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Cutting health benefits of 1,900 Whole Food workers saved world’s richest man Jeff Bezos what he makes in less than six hours


NoPlanetB 8 Sep 18

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My son worked there starting at age 16 part time and l later fulltime for 12 years. He was high levels in three different areas of the store. Cheese was his specialty and he was actually featured in the Denver newspaper a lot as a go to cheese expert. Then it gets sold and things went south in a hurry. He now is in a business and moving up in management. He is college educated and thought he would be at whole foods as a career but when they changed the employee knowledge based system and moved to more just having a worker be a cog in the machine, as most businesses treat their workers, he bailed. Whole foods lost a great employee.


The more workers can transition away from getting their health coverage through work, the better.


My dad used to say "how do you think super rich people got super rich?".


Well, it's all part of making America great again, don't you know.

@Bobby9 As they should. The burden of spending our money correctly, falls on us, the consumer.

@twill , hard to do when they make it illegal to get your prescriptions filled outside the U.S. then jack the prices up higher than any other country.

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