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As a military veteran, I am deeply angered and offended by Trump's mindless interference in justified military discipline. The fact is simply that rump's daily life and entire history is so full of illegal, immoral, and inhumane conduct that he is all to prone to forgive any such conduct. I am not, nor should any decent American be..

wordywalt 9 Nov 25

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Trump is a piece of s***. his supporters seem to be no better. I'm done with the whole lot of them.

It's becoming clearer day by day how many sheeple are no smarter than he-who-shall-not-be-named with his 3rd grade mentality. He keeps undoing what Obama did. How many people have left his administration.? He is making history. []

@K9Kohle789 he's making the history of Shame for this nation, or making it worse

@hankster exactly my point. More people have left or been fired from his administration than ever in history. He's frightfully stupid to work for apparently.

@K9Kohle789 the real shame about his presidency is that he garnered enough votes to get there, interference or not.


As a former member of the Army I think this is so wrong and hopefully if trump is gone in 2020 the new President will reverse this order.


Trump will mess with this until the military turns on him. He should beware.

Good. Let him keep poking that particular bear.


I am more distressed he keeps repeating Putin's talking points "Blame Ukraine, not Russia", more distressed he has no respect for veterans or for military custom or tradition.
What do you expect for electing a 5 time draft dodger?


A lot of vets, myself included, totally agree. I can run a long list of the times he has dishonored veterans. He is dangerously undermining the credibility of the U.S. military.

and the FBI, the CIA, the Democrats, journalists and anyone who dares point out anything that contradicts his self-serving narratives.

...and dangerously undermining the credibility of the U.S.


I have an American veteran friend who feels the same way, I do hope things change soon for Americans. It seems like ages that you’ve been dealing with these types of things with the current president now.

Wish us Yanks luck in solving this problem, either by impeachment or in the election in 2020,

@wordywalt I do, I like checking the impeachmentometer! It’s really sad that you’re in the situation you are.


The Military tried to hold him accountable, it's shameful what's going on in our country under this administration.

No. No they did not. There was a backdoor offer to keep everything hush, hush. No one was standing up to him. Which is why this got someone fired. The Navy officers have NO way to hold him accountable even had they wanted to.


Not being a veteran, I can't speak to that aspect, but when he punishes the people who disagree with him, there is a problem.

One need not be a veteran to speak to this.
One merely needs to be a decent human, and an American who believes in the Constitution, and the inherent honor of most of those who serve in the military.
I'm a Navy brat. No one in my family would have done such a dishonorable thing.

I definitely agree with your point about punishing those who disagree with him.
His ego is too fragile to understand he isn't "god". He sucks.

One of his supporters in Florida spoke out when he shut down the government and said "The problem is that he is not punishing the right people." Think on this because it shows you the anger and the merry go round ride that you go through with his supporters anytime you discuss him. Trump is in power now because many became convinced that others should be punished. We have an angry America.

@DenoPenno 45 appeals to the rabid and ignorant.


So much for the UCMJ. Draft Dodger Donny’s (DDD) actions will impact morale and discipline. The SEAL was convicted and should have been punished. What would have been a fair punishment, maybe up for debate, but DDD should have NO say in that. I think DDD just wants to show-off his power.

CS60 Level 7 Nov 25, 2019

He is used to manage his business as a tyrant. He thinks the United States of America is "The Apprentice", the Trump Towers or Miss Universe...


Only a fool with the understanding of a bully phrases brutality with valor or lack of self-control as a measure of strength and devotion.

not to mention what damage this does to the little but hard fought progress for proper mental health care in the active military. Donald Trump is attacking the good in the United States military and exacerbating its worst demons.

his leadership will turn more American men into monsters and time bombs when they return to their communities and families.... Joining private military contractors to feed toxic demons of untold violence.

domos Level 7 Nov 25, 2019

It would seem now that he would not hesitate to appoint someone wholly unqualified to any position he deems useful to him regardless of the dangers it places others in. Not that he hasn't already done that with civilian appointments...

follow the money. DeVos's husband paid for her to be in the Education Dept.


I'm pretty sure my Navy veteran mom feels the same way. I'll find out next time we talk. Trump keeps crossing lines that the Commander-in-Chief should not cross.


Not a normal thought in his entire "brain"....


