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Not A True Atheist -- We mostly see this with Xtians, saying "you're not really atheist, you're just mad at god". It's a ploy to disavow anyone having no beliefs, therefore making a claim that everyone, whether they are willing to admit it or not, believes in a god. This supposedly supports their faith in some way.

But there are secular people as well with this same arrogance to make unfounded claims for others. I find this ridicules and asinine. I wonder if this is a indoctrinated habit leftover from religious judgment days? For some giving up their gods is easier than giving up their behaviors.

NoPlanetB 8 July 26

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Sad but true taking short cuts in personal differences is a horrible Atheist so called friends call me mentally ill or a Republican because I tell the truth about USA war crimes of both incumbent Democrats are perfect and Republicans are evil.....only 17 of 435 Congressmembers voted against the conquest of Palestine with USA billion$ each year....including our 4 heroic women TrumpOLINI racist attacked last week....another example blueREDS = redBLUES duopoly Zionism rules USA


Yeah. Kind of don't really give a shit how anyone else tries to label me.
I'm an atheist, and I know what that means for me.
It's a pretty simple definition. I don't believe in any gods. All gods are myths.
I'm also an anti-theist. I think ALL religion is EVIL, and it shouldn't have any
influence on public policy.

What anyone else tries to tag me with is their bullshit, not mine.
I'm really clear about who I am, and I'm really okay with who I am.

I feel the same. I'm an atheist by my brain and humanist by my heart. What anyone else says I am is not my concern.


Was confronted with this several times a couple weeks ago, “you're not really atheist, you're just mad at god!” Took four of them 😀 I smiled, choking back a sincere laugh ..and asked “What god?” “There’s no god to be mad at.” “It’s all contrived by humans,” “I should be mad at you guys for trying to sell me something that’s not real.” ...they looked both puzzled and deflated..

Varn Level 8 July 27, 2019

Some times it goes like this:

Why do you hate God?

Why do you hate Santa Clause?


You don't believe in Santa Clause, right?


Therefore you hate Santa Clause.


Your theory is because I don't believe God exists, I must hate Him. Because you don't believe in Santa, you must hate him also.

I don't hate Santa.

I don't hate God for the same reason: neither exists. Do you believe in the Easter Bunny?


You can see where this is going, right?

You're going to Hell.

That's like promising me I'll go to Big Rock Candy Mountain. I don't believe in that either.

What's that?

Let me sing you a song:


You can get mad at the Tooth Fairy?

@Athena have a hug!


What they think they know of atheists/agnostics, is what the preacher told them, most 'nones' do not wear a label saying so, and so they assume that everyone they know who treats them well is a Christian ,because the preacher also said that only Christians treat people kindly. And since they have never met any 'nones' they can only know about them through what the preacher says.

I am embarrassed to say, that is exactly how it was for me as a believer.

@UpsideDownAgain Glad you sscaped. And nice to have your thoughts confirmed by someone with first hand experience.


I see it as a dismissal of unbelief by saying that (their) god doesn't care and just goes about his business of helping baseball players hit home runs while starving children to test our (their) faith.

Well, I've been a rather good boy all year and expect compensurate remuneration from Santa...failing that, a full Easter basket...

I'm at a loss to think of unsupported secular claims that do not trace back to religious threads, but I've faith that assholes will out, as ever.

The other thought is that if the faithful acknowledge a position that functions well on its own, the bottom card in their tower is somehow peed on and begins to delaminate. As it should be, as truth neutralizes the caustic lie.


I haven't been told that.

Now I have been told by several Christians that I have morals because I was a Christian first. If I never became a Christian I would not have any morals.

I would argue that you have better morals despite being a Christian at one time. You don’t believe in genocide, infanticide, slavery etc. All clearly endorsed in the “good book”


Just mention the words vegetarian or vegan and see how true this statement is.

@Fred_Snerd It depends on the price of said peace.

@Fred_Snerd I'm not talking about money but lives and the environment. Even considering money war, in the end, drains ones coffers. We are still pay9ing for the Viet Nam war and I am a prime example of that.


I am no more mad at God than the believer is with Darth Vader.

palex Level 6 July 27, 2019

I've heard this before. I normally respond, I'm telling you I'm an atheist and you're telling me you're a Christian, so if I'm not a real atheist, you're not a real Christian.

The xians are all fake just like geebush jeehobah yhwh ghostholes while real Atheists are proper nouns not adjectives the dictionary is fake ....we Atheists do NOT "deny" an extant alleged gawd we demand proof from believers exactly what and where these alleged gawd things are

Sick 'em Tiger


I've never heard this specifically. I have heard something like "how can you not believe in good when the evidence is all around us, see the world." Again, some battles aren't worth fighting because even if you win, you lose.


