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Lately i have read ar least a dozen posts on here talking about "gawd", AS IF one exists. The posts debate gawd's characteristics, talk about supposed faults/attributes, blah, blah, blah.
BEWARE, one sneaky way to "bring you back into the fold" of religion is to get you to debate, not whether there Is a gawd, but to get you to think about what you dislike/like about a diety, AS IF such a thing were real!

AnneWimsey 9 Aug 14

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On this site such encounters would be a bit annoying. Off this site, I have much enjoyment with such conversations. They normally don't want to think or actually have discussions though. They hate thinking and just throw more garbage at you when cornered. In real life experences people either say I never thought of that or double down, one of these was now my X- wife.


They actually think they can come on this site and convince people of the existence of God? I haven't seen that but I imagine what you're seeing are nothing but trolls or missionary types who are gluttons for punishment.πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜… The few Believers I have seen on our site are immediately trounced upon worse than AOC at a trump rally, so I don't believe you have any need for concern.

They are pretty subtle, they pose "philisophical" questions that require you to posit a "gawd" in order to comment or debate., therefore getting you to think such Claptrap is real! Had one yesterday chastise me for using "gawd" instead of "God", too.......I told, himTooth Fairy takes too much typing.....

@AnneWimsey you have terrible luck. I never see them! Possibly because I do almost all my chat on sexual deviants.

@mooredolezal R9FLMAO!

@AnneWimsey I don't know what R9F means

@mooredolezal typo, should be ROFLMAO (ROLLING ON FLOOR LAUGHING MY ASS OFF)


Ilike - some of the base concepts of religions ... the fundamental morals and ethics codified in the ten commandments - not the neighbours wife one
I dislike - the proposition that for society to function there must be a mythical being coercing acceptance of morals and ethics.
A code of morals and ethics requires no gods, merely that society accepts them as normal

I see your point but I don't think the Ten Commandments are necessary for humanity to act morally. Non-Christian and even non religious societies have existed for thousands of years without religious pretext. BTW you may have noticed that four of the Ten Commandments relate to nothing but submission to the man in the sky. The other six or in your case 5 that you are concerned with do not need to be codified in a religious text.


I have noticed this as well and although it was interesting a couple of times it very soon gets tedious and I just ignore those posts now.
A few closet theists on here I think


gawd? we've got to lose this anger. I know it's hard. you feel so lied to and violated by the bullsh!t. you've got to develop some objectivity and see them for the weak creatures that they (and we all) are. we're not spiting anyone by saying "gawd" and it's teaching no one a lesson other than ourselves.

I will not use the word "God" as if it had any meaning whatsoever...what would you suggest, that does not legitimize the entire stupid concept?

@AnneWimsey I'd suggest that you're projecting your anger and that your ideas about various god conceptions are rather limited. In hinduism they aren't like the gods of abraham or the west. They're more like role models to emulate. Like ... if I was a QB in 100 years then Tom Brady might be my god. They're not beings that sit on high and judge you or determine your destiny.

@JeffMesser "projecting my anger"??? At what, a chimera? You are so distanced from reality here.

@AnneWimsey I believe you yourself are the one distanced from reality. we're all going to the same place. no matter what any of these religions say. So really the only difference is the path. If their path makes them happy then be happy for them. Not everyone needs the ultimate truth. Rest heartily knowing you see the end while they're stuck in the forest. I genuinely pity them. Consider yourself fortunate to have escaped and help others who seek you out on it. But everyone must set their mind on their own path because from a humanistic standpoint the peace of mind you have at death is your eternity. Don't fault them theirs. Empathy.

@JeffMesser um, what?


I haven't noticed.


I think some people may be newly β€œout” and still think a lot about religion. Maybe they just need the reaffirmation from others that they have done the right thing. Whereas, I think, if like me you’ve never had a belief in god, you don’t feel a need to discuss the characteristics of a hypothetical figure.


Yeah someone I am pretty sure he is a scammer told me how he believed in God. I said he better get of this site. I think his English was very poor to understand it.

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