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Man is omnivorous! Whilst a predominantly vegan lifestyle is acceptable for adults, don't force it upon babies and todlers!

Petter 9 Aug 22

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I agree, and wish to add that if you have pets you need to feed them what they actually need, not what you philosophize about....

Spot on! Don't feed cats oats, and don't feed horses meat!!

Spot on. I've seen pictures of dogs and cats who were fed vegan diets, and they suffered. They weren't meant to eat like that.


Extremes are dangerous in it religion, politics, nationalism, or diets. When it comes to inflicting these extreme food ideas on infants it becomes not just dangerous but criminal. My mother who lived to her mid nineties had a simple philosophy....moderation in all things. She applied this pretty universally to every activity, but especially to food and drink.. She never cut anything out, but enjoyed meat ....and alcohol, in moderation. This is a philosophy I have now adopted, although I will admit in my younger days I was more prone to excess in both!

I have always"listened to my body" and avoided excess.


They should have been jailed much longer for child abuse and endangerment that child is permanently. If you are not well educated in how to go meatless children die or end up permanently damaged. As a adult go ahead and kill yourself but leave kids alone. You need knowledge to be vegan unless you grew up that way, Balancing amino acids to get complete proteins it's not easy unless you grew up doing that

bobwjr Level 10 Aug 22, 2019

Absolutely need knowledge. And I can't do it though I do see the health benefits of eating more plant based.


LAMBNESIA Not eating meat is totally UNaustralian ... But the shit our butchers sell locally is barred from being exported to Europe. So the beasts supplying the meat are not allowed to cohabit. []


It's an Australian story. In Australia if you don't like dog, you are a heretic. If you don't drink beer, you are mad. If you don't eat meat, you are a traitor.


These parents were child abusers. They got away with it for so long because they were also anti-vaxxers and science-deniers, this kid never saw a doctor. Their other malnourished (unlike what this article implies) kids were also taken away from them. People manage to believe all sorts of silly things, often these beliefs are harmless, but when children are involved, this sort of horror can happen. Made me think of this: []

That wikipedia article made me think of Trump suppprters. Could this be a diagnosis of them?


And if there other children were healthy on a vegan diet there was something else going on here.

They weren't healthy, they were also malnourished and taken away from the parents. The mother had just gotten more extreme in the case of this child.

@Druvius That is precisely the problem...people who go on these restrictive diets get more extreme, it becomes an obsession,

@Druvius I didnt see that in the article. Interesting because I have a lot of students who are vegan a s they are fine.

@GreatNani It's not in the article, the article is pretty fact lite. I dug around and read other articles about the case. I have no issue with veganism per se, it's pretty clear since the parents rejected modern medicine that they were almost certainly ignorant of basic nutrition as well. The harm they did to their kids speaks for itself.

@Druvius Sounds like there was more to the story......typical


I am almost completely vegan. Or I should say whole food plant based. It can be perfectly healthy but I am not sure I would do it with a child. There are ways to do it safely but it takes a lot of work with children to do that.

How does one classify breast-feeding? It certainly is not vegan. So when should it stop? Is it acceptable to substitute cow's milk? So what about cream and butter? Can you see the direction of this line of questioning?


That headline is misleading. There around 500M Buddhists, many among them vegan, who live long healthy lives. Our being omnivorous means we may eat meat, not that we must. Moreover, even herbivores sometimes eat meat, and carnivorous sometimes eat vegetables.

Precisely! We should not CONFINE ourselves to a single category of diet. We should certainly not force a poor diet upon our children.

@Petter True children should be well nourished and cherished.


I am having philosophical problems with eating meat. I eat very small portions but I wish I could quit. Beef takes a lot of resources. I try not to eat mammals. That's a start. It's not good for our health or the planet. Substitute?

I also eat very little meat, mainly for better health. I once ate meat at every meal. Now I rarely crave meat. Whereas I once ate double meat cheeseburgers, now I cannot bear the taste. It took years to lose those cravings. I believe you too will lose those cravings.

I enjoy amost all foods. I like fresh water fish, but I'm not fond of sea fish. I love sautéed locusts and the abdomem of flying ants. I enjoy milk, cream and butter. I also like olive oil. I enjoy egg and bacon. I also enjoy porridge.
BUT...... I enjoy all things in MODERATION! That's why I weigh 150lbs for my 5' 8" height!

Same here very little meat. I go days without eating meat at home, alone. When I go out, or have my kids, then there's meat on the menu. If there are 90 meals in a month, I probably eat meat at 10 of them. Max

@twill I eat quite a bit of turkey leg, but a small piece, grilled. I sometimes prepare a meal, then realise it is unintentionally vegetarian. Such as pasta with a basil pesto and cherry tomatoes, both from my own garden.


I agree, I fear that there will be a lot of malnourished children in the future because of the current fad for veganism. We all need a balanced diet, especially children and it’s a parent’s duty to provide one until they are old enough to decide for themselves whether to become vegan.

P.S. have you reached Italy yet?

Children need the fat for building muscles. They shouldn't eat like fifty year olds.

@Marionville Arrived in time for tea, yesterday, thanks. 22 degrees and a bit overcast today.

@Petter Enjoy the food and the vino...if not the sun!

@Marionville, @PondartIncbendog It's protein, actually, although they also need fat. Vegetable protein is proportionately low, and sometimes difficult to ingest.

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