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Posted this on my Facebook page and my Christian friends are up in arms..hit too close to home, maybe?

Namaste 6 July 17

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One of the main reasons I don't want Trump to be impeached is the possibility of a president Pence.

I have thought that and I am not American!

Glad you said it too....TrumpOLINI will bend with the wind but Pence will jail doctors and chain women to hospital beds pregnant unto death for his future xian soldiers


Christians are not big on truth.

they big on myths, lies , superstitions, legends, and tales!

@benhmiller Because reality is a bitch.


My sister once posted the 'coexist' bumper sticker on her page. Then I posted this: She is not especially religious but she said I was always trying to create problems and dropped me (I was tired of her silly postings anyway). I friend gave me the sticker and I didn't attache it for a long time. Then I saw an old truck with a sticker that said: "Obama may be Christian but he's not Christian enough." Then I attached my sticker.

not Christian "enough"? How is their savior trump even Christian period? oh boy...Pence on the other hand is one scary politician trying to introduce some pretty strict religious crap into our government...

back in the 70s I had a bumper sticker saying America change it or loose it!

@benhmiller Unfortunately, it's being changed, but in the wrong direction.

@thinktwice Remember, these people are not the brightest.

That one is pretty cool. I prefer the one that spells Toxic though

@JackPedigo The people I know that are religious are actually quite bright...many with advanced degrees as well, which makes me extra careful to observe and try to find out what it is about religion, god, and their politics that draws them in...

I am not sure it is intellect at all, but how that intellect is used to process in a different way that makes perfect sense to them but not to me and many it possible we truly are "wired" differently? My sister is brilliant in so many ways, and yet, she becomes almost hostile and agitated when we try to discuss my atheism. She claims I am not that bright to not believe...go figure!

@JacobMeyers Do you have a picture?

@thinktwice Trump is likely not Christian but understands we conservatives can’t win elections without the support of the religious right.

@thinktwice What I am referring to are the people who are faced with the overwhelming hypocrisy of the present situation with the fundamental Christians. Everything they preached has been upended and yet they still hang on. Also, the people who talk about their Bible and yet ignore the most blatant things they are doing which are also condemned in this diatribe and they refuse to see how it applies to them (like the admonition about pointing a finger at others but ignoring the 3 pointing back at oneself). This thinking is purely self-serving and everyone else can see it but them.

I think 'brightness' comes in different forms as you said. perhaps that's where the group "the Brights" got it's name. Yes, there are doctors and even scientists who are religious. My son-in-law is a Pulmonologist and my daughter-in-law got her masters from Rice university. But as you can train a monkey to do something you can't get them to actually think. Often to really get a clear view one has to escape from an emotional cage. I didn't let go of religion until I was 47. However, I was not a fundamentalist in any shape and tried to question but was surrounded by other Christians and saw no other viewpoint. Once I let go the world opened up and I discovered that what was right in front of me. I guess when you bury your head in the sand it's hard to unbury it.

@JackPedigo Well stated...the key is self-serving...I am conservative in a lot of ways, fiscally and on some social issues...I can't reconcile how those who claim to preach love and kindness can back up such a hateful and demeaning bully...seriously, what kind of petty idiot makes fun of a person's name or a disabled reporter? I don't know how they can look at their faces in the mirror and think it is ok to support a man that is "evil" to the core, so it has to be something else...self-serving...they want to put their brand of morality on all of us...

@Trajan61 And what does that say for the conservative mentality?? Not a lot.

@JackPedigo It means trump is a devious lying self-serving snake that uses people to get what he wants...

@thinktwice I too feel I have conservative (or at least what was once considered conservative) tendencies in some areas fiscally and socially as yourself. However, I think history has shown over and over the issues we have today are natural and have been here lots of times before (and which have caused wars and suffering). When I read in the paper or periodicals (like a story I just read in the National Geographic [] which highlight the effect of overpopulation and shrinking resource base I see the core issue of increasing demand and decreasing supply as a polarizing issue. Each tribe seeks to entitle itself as more deserving of available resources. Each tribe says it has the answer and, therefore, it should get the lions share.

@thinktwice You mean like this? This is a cartoon about the WH denying that facial recognition be used.

@JackPedigo It has always been about shrinking resources...remember the oil crisis? We were told it was going to run out in my lifetime...we went to war...everybody wants a piece of the pie to be bigger instead of sharing what we have so everyone can have is a sad state...we will soon be out of pie and those who have some will command top dollar for it...

@thinktwice I totally agree (and even though I was living in Europe I do remember the oil crisis) and this time technology will not help us. I once submitted a TED talk where a mathematician compared exponential growth with technology. It was scary. Even in my state there is a lawsuit by oil companies saying that the strict state rules against emissions don't supersede the federal law. A movement, transition Towns was created in England [] to help challenge peak oil. It even moved to Lopez (of course) and I was a member of the steering committee for several years until I got fed up with their myopia. I see the pictures (and when I drive to Seattle I see the actual sites) of huge apartment buildings where people live like sardines and are even being priced out of their tin cans. I just feel lucky I have escaped this madness but am still very concerned about the future.

