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When i make a friend i really don't care about what religion he/she is, or what their sex preference is, I only care about where their heart is not the color of their skin, when are we going to get it through our thick skulls, that no one is better then the other. We can't live forever, why not try to be decent while we are here on earth, it takes so little. Opinions are like assholes we all have one, why not have respect for one another. Who is right and who is wrong, that remains to be seen. I may be a dreamer, but i find that if you have love in your heart, it makes it easier to live through the day. Lets try to think positive in this crazy world we live in, it starts with one. For me the glass is always half full, and i try to see the good in people, but lately, after reading the news, I think the whole world is turning upside down.

TonyCarl1 6 Aug 6

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...good premise to greet the world each day.πŸ‘Œ


It seems as though the haters have been emboldened lately. We have freedom of speech. But freedoms come with clauses. One is the clear and present danger clause. You are not allowed to call, "fire!" in a crowded theater. (presuming there really is no fire.) One should not be allowed to call, "shoot'em" in a crowded rally. Will haters be able to maintain their boldness? Not if people keep expressing their sentiment as you have. Vladimir Putin got Trump elected through social media. That is the kind of power the written word has.

MrDMC Level 7 Aug 8, 2019

Aaaah "the world turn upside down"........ A flat Earther! (Just jokes πŸ˜‰ )
I try not to judge, just acknowledge difference. I do dislike dickheads, which seem to run things a lot of the time.
It's an us and them world. Us humans just have to form groups which believe they are superior to other groups.
Why I consciously try to ignore doctrine, rules and laws, because doctrine is for groups.


There are good and bad people everywhere.


You are so right. I am with you although I do not look so kind and nice.


This sums up my thoughts on getting thru life.


That was amazing!
I don't know if it's unrealistic to believe that, but I think people are starting to wake up and are trying to understand people who are different than them. Well, who knows...


The world is turning upside down but that is another story. I get along with just about all people well because my take of them is pretty much an open book. Maybe they see me as honest. IDK. I've had gay and lesbian friends who start coming out to me. One woman told me she was a lesbian. I told her I was one too. πŸ™‚

The one group I get along with the least is modern day Trumpers. They cannot produce any religious facts and most want to hide their sexuality. The evidence they claim they have is not there. If they have support at all it's only for two sexes, then go to the Buybull for the claim. Maybe they didn't read it close enough.


You're not the only one, most people are or want to be there, it's the few who live warped lives that cause the news.


Not the whole world but certainly many people in the US. I have travelled extensively and never come upon anger and hatred when discussing politics or religion as I have in the US. In most other countries people don't want to biff you one when you are discussing something and don't have the same opinion. Why is it different in the US I wonder.

Cause we are number one,,,,,,,,,,wait,,,,,,,,,,,,,no, that's last place................

I honestly think it has something to do with the fact that relatively speaking, we're a young nation and unfortunately one that was formed on a foundation which involved human slavery. Something like that doesn't just go away. It runs deep through future generations. That's my thought anyway...

I agree. I've noticed the difference in students through the years. International students take in all perspectives as a means of staying informed. American students take on a perspective and become combative with it.

I think America is a competitive culture. I think our children are raised to compare themselves to others and given the message they are unique and special. As kids grow up and begin to socialize more outside of the home, they may realize they're not so unique and special. The "little fish in a big pond" idea. So to continue their unique view of themselves, they have to take on a "my perspective rules" mentality. I think the baby boomers definitely had this quality, as was my generation, the one right after the boomers. The millennials are much more open-minded than previous generations.

My opinion, my theory, such as it is.

@linxminx The generation that had the baby boomers were less open minded yet. I think that we baby boomers were the first to grow up with television.. It brought the world to our living rooms. It brought the Smothers Brother's to our living rooms. They sacrificed a highly rated TV show for principal. But my parents had to insist on watching Bonanza. But the world keeps finding it easier to come in to people's homes. You are absolutely right in saying, "The millennials are much more open-minded than previous generations." Two things about that: It is encouraging but since it goes by generation, it all takes time.

@daylily can we learn from American Indian Society
also? i hope .


