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Have you dated someone YEARS younger or older? Care to share some insight about the experience or experiences?

JayJackson 7 Mar 25

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All mine have been withi 3 years, I have a mental limit of 5 either way. Open to changing that,


Not only dated but I MARRIED my wife who is 14 years my Junior.. I met her when she was just 29 she has now just turned 32.

Fantastic marriage and a child together, the best thing she is NOT British which is a bonus.30 years of dating British women has given me experience enough to avoid!

Met her whilst on holiday and damn she made me work hard to woo her and i had to compete against another guy who was interested in her. But it was worth it.

Third photo the centre is my wife.
I was attending a small film premier in Dubai on that day and I was in the aforementioned film, so when i posed for the photos they let my wife and her friend on the red carpet too which was nice of them.

Does she have any sisters? Lol

actually she doesπŸ™‚


I have dated some women like 8 years younger than me when I was like 30-33. It's what you would expect. They were more immature. They were in their early to mid 20s. I think once you get into your 30s though, the maturity argument is less valid. Some people are just schmucks. I dated some women older than me. A couple of them were cool and mature enough, and a couple were just schmucks lol


Both. I dated a lady 15 years older than I which I could hardly keep up with intimately until I found out her stimulation was drug induced. Game over.
Dated girls younger than I which none of them were actually compatible with me.
Age really doesn't matter within reason if you have things in common besides a physical attraction.


I had dated a woman that was 8 years older than me she had to adolescent kids. She had had a hysterectomy. She was a great lover. I was a much different back then. I was at that time very grateful not to the issue of pregnancy ever enter the relationship equation. She was intelligent she came from a religious household and to an extent, my nonbeliever attitude got in the way.


Many many years ago I dated someone 19 years older. My family pressured me to end it but I wouldn't for quite a while.
I think the differences in our socio-economic backgrounds were the biggest problem.

In my early 30s I dated someone 15 years younger. Much bigger mistake and had nothing to do with socio-economic status; he was simply too young for me. Being a few years older than my child was too messy.


My Ex wife of about 20 years marriage was about 7 years younger than me, and mostly that worked for a long time. Other than her I have never dated or otherwise had a relationship with anybody more than about 2 years younger than me, and have never dated anybody more than a month or two older than me.


When I was a teenager, I had a sexual relationship with a woman who was in her 60s. I still often think about her...unfortuately if she is alive she is over 120 years of age.

Mrs. Robinson??

@JayJackson a neighbor


my last partner was 15 years younger than me. SOmetimes the gap was too great and a lot of my role was teacher. we were together 6 years. I am good with someone a little younger but not that much. THey would have to be in the same developmental stage of life if that was ever going to happen again


I just ended a relatively short relationship (about 18 months) with someone 28 years my junior. This was a first for me (being with someone significantly younger). I've been through 2 marriages and both my exes are my age. There was a bit of a difference in maturity, but that wasn't a huge problem. I ended the relationship for a number of reasons I won't go into here. She is very attractive and I have to admit I am/was very flattered to be found attractive by someone so young and beautiful. Could be a bit of mid-life crisis going on there, and maybe still is. I can't say for sure that I'd rule out another relationship with someone much younger.


I've always generally attracted women about 10-12 years younger than me but not by choice.


Years younger. Seven years ago I belonged to a singles professional group in Boston and met someone who was teaching political science at Tufts University who happenned to be 31 at the time. The age difference didn't matter when we first started dating. Friends in our group would call me Cougar,but I've always looked younger and dated younger. After 3 months he was travelling in China; he would call me from there. He relocated to CA and eventually Washington, DC where he was the Drector of an International School. Long distance is tough. I was diagnosed with leukemia. He would come to visit less and less. Last time I saw him was over three and a half years ago. We are friends on FB and talk once in a while. He has a career at Brookings, a government think tank and has remarried his wife and 10 year old daughter. Think we'll be friends always.


The love of my life was 18 years older than me. She is dead now.

Next up is my ex of 12 years who is 38. I am 71 so I have been around the block.


My ex-husband was 10 years younger than me. It didn't matter to either of us, at first.
Then, about 5 years in, I started having health issues and my vision began to nosedive. I think the thought of having to deal with a spouse who was going blind freaked him out so badly, that he decided that meant he could start screwing around.

For me, commitment is a bond no matter what comes along.

@JayJackson It's easier for some people to break their word than others. Marriage vows clearly meant nothing to him. That's the way it goes sometimes.

@KKGator Yes ma'am, I fully understand your comments. Its just foreign to me.

@JayJackson Oh, I agree. If you're going to vow to stick with someone through thick and thin, you'd damn well better keep your word. Unfortunately, too many people don't care about their integrity, and breaking promises is easy. Another reason you won't see me marrying again. I'm done.


The love of my life , is 14 years my junior .


I briefly dated someone a number of years younger than I was, who was also ridiculously good looking. I got tired of women hitting on him wherever we went..throwing themselves at him at church functions, at movie rental desks, etc.

He just looked bewildered and didn't react to them, but when my daughter (ten at the time) and her friends got in the act, I decided it was time to break up.


Don't fall out of your seat when I say this...but when I was in my early twenties I dated a woman who was 24 years my senior. Damn, that woman was so much fun and uninhibited, her age didn't bother me at all. The overall experience of "having fun" with her was gratifying, but came to an end when she moved and I wasn't in the position to do the same. To this day I think about her often, and wonder what could have been had she not had to move away to help an elderly relative? I haven't shared this story with many people before, knowing how judgmental society can be at times.

Thanks for sharing. By the way TO HELL WITH SOCIETY. Keep your head up, do as you feel (as long as it harms no one but you) and love, live freely. You rock!!

@JayJackson nah man, you rock!


I've been around the block 4 times and there were 2 women who were the "loves of my life." The first one was 18 years older than me. I'm not sure how that happened but we were together until she died.
It's easy for me to say that the second woman was my Kenyan bride and our marriage lasted 12 years. We are friends yet today and she is 38 and I am 71.
Age doesn't seem to be a problem for me.


In college dated one woman who was 34 and one who was 38. The 34 year old almost became long term. The other wasn't serious.


My current long-term partner is 15 years older than I am. Most of my other partners are 5-10 years older than me, which works best for me. I've always been attracted to older men. In college, I had far more crushes on my professors than my peers. However, I have met someone recently who is only 29 (I'm 42) and we've got surprisingly good chemistry. There are always exceptions. πŸ™‚

People can surprise you


My son’s dad was more than 10 years older than me. It was fine when it was just us, however once we had the kid he seemed to think that he was suddenly living in the 50’s and wouldn’t let me work outside of the home and didn’t think that he needed to parent our kid unless there was someone to show off for. From my point of view he was beginning to treat me like another child/live-in childcare. It didn’t work at all for us and I wouldn’t recommend it from my personal experience.


I tend to date younger guys...guys my age aren't interested because I'm "too busy" & "just go all the time" & if i'm going to be sitting around, not doing much of nothing, a fishing pole better be involved. My current boyfriend is 20 years younger, & i was dating a guy 11 years younger but that went the way of the wind.

Just because I'm someone's grandma does not mean I have to hang up my hiking boots for orthopaedic flats & exchange my corset & garter belt for an apron.

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