As a veteran too it's insulting and a grievous transgressions and blatant racism

bobwjr Level 10 Nov 25, 2019

I would like to think you'd be deeply angered because his party and his cult followers are fostering, assisting and abetting his deplorable acts. This particular thing is not nearly as egregious as many of his previous acts and it likely won't effect as many people as so many of his previous disgusting acts.

I understand many people don't find fault until an act of his attacks a personal belief, family member, checkbook, etc., of theirs. Let this be an eye opener because the Republican party, every single person, is complicit in what he's done, what he continues doing and what he may do in the future.


It appears that I agree with all who have commented, save one so far.


Trump is a POS, but he is not alone, by any means, Obama was no better, Bush was no better, but that said, I do not think that the ROOT of the problem is with the presidency, in fact, I think that the root of the problem is in the Pentagon and the Military Industrial Complex, and I think that for a considerable amount of time now, the head of our government has really been the Pentagon, NOT the presidency. When a new president is elected, they go into office thinking they can change the system, both Trump and Obama went into it thinking they could stop some of the military imperialism, only to find themselves unable to do so, and in fact, involved in the whole criminal enterprise of war for profit, imperialism, jingoism, starting wars and coups at the drop of a hat, bombing people in other countries, droning people, using white phosphorous, depleted uranium, providing support of the nation that has literally stolen the land underneath the feet of the Palestinians, created a concentration camp for them . . . . and what really pisses me off is not just that our military is out of control committing all kinds of crimes, but that so many veterans and citizens who either do not see it, do not speak out against it, or simply ignore it. The is no honor in killing people based on the color of their skin, where they live, what their religion is, there is no honor in invading other countries with no respect for their sovereignty, there is no honor in destroying a countries infrastructure for economic advantage, (Libya for example), there is no honor in economic sanctions that often are far more destructive to the lives of women and children than they are to the targeted government. We now have a military that is in a constant state of war, it never lets up, and it is clear as can be that when they start talking about other countries being "aggressive", they are simply hiding the truth that it is they themselves who are being aggressive, and anyone who happens to disagree with their plans or ideas is called "aggressive", and becomes a target, if and only if they do not have a deterrent, and even then that nuclear deterrent, as in the case of North Korea, may not stop them from giving it a go. They have ranted about how North Korea is headed by a madman, but that is horse shit, it is no surprise whatsoever to me that these countries feel the need to get nuclear weapons as a deterrent to being attacked by guess who . . . the good old US of A . . . . Take Libya for example, Muammar Gaddafi agreed not to acquire nuclear weapons, but was steamrolled because he wanted to create an African currency that would have harmed the economic interests of the USA. Muammar Gaddafi may not have been an angel, but if you look at what he did for Libya, at how well off people in Libya were under his rule, and, and you take a good look at his Green Book, it becomes more than clear that what the US military has been doing is so fucking far from honorable that one can only look at them as low-life gangsters who have no respect whatsoever for the lives of anyone who does not fit into their cookie-cutter image of what the world should be, they have no respect for the lives of women and children, they kill and torture with impunity, they support dictatorships like the bastards in Saudi Arabia, who clearly murdered a journalist, they support the imprisonment of anyone who speaks out against them, and to hell with legal considerations, they have no respect for the sovereignty of other nations, and as far as I see it, they are a bunch of low-life sons of bitches who are highly likely to start a nuclear war with China or Russia, because they are to goddamn stupid to see beyond their fucking tunnel vision and arrogance with their so-called exceptionalism and military "superiority". If you want "honorable" you will have to look back a long ways, because none of the wars have been "honorable" for a long time, going back to and including Vietnam . . . . they have all been wars of aggression, and when they start whining about "terrorism", it is because it is something THEY have created, because THEY interfered in the affairs of countries. As far as I am concerned, we have a nation that is armed to the teeth, there are more guns than there are people in the USA, and we do not need a fucking military, because any nation stupid enough to try to invade us would have to deal with all of the gun nuts, myself included, and that would not go down well for them. I am not proud of the organization that poses, yes indeed . . . it poses as being honorable, just like the christians who pose as being upright citizens, and when I start seeing that kind of behavior in any organization or person, I get suspicious, because when people start wearing some shit on their sleeve to make themselves appear honorable, usually it is a cover for something. Fuck all this shit, as far as I am concerned, they are a bunch of gangsters, mass murders, and some of the worst people on the planet, and they will do what they do best, they will destroy the whole planet, then the dumb asses will look around and wonder how the fuck it all happened, and maybe, just maybe, realize that it was their own arrogant dip-shit ignorant behavior that caused it all, but I seriously doubt it.