All of humanity isn't guilty of race hate and/or gay hate it's just that those who are infect all of us much like a cancerous growth infects a body in its entirety.

and the household you're raised in. If parents continue right-wing talks in the presence of kids, the kids don't blend in with change but continue in that right-wing mentality and sometimes feel left out amongst their peers who don't have the same mindset.


I have never cared what religion, race, culture, ethnic, or political leanings they have!

It seems after a time when they realize that I do not have the same leanings as them about god and/or politics they seem to distance themselves out of fear and/or self preservation!!!

The world is cycling again towards self preservation which translates into right wing conservative fascism!

It rears it head every century or so!

Now with our interconnected internet planet we are so much more aware of this revolution which can go either way like a civil war in which both want the same thing power and greed over the other!!


You are so right in All that you say. I watch the News and see the world going backwards in many ways instead of forwards. Look at Trump and Boris Johnson, they're tearing people apart instead of promoting peace and harmony. It reminds me of my ugly past in South Africa. We watch this and know it's so very wrong but we feel powerless. The people (your neighbour you thought you knew) vote them in and the world becomes a better place for them only and we ask ourselves why there's still so much chaos. The majority of this world is in the hands of a powerful few who doesn't have the majority's interest at heart. It's becoming a sad place everytime I tune into the news and see innocent people dying because those in power incite this hatred.

If nothing else, people can make such entries on social media. I am rather timid, but nothing stops my fingers from tapping the key board. Please keep making your statement however you can.

agree ,our small yet necessary part can and
is changing society.verbalize truth & info -stamp out
ignorance when and where we find it.


I guess we're not all philosophical about it. Lots of us are hurt and wrapped in layers of emotional protection. The discredited scientist Wilhelm Reich called the protection 'armour'. Armour always seems to work as not just defensive but leads to attack when it feels under threat.


It's always gonna seem upside down. Sometimes it is, sometimes it's fear. I like your humanity, spread the word. We all need reminders sometimes that life is fleeting, we are only here for a short time, but we all have our own clocks. Keep dreaming, and respect your brothers and sisters. That's about the best of humanity in a nutshell. Nicely put!


What I have said since I was very young. If you are in a hospital and in need of a blood transfusion the the ordination of the person saving your life will not matter.

True, it will be the most wonderful person...

Yes, like prejudice is a luxury.


The only real issue I have with this site is the belief of many people on here that they are intellectually superior because they are atheist.
That somehow faith makes you stupid.

you didn't get that from ME. I don't think all people are intellectually equal. Like say a Lab isn't even close to the intellectual level of a border collie.

@K9Kohle789 πŸ₯΄

@darthfaja Hey a Border Collie can run circles around a Lab and herd it home for dinner.

Somebody wrote that people in levels 7,8,9 'felt superior', now you say most of us feel the same...Let me asure you that view is just in your mind. I only feel I am more free than believers.
'That somehow faith makes you stupid' doesn't deserve any reply, just a head shake and a smile...

Faith without facts make you stupid. Not faith.

Yes that sort of snob annoys me too. In part that is why I always call myself a broad church sceptic, I really don't care if you call yourself atheist, agnostic, humanist or even deist. The important thing is not believing dogma which will tell you to do wrong things, while if you do still believe in dogma then you need sympathy not scorn.

I never said β€˜most’
It’s not in my mind I’m referring to posts I’ve read.
I said many and in my opinion it is many

@Merseyman1, @PondartIncbendog
I disagree it doesn’t make you stupid
Love is Faith and that’s not stupid..... usually

NAW~maybe the crowd
i used to watch pro sports/
the 20somtings got a football click (and pool)
am i in it -no ; do i acknowledge it-yes
Im selective for my mental self preservation.I tie
my honesty with self preservation. I no longer fit in someones "neat discription box";glad WE ALL DON'T.


'No one is better than the other'...that reminds me of a phrase :



Not everyone is equal intellectually and when they open their mouths it shows.

I have been trying to explain that to people for decades. Some people can remember amazing content and retain it. Some people have a natural knack for art. Some musicians can remember hundreds of songs and play several instruments.
I can't do any. I just survive. And I still hate math. But I'm pretty good at talking to animals.

BTW, when I open my mouth, I loose my balance.


Well typed sir.

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