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When did you realize you were old?

Me: When I would rather stay in on the weekends than going out.

Redcupcoffee 7 Mar 16

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Most days I haven't gotten there yet. Maybe when I'm 70 I'll think I'm old.


I never really liked going out lol


I'll add something to an earlier answer. I resist the idea that I'm getting old but it is getting increasingly difficult when my 11 year old groups dinosaurs, the stone age and me and being around at the same time.......Love you 🙂


I haven't tell me what's it all about?


If the secret is "weekend out"....dear, I am a teenager; I go out every day.


About 5 years ago, paddling out against a surf with teh young guys and I couldn't keep up. Has gotten worse since.


When my 17 year old nephew saw a female friend that is in his college class and told me to go ask her out because she is nice and she an older woman. When I told him that she was too young for me, he replied no she is not, she is older than me and starting college late, she is 23. I pointed out to him that I am more than twice her age. His answer was; " oh yea I keep forgetting that you are old."

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