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I am excited to find this community after months of attempts at online dating in the “Bible Belt”. I feel like I just might be able to breathe again...

Seeker55 8 Mar 23

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This site is going to be bigger than FaceBook.


It sucks man. I can't do it any more haha! Fuck South Carolina! ?

I hear ya! I am beginning to feel that way about the state of NC as well....To conservatives, liberals are the Devil's Disciples and I believe if they could they would eradicate us all .


I'm new here as well.

Well...hello fellow newcomer. Thanks for speaking up. I used to live in Spartanburg and then Gaffney SC. I thought Gaffney was the armpit of the world and was never more glad to say goodbye to a place in my life!


Enjoy, but I warn you, people here are looking for angels... If your not one of them,chances are as slim as on other sites. Fasten your belts.

What do you mean by angels?


Hey what’s going on?


Hi and welcome to our freethinker community.


Hi! This site is new, and still small, so compatible people living near your area might be limited.

I am seeing that, but that's ok. I will make the best of it.


Amen to that! 😉


Welcome to the Agnostic spot. Have fun and dive in (as you have just done).


I feel for you. Seems people in the Bible Belt have it all so much worse.


Tthank you. I suppose it may be worse here, but having lived nowhere else, I have nothing to which to compare it. Just happy not to see the word "Christian" attached to every name for a change.

I too am in the belt. I think the worst of it is the enormous hypocrisy I see. All the men who have been interested in me around here end up being married and just want a bit on the side. But then they don't mention that until after I've started to like them... So yeah, dating around here is the pits.

@moonmaid To me...if you want to find hypocrasy, go to a church first. So much done in the name of "God" that is just wrong...sad..and fear mongering.


Welcome to our place...

Thank last I am among "my people".


Welcome to the asylum. Enjoy your stay!

I think I will get along fine the asylum.

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