They were saying on NPR that the officer went on FAUX news an was bad mouthing his Admiral.


I know.. right?? I mean, taking a picture of a dead ISIS soldier? I'm surprised they only busted him and took his Trident.. He should be in prison for at least 15 - 20 years for that.. 😫

Way to miss the point.


Ssssoooo, this navy seal was acquitted of murder and all other charges, but was convicted of posing with a corpse.
Whose life did his act of posing with a corpse ruin? Whose life, of a living person who is not a terrorist, did this man ruin by posing with this corpse?
This man worked HARD, for a VERY LONG TIME, to get to be a navy seal. He spent hundreds if not thousands of hours of his life, pushed his body beyond its limits, pain, time away from his family, risking injury and death during almost all of his training and testing.......
He made a mistake in judgement, a bad one. But he did not ruin anybody's life with his bad decision.
Why should he lose EVERYTHING he worked so hard for, all because some ignorant illogical liberals say he should?

Not a liberal, so that "argument" won't work.

Gallagher violated code. He should lose his Trident. His poor judgment should be punished. What he did was beyond "wrong".
He dishonored the Navy. He should lose everything.

45 is a piece of shit. He couldn't be bothered to serve. He has no business interfering.
He is just pandering to the military for support and votes.
He's worse than scum.

@KKGator Thank you, well said.

Here is why: he broke military law and protocol. Then, here is some logic - ask yourself how you felt about seeing Somali rebels drag our men's bodies through the streets. How did it feel? Really piss ypu off? It did a lot of military guys who wanted revenge. It pissed me off. This goes back to the Greeks writing about war. Don't give your enemy a reason to fight harder. Posing with the dead only gives more reasons for dissatisfied youth to follow groups like Daesh. That guy's action could have increased enlistment of terrorists and given them more propaganda to expose the Great Satan. THINK. That's what we do here. Understand?

Gallagher posed with a corpse.
The fact that it doesn't seem to bother you speaks volumes about your "character".
Shame on you.

This man KNEW that his behavior was a violation of the Uniform Code of Military Justice and of the Geneva Convention. He committed a crime and should pay for it. Your stance is untenable. Did you serve in the military? I doubt it. If you had, you would understand what I said and why.

The man you are referring to was hated by his platoon. He is lucky he didn’t get a bullet in the back of the head for all the shit he pulled while he was in the military. The fact that you are trying to defend that piece of shit speaks loudly for how no one should listen to anything you have to say. I was brought up in a military family, my husband served proudly in the Army, unlike trump with his bone spurs, and no one that I know who is in the military condones what Trump has done with this situation that man was guilty and he deserved his punishment!!!!.

@Redheadedgammy I understand you feel strongly about this issue, but saying "The fact that you are trying to defend that piece of shit speaks loudly for how no one should listen to anything you have to say." sounds to me like a really harsh judgment. I am not familiar with all the details of this case, but hearing it discussed and hearing the question asked is a great way to learn more about it. I don't think we should be on the attack that strongly. I got the most understanding of the situation from one of the replies to this very question.

@KKGator The dumbfk was elected as COMMANDER IN CHIEF, this refers to the military. Bone Spurs is the boss and has absolutely not one iota of a clue what the military is. He bragged during the election that "I know more than generals, I know more than DOJ, I know more than everyone about everything, I have intuition." and back then NOT ONE WORD in response to his idiocy cept from Hilary. He got votes.

@K9Kohle789 We know this. He's a fucking moron.


I don't even know what he's trying to accomplish unless this is just another distraction tactic.

It is not a distraction. It is a compulsive action driven by his immoral personality.

@wordywalt What's the endgame? He isn't the kind of person that does something that doesn't benefit him. He could definitely use a distraction right now.

@Happy_Killbot His end game is making the forgiving of crimes, with no penalty, acceptable.

@wordywalt I think his endgame is to ensure his own impeachment.


Yep, my mom is pissed about Trump's interference. "He might be Commander-in-Chief, but he doesn't know his ass from a hole in the ground when it comes to the military!" 😀

Trump does not "know his ass from a hole in the ground" when it comes to anything of substance.

@wordywalt Indeed!


after busting out the previous comment below, i should say that on the whole congress and even the American people carry some blame for this absurdity. congress worked increasingly sideways from principles and good governance as the citizen became preoccupied with being occupied and the dish ran away with the spoon.

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