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(LINK) "I understand why it’s hard for normal people to believe that white evangelical Christians are sadists. Normal people have never been, as I was a long time ago, on the inside of that shadowy religious world...."

"The word “sadist” is off-putting. I get that. But if you’re thinking of sex, you’re thinking in the wrong way. If you’re thinking of “pleasure,” as in sexual pleasure, you’re thinking the wrong way.

"The pleasure white evangelical Christians derive from the suffering of human beings deemed less human than they are is not about sex. It’s about the pain, humiliation or even violence out-groups deserve by dint of being out-groups. Gay men, for instance, deserve their punishment because they are gay. Punishment for being gay is “divine justice.” From such “justice” comes pleasure—which is sadism."

Conservative evangelicals aren’t hypocrites — it’s worse than that


Daco2007 6 Dec 16

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Telling people they are going to suffer for eternity...ipso facto


It is more than sadism, and worse than sadism. While they may profess guilt in some form (especially Catholics), guilt and shame are either non-existent or extremely shallow. True belief causes people to be defective in a host of ways that 'normal' people take for-granted. They often become paranoid, hate-ridden, secretive, bullying (if they can get away with it), obsessive, thin-skinned, irrational, and overly-trusting of those within the cult.

What is really going on is the transition from a single self organism into a colonial life-form. The us-versus-them becomes exaggerated to the point of obsessive psychosis. Each person may show this dementia in their own way, but the ways do follow patterns. Mainly, they become cognitively handicapped. Not only do they not understand reality, they don't want to understand it. They carefully block information that is damaging and thus painful to their perspective. They have abandoned aspects of their individuality to support the cult-colony.


Who's normal? Most christians are masochist, they like being dominated.


Mother Teresa was a sadist, she allowed people to suffer saying it was their way to god. There was a "good catholic" nurse who decided to spend a year serving in one of her "homes" in India. She left after three months broken and depressed. They reused hypodermic needles, there was never enough food or blankets for the women, when she complained she was shut down. She described conditions that were unacceptable but the nuns said it was fine. Soon after she left the church (don't know if she stopped believing) Never has any of the money donated to teresa been scrutinized to see where it goes (I would suggest the church) as this woman said enough money was donated but never seemed to get spent on the women. It was eye opening to read, that and the magdelene laundries tell you everything about the mindset of cultists.

Sadomasochism is what it was really. M.T. was a deeply depressed and disturbed woman with all sorts of issues. She was bereft because the emotional rush of her youthful faith had long left her, and she came to believe that it was her destiny to suffer, and apparently she wanted as many other people as possible to suffer with her.

There's a strong SM streak in Catholicism. I call much of their art "suffering porn". Combine that with the old adage that there's no guilt like Catholic guilt, plus the pedophile priest debacle, and you have a really toxic stew.


That article cleared up some behaviors for me. I DO see/hear people deriving glee from saying deprecating or snided remarks about others. I told myself they were ‘mean spirited.’ Now I believe they are sadist!


Secondly, they are very caught up in the world of "Authoritarianism," which sets them to accept, without question, sadly, that which they are told by their church. This is a trait of those who are vulnerable to be caught up in a cult.
I was once talking to a fellow who had a marital problem, and had his own way of seeing a solution. when we had discussed the situation a while, i commented that he had a very black and white view of the world. He was proud to proclaim "Yes, I do!" It was, again, sadly apparent that he was missing all the marvelous nuances of human life and the universe. Maybe this was why he was having marital problems. Living in a tightly prescribed, maybe proscribed way does not seem, to me, to make for consideration of one's partner's needs. is not a particularly


Assuming I qualify as a "normal" person in the context of the discussion: I have never thought of the Evangelicals as sadists. My problem with them is that they are, apparently, very much caught up in narrow-minded adherence to their fairy tale interpretation of the fairy tale bible. From this comes the concept that they can't think, because they are trapped in their very black and white perspective.
If they think punishment for being "different" is valid, and god proclaimed, then it makes sense, in their world, to be fine with it. I would guess that would then give them pleasure, seeing purported "enemies" being hurt. Not sadists, in my perception, but fools.
When I see the bumper stickers, and the like, that proclaim "Jesus is the answer!" I see the question as being "Excuse me, but, whose make believe world do you live in?"

