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I serve people and during the holidays I always say happy holidays but yet some people get very offended during Christmas time and demand that I say merry Christmas.
In response I tell them that I respect there Christian zeal but not everyone is a Christian or believes in Christ. I also told him what you're asking me to do is unconstitutional I have the freedom of free speech I can say whatever I want.

PinkyandtheBrain 7 Nov 15

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I wonder if they're intentionally putting their chips on their shoulders and going around looking for someone to hassle.

The professionalism and inclusiveness of less specific phrases should be a better choice.
But I'm not sure how or even whether it's worth explaining that to them.


My new saying: Enjoy the Winter Solstice. It's the Reason for the Season

twill Level 7 Nov 16, 2019

Heretic! Axial tilt is the reason for the season!


When I worked at an upscale health food store, I wished everyone Happy Holidays. A few days before Christmas I took to saying, "If you haven't celebrated your winter Holiday yet, enjoy it when it gets here." One customer started frothing at the mouth. completely offended, "And just what holiday would I have celebrated if it wasn't Christmas?"
I replied, "Well Hanukkah was last week."
"That's one of those ISIS holidays."
"Uhm, no, it is a Jewish holiday, not Muslim. Jesus was born a Jew." He just scowled and left.

Another time, I was wishing people Happy Easter, and a regular customer proceeded to correct me, and explained it was not Easter, but Ascension Day. "Well then, a merry Ostara to you."
She walked away claiming, "I just knew you were one of those people."

Don't get me started on the fanatics who think they will be one of the 144,000 to ascend before the second coming. I am so glad I no longer work the retail gig. People like to remain ignorant.

SAMae Level 5 Nov 15, 2019

Christmas in America is a zealous fun fest for all. Who can buy the most stuff to give away! Overeating, yada yada.

The original purpose of the holiday is holy for some but for most, they’re holiday Christians at best and show up at service for the songs.

I think those actually celebrating the birth of Christ exclusively is a small percentage.

I hate happy holidays as a greeting!

Much the same in this side of the Atlantic,


Sigh. It’s that time again, the ‘holidays’!
Here’s my favorite meme about that topic. I’ve been to the museum in Rome and I saw this statue: Mark Antony on his horse, life sized. 😂. The cup is of course, photo shopped.


BTW... the Constitution restricts governments, not we the people. So few seem to understand that.

You are absolutely right. Ignorance of what the Constitution actually says is pitifully rampant.

@CarolinaGirl60 I remember back at the beginning of the tea party Republicans, I think it was Bill O’Reilly that was telling people to hand out little pocket booklets of the constitution. Unfortunately, so many of those people just handed them out to people they don’t agree with without actually reading it themselves


We are all entitled to express ourselves as we wish as long as we are not deliberately causing offense. I just find it easier to say merry that has been the traditional greeting used by everyone in our society for centuries, and even although I was raised in a non believing family we still celebrated Christmas by giving presents and being “merry”. I think it would be wiser to ignore anyone who tries to insist that you use words you’re uncomfortable saying, but personally I would not feel the need to get into an argument about belief with them.


I feel it's always good to use inclusive rather than divisive greetings. I like Happy Holidays, since it seems to cover everyone and is an effort in unifying rather than dividing people. Isn't that what the season is supposed to be about?


So, not sure you understand your own duplicity here. You don't want to say the words "merry christmas" but in your own post, you refer to the timeline when you're serving as "during christmas time."

I suspect this is more an internal conflict of your own personal principles than you might realize. I can empathize with that...I recently posted a query about whether I was being hypocritical if I used the word "god" in unguarded moments, like when cursing or moments of passion. Let me offer you what this community offered me. It's just a word. a common word, even. It is never going to mean I've suddenly converted over to the buy in of an entire panorama of woo.

For example, if someone who speaks Spanish says, "gracias" to me, I respond in kind with, "de nada." Gratzi? Prego. It doesn't mean I've suddenly become Mexican or Italian. It's just a courteous response. Saying merry Christmas does not make anyone a xtian. Its just being polite in kind with the initial greeting.

If forcing the simple verbal utterance of, " merry christmas" out by way of response seriously brings you that much anxiety, I'd suggest maybe trying "And to you!" or " Thank you, and to you as well! "

If you're starting the conversation by saying "Happy holidays" first, then you HAVE to know you're inviting the discussion/dispute. Say literally anything instead... "Enjoy" or "The stuffing is great this time around!" or " Thank you for joining us today. " Anything. If someone "in charge" is having this discussion before anything even starts, then the dispute with them seems out of context, since they surely should be grateful you're there to help at all?


What? No qwanza? No festivus? Bah humbug!!!


Really, some people "demand" you say Merry Xmas? I don't want to live where you live if so. I suspect, though, that this "demand" you speak of is actually not a demand in the strictest sense.

Anyone who "demands" anything of anyone is just being rude in any conceivable case, religion notwithstanding, and at the very least they don't deserve your business.


Do you want good tips or not?! 🙂 Jesus H. Christ!!! Tell them what they want to is money.


Oh, yay, The "War on Christmas" is beginning early this year.

Deb57 Level 8 Nov 15, 2019

I try not to voice any holiday greetings but will always respond with "thank you" for those who say it to me.


Doesn’t free speech specifically pertain to the government not being able to stifle your right to say what you want? It doesn’t really apply when you’re referring to the average citizen


"Happy Winter Solstice observation of your choice". I would basically tell them to take a hike.


How about if one says merry christ mass (the only and long time christian sect was catholic and the celebration was supposed to remind one to go to mass).

I'm always impressed, Jack. You know the most intriguing factoids!

@LisaFultonave It helps to have a degree in European (read christian) history.


I simply explain - if the need arises - that there are many holidays taking place around the same time (news flash Christians !!!) , and I wish to consider everyone.


Try using a word from the 50s that doesn't really include you in the wish and doesn't inspire ire. How about, "Ditto"? That's what I say. It keeps things cool.


I always say..."Enjoy Your holiday"

It depends a great deal on my mood. But mostly what comes out is "Have a cool Yule!!" I haven't gotten any flack for it ..... yet.

It really depends on my mood as to how I'll respond in those situations.
Sometimes, I'll say whatever is appropriate for the company I happen to
be keeping at the time.
Sometimes, I'll just say "same to ya".
And sometimes, I'll look whomever it is right in the eye and say, "happy holidays".
So far, no one has challenged me on any of it.
I'll let y'all know if that changes.


I honestly don't have a problem with " Merry Christmas". it's just some words, and used in good "faith", for lack of a better word.
If it makes them feel good to say it, there is no reason to retort with negativity.
I usually just say, "and happy holidays to you".
Although, I've never had any "demand" that I say merry Christmas.

But, unconstitutional. well, they have a right to free speech as well, do they not?
I try not to get my panties in a bunch over a word, or words.


I would just say, "To you as well!" and let it go.... Why pick a fight? You are a server and are supposed to go with the flow... Especially if you want a tip!


I respond "And a Merry Mythmass to you too!"


Yeah Christians are getting too sensitive about that,

bobwjr Level 10 Nov 15, 2019
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