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How did you deal with the empty nest syndrome? I have mixed feelings. I'm happy to see my gronw up children's success and beginning a new life as independent adults. But at the same time as a single mother I'm feeling the grief of the empty nest.

Cecilia2018 7 July 28

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My nest was empty for three months, then my daughter came home after a hospitalization got her thrown out of school. My youngest came home for the summer, so we were all together until just last week.

Youngest moved to a nearby apartment and eldest moves into one in September, four hours away.

My first stint on my own hurt for a couple weeks, but I got busy getting my house the way I want it. This time around, I also have a few trips planned.

I've been widowed over a decade, so what I make of this is solely on me. Want to be empty nest buddies while we adjust?

Zster Level 8 July 28, 2019

Volunteer? Adopt a shelter pet?

I have two sweet cats


You are now with your very best friend, yourself! Enjoy your freedom and live.


"Thank god and greyhound they're gone." Now I can visit and enjoy them when I want, stay as long as I want, leave anytime I want.


You're in Florida girl, go out, have fun, enjoy life.


Knowing they are doing OK is good enough for me.


watch this movie. it helps.

I watched the movie, it had some good messages but for me as non-believer it was very annoyed when Wayne focus on God's words. I don't believe in fantasy. I believe in good without God.

@Cecilia2018 don't let people's views on god make such an impact on you. it's their personification of the universe. nothing more. WE are the change agents.


Me too. I make an effort to get out more.


I was overjoyed when my son moved out, so I don't have any experience with what you're feeling. My advice is to do something you always wanted to do but couldn't.


I'm a single mom, and have been an "empty nester" for almost 20 years and have LOVED EVERY MOMENT OF IT!! I think I'm missing the mom gene, though.


I am a single parent too, and the first year was was okay when they lived near to me, but ones in Va and ones in Nola now. They are both successful and, though I still miss them terribly, I’m very proud of them both.


My wife and have been "empty nesters" for several years and feel that process was much easier for us than for a single Mom. Now after our kids have left the house, after being here for a few days, we always comment about how sadly quiet the place becomes. But for us it is more quiet and not completely quiet. That's got to be hard for you. Our kids were both gone before we retired, which was a substantial challenge for me. For that I (eventually) got into exercise like riding a bicycle and walking quite a bit. That helped me quite a bit on several levels and I recommend it.

OCJoe Level 6 Aug 1, 2019

I was married when the empty nest hit my family, so I had a partner with whom to keep busy and trying to not think about what was missing! But, I also found ways to keep myself busy: volunteer work, hobbies, traveling, and so on.

Rustee Level 7 July 29, 2019

My oldest is 21 and living at home while working on his college degree. His little brother is 14, surly, moody, obstinate, obnoxious, etc. I am ready for both of them to be gone! 🙂


You've done a great job raising them to be independent. You deserve to focus more on yourself now. I'm sure there are things you've wanted to do or learn, and now maybe you have more time and resources.


Took me couple years to work it out for self. I ended up doing a 180° change of scenery.


I'm sure this affects women more and in a very different way. As a man who has been multi-married I look at this idea and see myself as living at least 4 lives all within this one. I often think I have been alive sooo long to get to this point and have children and step-children. They all get along and they are all grown. We all live in different places today but my personal feelings are that I am feeling ancient and yet I am not ready to leave.


find a cause you are passionate about and join it. do the world a favor and join the revolution to end the wars and corruption of our govt. make history!

Thanks. Education is my passion. As an early childhood educator every single day I do the positive impact in children's lives. I'm helping our sociaty by teaching young minds the love of learning new concepts and skills that will help them to support this world.

Now jniece, How did you handle the empty nest when your adult children left your home to live an independent life? Any motherhood feelings?

@Cecilia2018 oh yeah. at first i was miserable. and ironically my son saw this and told me I need to find something else to live for! I considered joining the peace corp but didn't want to be far from my grandkids. and being a grandma is so much more fun than being a parent ever was. all the joy of motherhood and none of the stress/difficulty.

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