Whenever someone mentions god, I ask "Which one?"
Usually shuts them up.

powder Level 8 July 29, 2019

lol so true


Gee! With over 5000 god(s) worshipped by most of this planet, you would think there was a perpetual war between all these worshippers, being that their man made god(s) must either be mad at them or they are mad at the god(s) they worship!

Seems futile and moronic to me to be mad at something you never met or have witnessed in person!

I will stay mad at the tooth fairy for the last tooth I lost over sixty five years ago!

LOL! 😁😊😏


It is indeed left-over. It is a paradigm they can't seem to rid themselves of when rejecting gods. It, like a 'kicked' addiction must be quickly replaced with something functionally similar.

This is why I tell people that I am atheist and not 'an Atheist; expressing it or DESCRIBING it as a state of mind rather than a 'noun' type identity. As soon as one becomes a thing instead of one of many possible adjectives, the up-start, self-appointed, self-aggrandizing prigs one finds in every group, begin defining for everyone who is and isn't a good or genuine example of whatever they deign to designate the group.

It is about control of others and ego-based leadership; about being things of legends in their own Sado-masochistic minds. Before you know it some orthodoxies begin popping up under the atheist umbrella and the little primadonnas of self-promotion begin pitting their 'followers' against one another. It really is sick.


Sy Ten Bruggencate makes this argument frequently and loves to tell atheists that they actually do believe in god and are simply choosing to deny what they know is true. Sy Ten Bruggencate is a tool.


If I'm mad at god, that's like saying I'm mad at the Easter bunny for not leaving more eggs. See how silly it is.

How big is the alleged gawd penis ? How can I ever form a belief about this alleged him/hymn....singing in cult assemblies does not work . I tried until I was 5 when I realized all people are born Atheists and geebush was Santa and the boy bunny laying candy eggs on dogshit lawns


I dare any Theist try and answer this question. 4,500 religions on Earth why is yours right? Torah, bible and koran are books of fiction. Copied from Egyptology and Mythology! Pseudocience and superstition are degrading our Intellectual progression!

My brother is an Agent Orange amputee and I have my war wounds to my hammer anvil and stirrup.....thank you for your posts....the reason why Atheism is true and all faiths false is: zero alleged miracles have ever restored a amputated limb......

You remind me of my FAVORITE INGERSOLL story: a reporter asked COLONEL INGERSOLL what do you think about religion ?....." I'm reminded of 2 traveling salesmen.... selling ointments.....the 1st cuts off a dogs tail....applies the balm to the bloody rump for sale AND MIRACLE the dog grows a new tail INSTANTLY.....the 2nd salesMAN....will not be defeated....he picks up the lifeless tail applies his salve for sale AND GROWS A NEW DOG.....these two boys were last seen arguing over custody of the new dog"


The arrogance is a human trait, not a Christian trait. It's totally natural for each person to believe that they are right. Of course the real problem comes in the way you treat others. Some people just really struggle to see others' perspectives and don't have any problem dismissing other ideas out of hand.

As for the comments about "you're not really an atheist," I wonder where you guys have these conversations with people? I finally told my friends I'm agnostic and they didn't try to argue with me at all. One casually gave me a video about Jesus a couple weeks later. In my circles, they don't seem to know what to say and almost seem afraid to discuss it. Like maybe they would be converted or something if they did . . .


Before that recent poll by lerlo I’d never heard such a statement. It sounds like a crude attempt to psychoanalyze. We should debate a person based on their assertions and avoid trying to divine their hidden subconscious motivations. Even a professional psychiatrist would need to back up such opinions by citing scientific studies.


All people are secular, whenever they do non religious crap. You probably mean non believers. Listen, what's your point? There's good and bad on every human, as well as arrogance and humility, as any other trait and behavior.


i have never been told this by a nonbeliever.\

i have been told this by believers. what do they know? they don't know me, for sure.

but i will say an atheist is not a person with no beliefs. an atheist is a person whose beliefs, if any, do not involve deities.



I'm as mad at god as a Christian's mad at Buddha.


The way it supports their faith is that there bible says the same thing as your first paragraph.


It's just their wishful thinking.


I'm fortunate enough to not have to interact with people of "faith" so their opinion actually means nothing to me unless they can back it up with facts.

Jeez, you're lucky my friend, just about everywhere else the Faithfools are like flies around a Dung Pile.

@Triphid I may be just oblivious to their existence for their faith means little to me it's just an opinion and I have one of those also it's behind my genitals and below my tailbone. 🤭

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