@thinktwice Most politicians are that way, that idiot Obama included.

@Trajan61 I will tell him your opinion the next time I see him...we will have a good laugh...thanks

@JackPedigo I do not. I’m on s phone now but it’s prolly easier to do an internet search for toxic religion symbol bumper sticker

@JacobMeyers @JackPedigo

@thinktwice Thank you for that. Maybe I should print it.

@JackPedigo There are a lot of might like some of the other ones better.


Up in arms, nice word play.

So glad you caught that....sometimes my quips go unnoticed.


When Trump first came into office and he cuts funds for Meals on Wheels for the elderly, I posted on my fb page a post the equated Evagelicals with ISIS. I said that Evangelicals killed through policy instead with guns. But were essentially the same result.

Needless to say I lost a few friends and acquaintances over that. Lol.

t1nick Level 8 July 17, 2019

Screw them, if they don't want to see it, they can unfollow you. I know I bunch of people do it to me when I used fb. Thank god (get it) I quit using it.


You are on a roll . . . . here is another one to piss them off with . . .

THHA Level 7 July 17, 2019

....and this man is the perfect face for that group.

TrumpOLINI is their face Pence is their penny for the collection plates IN gawd WE TRUST


People love to have different standards for themselves and others

Edu_0 Level 4 July 17, 2019

I love it! My Facebook obsession is trolling the anti-abortion trolls lurking on planned Parenthood and NARAL sites.


If they don't like it, too bad, so sad. I guess the truth hurts.

balou Level 8 July 17, 2019

You hit them too close to home. Trumpers know that Trump is "of god" because Pence is a breath away from giving America that "Christian nation" status that so many think we have. Pence is one of those who fall right in there with the New Apostolic Reformation.


How can I steal this?

Screenshot and crop


So true. We had this come through our town after meeting with rich ranchers and farmers to extort money from them so they do not deport their illegal work force who they know are illegal so they can not complain about low wages, poor working conditions and not getting paid for overtime they work!

That is disgusting "christian" behavior...goes to show that it is more about $$ than their souls...


Perfect label for tampon terrorist Veep Pence who will perfect USA ownership of all ZYGOTES detectable inside women's bodies for his alleged gawd geebush jeehobah yhwh ghostholes with halo proof of Pence legitimate theocracy in action school prEyer creationism replacing biology and flag worship worse than swaztika Germany gott MIT UNS get pregnant for the fatherland or be a nun


Typical evangelistic leaders are nothing but fronts for the Obstructionist republicans who use Family and religious values to impose their conservative enslavement agenda upon this country!

I need to find one of those toxic bumper stickers


Very good. It also works if you change it to "Leftangelist" Just try arguing with them, you instantly turn into a Fascist or a Racist or a ...Phobe of some sort.

Boxdoc Level 7 July 17, 2019

Or you are one of those things and they just point it out.

@OwlInASack The Leftist who cried Wolf.

@Boxdoc right...

@Boxdoc that reminds me of Trump. He isn’t a racist either apparently and loves insulting people gratuitously as well.

@OwlInASack He does seem to be good at that. But he seems to have a plan. He got everyone in a snit twittering about his "Go Home" comments so nobody noticed he changed the rules on asylum.

@Boxdoc it’s something of an understatement to describe the reaction as getting in a snit. This is the guy who would once have been described as the leader of the free world - and he is incapable of telling the truth.

Stalin had a plan too...

I disagree. Firstly, the joke plays in the assonance of the "eban" in "Taleban" and "evan" in "evangelist" to make a portmanteau word that cleverly references both. "Leftangelist" is clumsy and uncreative by comparison. Secondly, there is the pertinent parallel between two religions that are based on dogma and presumed divine authority. "Leftangelist" also misses that mark. Thirdly, there is no agreed self-ascribed doctrine as such that could be called "left". It's a rather vague social construction that is relative to one's own position, whereas "Taleban" and "evangelist" are well-defined in a fairly absolute sense. You wouldn't say that someone was only mildly Taleban, or moderately evangelical. You pretty much either are or are not. So, no, your analogy does not work for me at all.


Sounds right on to me.

Hastur Level 8 July 17, 2019

In spite of his religion Pence is a far better person than left wing idiots like Omar, Cortez, Talibe and Pressly.

Sounds like an opinion. Any statements of fact to back it up?

@Stilltrying1964 So you support those 4 idiots over Pence?

@Trajan61 of course, we must not allow the racist right movement to move this greatest of all Nations any farther to the right! Neo-nazism must be eradicated, lest we forget the lessons of the past. Those who don't know their past are condemned to repeat it. Does that adequately answer your question? Trump's stance on several issues would be in lockstep with the planks of Hitler's platform! Don't let history repeat itself, okay I had to say it to make sure that you understood, don't let history repeat itself.


Seems accurate. Not sure why they got all in a tizzy over it.


Sadly, this is the direction they are heading!

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