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So I was sitting in traffic during the afternoon commute today when I saw part of a billboard up ahead. It was practically glowing in the waning sunlight. I read "JESUS CAN FREE YOU..." and the rest was blocked from my view by a truck.
I thought, "Free me from what?? The weight of my soul crushing debt? The monotony of a 9-5 office job? What is it?! I must know what Jesus can save me from this time!"
Slowly, the traffic crept forward and I could see more and more of the sign. After what felt like an eternity, I finally saw the whole thing.


Well that was disappointing. Some of us quite enjoy living in sin. I certainly don't feel the need to be freed from it. But it seems, even here in mostly liberal, progressive Massachusetts, I can never be truly free of having religion crammed down my throat.

Happy Friday, y'all!

NicThePoet 7 Mar 16

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Yeah...I'm still looking for the upside of that.


If you don’t sin Jesus died for nothing. I’m doing my partπŸ˜‰

Yeah! I'm aiming to grow old disgracefully...

@ASTRALMAX may the spaghetti monster be with you in your journey my friend.

@ASTRALMAX & the invisible pink unicorn


It lurks everywhere. I bet if you went to Antarctica would find some jerk with a bible.


I was hoping for Jesus can save you from...high interest rates.

debt consolidation ad.


Jesus can free you from sleeping late on Sunday morning....that's all he can co.


I want to get a stencil made and carry it in my car so when I see "Jesus Saves" on an overpass, billboard or church marquee I can stop and quickly add "15% or more by switching to Geico"


It's the old patent medicine show trick of creating an imaginary disease, and then offering a cure. Christianity created the state of sin, and then offered up Jesus to cure it. Only their snake oil is a bit harder to swallow.

@Robotbuilder: This should go into a list of best quotes about religion. Love it!


Jesus delivers you from sin, but only if you believe and obey, Satan delivers free will for all. Were I believer, I would choose the "wrong" side.


A quote from O Brother Where Art Thou 'Jesus saves, but George Nelson withdraws!'


Fuck yes being bad can feel so good.


Why should he? My sins are mine and mine alone. My responsibility. Why would this dude I've never met want to take all my punishment for my own mistakes? Is he a masochist? I won't learn from my mistakes that way. SMH this JesΓΊs guy should worry about himself first.

What if he could turn your sins into wine like he supposedly did with water?

@WickedNicki I don't drink lol

@LadyAlyxandrea That's OK. I'd buy Jesus sin wine from you.

As far as I remember a sin is 'without love' there are many times in a day when I am without love and it doesn't bother me one iota. In fact i'd hate ot be plagued by the feelign of love if someone has just rear ended my car


This reminds me of when I play bumper sticker "Jeopardy" my favorite is:
The answer:
"jesus saves"

The question:
What is a fictious diety.


I like your attitude.


I don't do what I call the big ones, but, well
the fun bits of life, others would call sin.
There have been a few posts on guilty pleasures.

I am going to burn, but I will at least take some marshmallows to share.

I would love it if you could save me a marshmallow, please.

@WickedNicki No doubt I will be there first, so will take an extra bag and keep a spot for you, just follow the toasty smell!

@Rugglesby Much appreciated! If I get there first you can find me at the bar.


Sin is da bomb.


Jesus can save you from sinful monolinguism. Now enrolling, learn Spanish today!

JesΓΊs saves!


I chuckle every time I'm on my way back to my works shop from the east end of town because of one of those silly jesus billboards by the road. It's so random to see and almost unnoticeable if you've conditioned yourself to igore billboards. Sadly this one has JESUS in big ass red letters which it a little harder to ignore.

It read "JESUS you only way to god - call ### - FIND - TRUTH"

Ain't no one finding anything other than some bored ass pastor trying to make an easy dollar.


It’s ironic that they want me to believe that Jesus can free β€œme,” and yet they’re so bound up in fear, paranoia, anger, animosity, hostility, insecurity... If I were looking for freedom, those are the very things I would want to be free from.


Jesus can free you... from Spotting Indisputable Naivety.


If only Jeebus could deliver us from traffic. Now that would be a miracle!

Amen to that!


Yet, Jesus couldn't free himself from the cross, so...

Too soon?


I like the argument proposed by Rasputin more. It was more like "Jesus can free you TO sin".

Rasputin said: "You can't be forgiven until you have sinned".


But I LIKE to sin! Why would I want to be free of THAT? πŸ˜€


I agree, I do not want to be saved from my sin.


The truth is, Jesus can free you. Religion can free you with ignorance and the blissful mindlessness that comes with a happy faith. No surprise original sin is associated with the fruit from the tree of wisdom


Yes, Jesus can free you but if it wasn't for the talking snake story there would be no need for Jesus (or anyone else) to do anything. Think on that.
Then we have this group on TV that wants you to just close your eyes and ask Jesus to come into your heart. Apparently you are not supposed to see him when he does this. I wonder if this would help your heart trouble?

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