I have come to the conclusion there can be degrees of sadism! Everything, comes in degrees, and ‘mean spirited’ always felt insufficient for what I witnessed!


They could read news other than from Faux?


What and who are normal people?🤔🤔

Normal is a relative term. Except in my family. None of my relatives are normal.

@Bn4fE5 That term normal is used a lot by white evangelicals to mean white Anglo saxon protestants. And all other non white and non protestants are not.

It used to mean average, typical, ordinary-- and then it seems like it turned into "people who act like I think they should" 😂...

@Leontion "Statistical norms are established using a normal distribution curve which illustrates the fact that most people, (approx 95%) score between one and two standard deviation above or below the mean average. "

@Bn4fE5, exactly what I meant! "Normal" means "almost everybody", typical for the species, not a value judgment

@Leontion: I had to take a stats class as an undergrad. Guessing you did as well. 😉


I've experienced the sadism of evangelicals. Sadists are also drawn to government, business, law, medical, and foster care.

Abuse makes abusers. I've met a sadist who admitted to being one out of revenge.


Having observed them from the outside, and to this day, yes, they’re angry, vindictive and frightened entities. Invested in a corrupt system they know is bogus, they resent anyone willing to challenge it -- thus taking it upon themselves to punish that ‘challenger,’ as there’s obviously no god/s to do it for them.

They lacked the courage - and too enjoyed the perks of their twisted make-believe world to stand up to it. Again, resenting forever anyone daring to be honest.

As an Atheist, I can most often pick my battles with them. Homosexuality would be too obvious, thus hell - their Hell. I’ve often thought’s a good thing Atheists are above them in deed, and homosexuals lack the aggression necessary to kill them in their sleep..

Varn Level 8 Dec 16, 2019

...the problem that I see is, they stick with their church or group that has their same ‘mindset’...thus they can’t change! It is widely known that the Baptist are notorious for the Church splinting up and one half goes and starts another Church! When it is time to change and evolve...most Church people have a problem with that! They like the comfort of ‘sameness!’

@Freedompath I’d agree they huddle for safety, or perceived power.. But when feeling comfortable, they’re known to smirk. I’m not as familiar with their infighting, though encourage it 😉


I didn’t read the link that was provided just the post and these comments. Seems like if the word “ some was “ or the phrase “ there are those that have this pattern “ , there perhaps Would be some more revealing dialogue. The group all based on their beliefs based on the actions of a few is one of the greatest tragedies that plague this planet . The same categorizing of Christian Evangelicals that is noted in your statement is the same type of thinking that is used against those who identify as Atheist, Agnostic and so on . Many just think they are right in their position, and thus we have conflict.

They are all sorry humans, having bought into a lie at different levels. Some are happy to be controlled by their church-related ‘higher ups.’ Appearing harmless, supporting a lie and the evil deeds of it’s promoters leaves them far from innocent..

Those, the quiet ones, the weak … the security they find in silence comes at the expense of those their religion attacks. They are as guilty as their outspoken brethren; in fact - they are Enablers. Not as bold, there’s no doubt a twinge of superiority when comparing themselves to non-believers ..experiencing the pain they allow in order to avoid…

@Varn It is a sad thing the indoctrination that we are bombarded with as soon as we come out of the womb. I believe we must at some point come to a time when we question, perhaps not . The Egoism that has run rampant since history has been recorded is absolutely astounding. It has perplexed me that as a species we have become so indoctrinated .

@Outsideit67 It’s near impossible to stand up to it, let alone figure out all that’s wrong within humanity. Fortunately, my parents ..and theirs, apparently had had enough of religion, so I was spared. Then the task became figuring out why others use it..

