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I was asked if I would risk my life to go on a mission into a backwards Middle Eastern country and offer support to those oppressed under a fundamentalist regime ruled by autocratic and ignorant religious zealots who use propaganda to support jihad.

Their leaders are militant and intolerant, and their number-one priority is to transform all secular countries into states governed by Sharia Law and they identify the United States Government as the prime obstacle to the achievement of these goals.

However, the people there are truly suffering. So I bought a plane ticket to Alabama.

Benthoven 8 July 31

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I have to admit I was almost in a full throated --- "NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!"

You got me.


Having lived there, once upon a time, I can testify!


Hey, they don't call us Talibama fer nuthin! πŸ™‚

skado Level 9 July 31, 2019

Oh, moon of Alabama
We now must say goodbye
We've lost our good old mama
And must have whisky, oh, you know why, yeah
-- The Doors


My brother-in-law is from Alabama and my sister has always said it is like living in a different world whenever she visits. Good luck to you.


I'll, uhm, say a prayer for you?
Jokes aside, not sure I would wish that on my archenemy.


I was born there. So incredibly glad I was not raised there!


It's enough to have to live next door.
I'm not going there willingly.

Hope your affairs are in order.
Been nice knowing ya.


You’re very brave.


Alabama supports jihad?

They sure as shittin' do.

and Sharia Law?

@KKGator 'mercan's call it "manifest destiny".

@jlynn37 Religion and nationalism. What a combination.

@KKGator Nothing new there.

@Antidronefreeman most middle east nations are US allies, starting with Saudi Arabia, I think the attempt at humor was not very successful

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