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Do you agnostics decorate for Christmas?

tonymchuck 4 Nov 24

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I hang TV evangelists from a tree.

Must be a big tree to support those bloated con men.

how many can you get on your tree?

@raymetcalfe Just keep um comin I'll find the trees.

@raymetcalfe, @Moravian Sequoias my friend.


"You agnostics"? I am an atheist and I decorate my house with a lot of pagan shit to celebrate the holiday season and to brighten the house, since the outside is getting darker and bleaker with winter, like a Yule tree for the cats to climb and multi-colored lights. There are Saturnalia presents and sometimes I imitate the Druids and put up mistletoe.


I don't think we've voted as a group yet.

What's with this "you agnostics" nonsense?

I can't figure it out either. Agnostics seem to like to be exclusive. As an atheist I usually try to say both agnostics and atheists.

Well . . . .. this IS Lol

@gNappyHead Exactly, so why are there 'members' writing posts questioning "you agnostics"?


Agnostics decorate but true atheists like myself steal and eat a baby to feed upon its innocence.

Where do you get yours, my supplier has gone to frozen and I like fresh?

@glennlab "gone to frozen" ?. Do you mean they have all gone to see the lates Disney creation ?


You agnostics ?. Yes I put tinsel in my hair and wear a couple of Christmas tree decorations as earrings.
You will no doubt be aware that decorating the house with greenery at the winter solstice is a pagan practice that long predates Christianity and because of this some of the more extreme Protestant sects here will not allow a Christmas tree in the house.


I don't decorate but I usually buy a handful of chocolate jesuses to eat at xmas.


Sure do! No nativity scenes though!

Solstice Conifers smell of wet pine and sparkle with joyful decorating stars lights popcorn needle threaded translucent glass ice sickles colored balls and Sarah Maclachlan singing on top of my tree my real angel flown from my piano and little drummer boy SANS ALLEGED baby gawds


I'm not sure you mean me but, yep, I have an abundance of holiday stuff. So much that I rotate it by themes every year. The Dickens Village that my Dad gave me. Ornaments from my grandparents, including tons of stuff my grandmother sewed for me over the years, the stockings my mother cross-stitched for us. A Santa collection. All the mismatched stuff that the kids made in school when they were younger kids. It's pretty and sparkley and reminds me of good times. I've been known to leave some of it up until February or so ...


I am an agnostic, atheist, anti-theist: Lights are up, synthetic tree, lots of bulbs and stuff. Presents,...

Of course, all of this is way pagan. But it is the time of the year.


To those who asked: my tree!!

nice !

Omigosh, that's beautiful! <3

I love it!

@azvixen52 well thats a different take , lol

@Bigwavedave Indeed!


I have cats, so no.

But think of the youtube videos you could make of the cats destroying everything.

Same here. It's not worth the mess

Real fresh pine should scare off cats and my family had this rotating color wheel in front of a heat lamp....I keep my cats on private side of my house when too many visitors or temptations for cats to attack are present other side of our home


We do. Christmas has become a secular holiday for the most part.


Atheist Yup but it is about the traditions of our family that connect me to them, I have the decorations from our tree when I was a child with my parents both dead it is a connection to them as I carefully put on the decorations, I hang apples in honour of Sir Issac Newton suns for the winter solstice and lights Dr Who lights and more lights and some more lights because I loves the twinkly lights. Did I mention the lights?


I don't decorate but if I had kids, I would--but for the solstice, not Xmas.


Yes this atheist does. No religious symbols.


i’m an atheist, but yes, i celebrate. it’s a cultural holiday to me.

Yes same here. As far as I am concerned, the holiday has pagan origins and was stolen by "all ye faithful". I do celebrate with a grand atheistic feast, where all are welcome.


It depends. When in a relationship, I decorate. If not, I don't. Holidays are only really worth the effort if you have someone to share them with.


I celebrate for the season. Winter solstice and all that. An ancient celebration.


I put up lights for the winter solstice season, and I send secular cards. I didn't know that Christians invented colored lights.

@OwlInASack candles weren't invented by Christians for Christians and nobody has legal right over them beyond landlords protecting themselves. There may be certain rules for candle use within a church or religion, but not legal rights.

Because I like to Google:


@OwlInASack ahhh. My not reading it that way was probably more due to the regular occurrence of 🤔🤔🤔 too many smartypantses that don't actually know about the thing they're proclaiming? I'm trying to word that politely because I'm being nice today 🤷🏻♀️
(Editing because I'm curious why I'm on the computer and the emoji is being weird. And why my phone doesn't have the superhero emojis... 😤 🦸🏻♀️ Just ignore me... )

@OwlInASack I feel like most cultures have some form of sarcasm. I used to work with a lot of foreign students and have traveled some (though it's been a while), and off the top of my head I've known a few people from Africa that didn't really use sarcasm or find it amusing. In that case it felt more like genuinely finding funny things funny and unfunny things unfunny, instead of sarcasm as a way to make unfunny things funny, or conversely poop on a happy occurrence.
I'm a fan of the sarc mark though: .~
There was another attempt at a symbol but the creator wanted exclusive rights/limited it's use so I just use the sarc mark where necessary or if emojis don't fit.


Yes. I don't do much and use pretty much the same decorations I have had for years.


I like to put up a small tree with various ornaments that my daughter and I have collected from various vacations, and also a beautiful Dickens Village from Department 56. The Dickens Village calls to mind the line from Scrooge, "I shall keep Christmas in my heart all the year." For me that means keeping generosity and kindness at the forefront of my life at all times.

Love Scrooge. I'll watch 3 or 4 of the Christmas Carol movies during the season

@ronnie40356 Spontaneous Poll: best portrayals of Scrooge or ranking of the same.


  1. Alistair Sim
  2. George C. Scott
  3. Patrick Stewart
  4. Bill Murray
    That's all I can think of at the moment

The decorations predate religion's adopting them as their own. I do use some, they don't mean the same to me. Solstice!!!

What she said, LOL!


YES, I love love love Christmas


I just set up my super hero nativity scene


I'm an atheist and I do not.

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