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Today I was encouraged to donate a sum of money to one of the local foodbank/shelter. I hesitated to do so after reading their, "mission statement" and their protocal/standard of conduct. One of their protocols state that," in order to be housed long term, the person who resides and takes part in/of any programming must attend religious services ". I asked if the person was an atheist/agnostic how would that effect his/her application for services? The polite reply was that it wouldnt but by the silence and looks that they gave each other and me, I think that they would, "file thirteen " the app. So I did not commit to donate at the time. By the time I got back to my office I had several voice messages asking if I had made up my mind. I called and informed the committee that I would not donate and they became belligerent, I politely wished them well and hung up. If this group is doing "gods work" then that community is in a world of hurt. Please if you donate your time or funds please, PLEASE research who you are giving your resources to.

JayJackson 7 Mar 20

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I hesitate to donate money to any charity because I think non-profit status operates about 90% of the time as a ways to generate non-taxable income for the people who start them.

I absolutely refuse to support any non-profit with the slightest religious affiliation no matter how good the cause.


I always find religious groups so hypocritical.
I help a local community pantry of a Wednesday morning, it is run by a "community" church, no idea what denomination but Christian. They know I am an atheist and I don't hang around for prayers. They serve anyone and everyone which is why I help. A few weeks back I warned them I would be missing a few weeks for 2 reasons, I had other work to be done but also I have developed quite serious shoulder problems, I am the only one strong and tall enough to do most of the physical work. From time to ime I try and get some of my off siders to help out.
Last week I said I would be off for a few weeks for the reasons mentioned. My employer also emailed the church to advise them. This was met with all sorts of objections, totally ignoring the fact that my doctor has said no lifting. I dropped into work this afternoon to sort a loose end, pantry is gone after midday. Apparently there were all sorts of dramas today and the church is saying they will discontinue the service as I am not there to help. Apparently it was like blackmail.
We give them the space for free, it interferes with our operations, but for the good of the community we help as we can.So, what about the church members coming forward?, the only ones that do are mostly little old ladies. The works of this church will cease because some atheist is unavailable to help out?


Very good idea! So, In order to deserve food and shelter if one has fallen on hard must be indoctrinated? Where is the first amendment, on free speech when it REALLY counts? Not to mention 'freedom from religion!' THIS IS NOT THE TEACHING OF THAT HISTORICAL JESUS!


A local one here, feeding homeless Christians, if you don't praise Jesus - No food for you!


That charity sounds as though it both never came across this before (im sure people have lied), and has never encountered such resistance form a potential sponsor before. Good for you for not supporting. I just hope there is an alternative (to lying, anyway).

My cities food bank (also calling itself a ministry) used to do a prayer before serving at the soup kitchen, or making up hampers. It used to bug me a bit (as did the free reading material I got with the hamper). But it was a small price to pay.

It's just some silly words (everyones to busy looking at the floor to see that im not!) and a couple of papers for the blue bin.


I'm in a freethought group that uses for their web site. Our group sponsers people of need. Paraphrasing from Blazing Saddles,, "We don't need no stinking Churches" That wasn't it exactly, but it's close.

jeffy Level 7 Mar 20, 2018

It's curious how quickly that Christian "love" can turn to wrath when you oppose them.


yes, its the same with animal charities. corruption is everywhere. maybe if you see someone on the street hungry you can directly help them by buying food or something.


I make a special point if making it known that when I donate blood at a church they know I am an Atheist.


I wish you would tell them why you decline to support them. Ideally, identify another organization doing similar work without forcing people to adopt religion to qualify, and indicate that you have chosen to support that organization instead of them for that reason.


My daughter-in-law was a volunteer director at a food bank. To clarify she got paid to coordinate the effort of volunteers. I heard so many stories about volunteers damaging packages or removing labels so that the choice items couldn't be distributed. Can you guess how they were disposed of?

I will never donate cash or gift cards to a food bank again.

JimG Level 8 Mar 20, 2018

There are secular organizations that are charitable and some religious charities that don't try to force their beliefs down your throat.FWIW, Salvation Army is not a good one, they openly discriminate against LGBQT individuals. My general rule is not to give to religious groups.

A lot of money donated to the salvation army is spent on lobbying for discriminatory laws. A great deal more went for high dollar dinner parties for paid "volunteers." The S.A. is a church not a charity.

Yah once I learned that I stopped putting money in their little red buckets around the holidays

@Rudy1962 me too!


I would not donate to a religious organization. There are just too many organizations that do good for the community without the need for the religious ruse, and it is just a ruse to get you in so they can Proselytize. If they were not allowed to Proselytize they woud cease to exist. IMHO


I became homeless last year due to wrecking my car. I lost my home, my car, and possessions all at once. The only way I could get one night in a homeless shelter was by listening to a 2 hour sermon. I had just lost everything. The last thing I wanted to hear about was how horrible and worthless a sinner I am.

Wow, I'm so sorry for your troubles. Are things better now?

You are so right...please tell us how things are going for you now? We care!

Much better.Thank you very much for asking. 🙂


Thanks for the tip.


I haven't had this experience, but I refuse to donate to a charity that religiously based. I once told someone soliciting money outside Walmart that I was atheist and did not support religious groups. She asked, "So, you don't support battered women?" I explained to her that there were other groups who worked with battered women who were not religiously affiliated. She tried to guilt me! No, won't work.


how could they justify being belligerant over a donation?


how could they justify being belligerant over a donation?

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