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Isn't it interesting that there are so many Christian songs about being in the Lord's army?As if everyone outside of their denomination is misguided by the enemy and must be avoided.

Biblebeltskeptic 6 Nov 19

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That is intentional. The reason so many religions use these metaphors and justifications is to give armies a reason to fight and peace to their families if and when they die.


It is because they see things in terms of a battle of good vs evil/their god vs anything that does not fit their definition of that god.


Love your neighbor as yourself. Then kill them. 😮

Or, at the very least, tell them that they will go to an eternal hell full of torment if they don't believe the same way you do.

@Joanne Maybe the laughter emoji is an improper response, but I do find religious superstition to be laughable. If I didn't laugh about it, I'd cry for all the brainwashed people who believe it on blind faith.


Out of such nonsense came the Salvation Army complete with rank and uniforms. Many others in antiquity were not as peaceable.


I wish those fuckers would avoid me instead of coming to my door.

Put a sign on your door.

Please no Religious salesman.

Have you tried answering the door with a towel wrapped around your head and saying loudly " Allah u Akhba" and "Salaam Effendi" after it?
I did it once, many years ago when I was living at different address, the God-Botherers actually broke the 4 minute mile record as they made their escape.

@SanDiegoAirport Alaykum as-salaam to you also.


We learn from God that violence is the way to solve problems.


And how is that different from how they actually think & act?


When i sing along i feel a wonderful sense of belonging. How can that be wrong?

Ohferpetessake, Jacar made a funny everybody!

@AnneWimsey You keep admiring me as you do and I will have to visit you.

@Jacar gotta find me first........

@AnneWimsey . . . Ahhh, the gauntlet has hit the ground.

@Jacar I love me some wrassling......


Today's average bible-toting Christian usually sees it as a metaphor, but there are plenty of examples of people using God as a war rally, raging off to battle with the conviction that "God is on our side."

What's particularly ironic - two sides going to war with each other, each with ostensibly the same God on their side.


They did that back during the Crusades, and the Thirty Years War!

And civil war in england, and reconquista and the authorization for the portuguese king to subdue and enslave infidels, and the purge of the herresies, and...


Certainly " Onward christian soldiers" comes to mind


How did "denominations" get dragged into this?

I came from a Fundamental Baptist Church. We were taught that even the wrong denomination or doctrine should be avoided lest you be led astray and be damned.


Well IF you follow the 'teachings' in the O.T. of the Goat-Herders Guide to the Galaxy then EVERYONE who is NOT exactly like them MUST be either converted or destroyed, usually it seems, Conversion tales a very distant second place to Destruction.
For proof simply read the O.T., check out the History/Histories of the Crusades, the Conquests of South and Central Americas, Africa and Australia just name but a few.

Not as 'funny' as you seem think SanDiegoAirport, it IS 110% true and factual.


Didn't you hear about the war in Heaven?


What about The Battle Hymn of the Republic? How I hate that song!

In first grade we were taught a different version, a version that I will prudently not reveal.


I'd like to see the lord's army face off against the KISS Army and see what happens!


Evangelicals aren't known as the brightest minds in the universe, just the most hypocrites.


The Crusades Syndrome?


In the Lord's army you shoot every one (including your own wounded) and let God sort them out.


listen to opiate and eulogy by tool


We are! And we should be avoided! 😱

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