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What if poverty was not a priority to fix because it is profitable for some?


SaucyCheryl 8 July 27

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For SOME??? have any idea how MANY companys charge outrageous interest to poor people, ie check cashing places 1st and foremost, car loans etc....


Here is what I think would be a workable model.


"A smarter approach would be to simply acknowledge that a lack of capital is the underlying problem here, and thus the solution should be to flood these communities with, well, capital."


I don't need to read the article to answer that question! LOL


And now You Understand Capitalism at its Core. The Poor will feed the Rich and The Band Plays On.

And that is why I think eating the wealthiest 100 would be a fine solution!


Nobody can "fix" poverty even if they try

Matias Level 8 July 28, 2019

the rich are only rich because most are poor


A good example is the housing market in the UK. Prices are kept artificially high because many people make a lot of money from it.
"The homes fit for heroes" by the Govt after WW1 did a lot to improve matters but the building industry has not changed much since then. Damp proofing and insulation have improved a bit but houses are still built the same way. Prefabricated houses can be built cheaply and quickly in factories but the building industry is so conservative that this is a step too far.

All over the UK prime farmland is being covered in "little boxes" when each town and city has lots of "brownfield" sites which could be used instead. Not so much money in that for developers,landowners and corrupt planning officials though.


Churches would collapse because they rely on the ignorant to put money in the collection plates. The more wise people become the less the business of religion. Keep people poor they do not get the quality education keeping them dumb makes them easy to control.

azzow2 Level 9 July 28, 2019

So is's a huge industry..



Well that would mean engaging in fantasy. Of course poverty is profitable. For MANY. But it sure would benefit humanity in terms of reducing suffering, increasing education, reducing crime... etc. What do you propose?

Free college. Single payer health care, equal access to education, price controls for housing and food and water would be a good start.

@SaucyCheryl ,
sadly, your incredible, increasing national debt precludes those policies.

@callmedubious One more reason to i.peach and convict the Asshole in the White House.

@SaucyCheryl ,
i admire your tenacity.


That's always the way it's been. Cheap labor for the rich. Paid slavery.


Where there is Misery there are Business Opportunities .

GEGR Level 7 July 28, 2019



Africa is a real good template (did I really say that?) for thinking about charity and trade restrictions and Chinese investment and stuff.


You are just figuring this out? There are Billions to be made, and have been for forever, on "helping" the poor!

No. Was just posting for others who might have not had first hand experience.


There is always money to be made. Even some Trump properties are shitholes that you will not see any improvements on.

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