF OF MAINSTREAM CHRISTIANS voted for Trump.

The electorate rejected Trump by 2.8 million votes in 2016, a historic margin. He barely won the EC by <78,000 votes across Wisconsin. Michigan, and Pennsylvania. I don't think it's a stretch to at least speculate that the religious helped in a major way. I was born and raised in central Pennsylvania. I know those people and have kept in touch over the years with many of them. They love their god, their guns...and Trump.

I agree, because no one has polled me, ever. How do they know how many Christians there are?

I just don't understand why so many people seem so intent on splitting hairs here. Pols that ask people about their religious identity have been conducted for decades, and they show a steady decline. That is the entire point.

Whether people are "practicing" Christians or not is completely irrelevant. The point is that the popularity of Christianity has been on the decline in the U.S. for quite some time. That is what matters. Why so many people seem to want to argue over definitions is tiresome and boring. Who fucking cares if not everyone who identified with Christianity actually goes to church every Sunday and tithes. It's a measure of cultural shift. Take it for what it is. Or don't. I don't really give a rusty f word.

I'm not splitting hairs, I am asking for sources because I don't think the statistics sound credible.


Rightly said. Religion and Government must not be mixed up.

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