I haven’t any close family members tied to religion, but do feel the constant need to protect them from it. That might sound crazy to someone brought up and still affiliated with a religion, but allowed to step outside it, I view them as far different than they do. Hope for the best, but stand up to the worst.

@Varn I have definitely come to the conclusion of not trying to convince anyone anymore to question, if they do I will have a discussion with them about it, just like I’m doing with my kids at the moment. Many do not practice the principles of their faith but will defend it to the death if you question it . Myself, I’m just focused on having the possible experience while I still draw breath , and one component for me is detaching myself from useless debate about the existence of a entity we pray to for blessings and who looks out for those who praise it . My ancestors were killed and burned alive in this Nation I live in because they didn’t accept it and many just converted out of fear and the hope of one day being accepted in a foreign land , a survival tactic if you will. Your response resonates.

I don’t think that the majority of atheist (or other ideology), are so locked into their belief system, that they are ‘willing to die for their beliefs!’ You will find that in the majority of Evangelicals (at least in the Bible Belt).

@Freedompath “ To die for “ is probably not the best description for what I was trying to convey. Brief example : I have been around individuals in my youth that were bonicied thugs , bangers , and straight hustlers; they didn’t love a lifestyle that came close to what one would call religious, but if you question the existence of god they were ready to go in , if you know what I mean, and also would argue with a tenacity of a Tiger .. In general many don’t live the lifestyle but will shame you and more , if it was brought up.

@Outsideit67 when the people I am referring to, speak about their beliefs (which is something that every conversation has it), they will tell you straight up, ‘they are willing to die for their beliefs,’ in any discussion/argument. And in the North Ga area where I lived for many years...that is what you will find in almost all the Churches. I was shocked, when I attended a memorial service in the Catholic Church there and it held the same deeply Evangelical position as the Protestant Church. And I do not remember that as true in years past when I was in a Catholic Church. !


So my siblings are sadists? Wow, I would never have suspected! And my parents? How did they manage to conceal their sadism all those years that I was growing up?

It’s a damn good thing Hilary Clinton was not elected because she is a card-carrying member of the United Methodist Church, which openly admits to being evangelical. We’d have had an actual sadist in the White House.

I couldn’t read the article without donating to their stupid website. It’s just as well because I just had breakfast and don’t want to vomit.

Evangelical Protestants make up a quarter of the US population. According to a Pew poll 11% of them are “Christian Conservatives”. For historical reasons most protestants are in the South and Midwest, regions that are generally conservative for various reasons. There are also many Catholic and Mainline Protestant Conservatives, and they predominate in the Northeast where these slimy news sources are located.

If you are going to slur, scapegoat and demonize entire categories of the population it makes sense that you would exempt your parents and grandparents.

Actually the article did not say 'ALL' evangelical christians, and part way through did define the fact that there are other groups within that sect, it was very particular that it was only talking about 'some' E.C.


“Normal people have never been, as I was a long time ago, on the inside of that shadowy religious world...."

So NONE of them are normal people.

@WilliamFleming Appears he contradicts himself, not surprising, not a great article.

@WilliamFleming I spent half my life from Baptist thru Methodist to Unity to Religious Science and in those 60 yrs, I found most of the Evangelicals sorely lacking in ethics and principles. And my relatives still in that indoctrination behave as if they are superior to others! They have no problem telling me that I am headed for hell!

@Freedompath I turned away from my Baptist upbringing many years ago, but I am acquainted with a number of very nice Baptists—Methodists too. I don’t like to hold anger or resentment toward one fourth of the population. Those people are just where they are in terms of spirituality. My being bitter would not hurt them one bit but it would hurt me.

Congratulations on breaking away, and I wish the best for you.

@WilliamFleming same here! I do know some very delightful people that are religious. Oh! As I look back, I always had one foot in and one foot out! Finally, I walked away and am much happier! Thanks!


I really don’t think that this is essential Christian or religious. In fact, the most caring, loving, kind, and helpful people I know are Christians, although I have met the sadistic kind, too. I just think Christianity provides a convenient place for these personality types to thrive.


Well said here. I think I can agree with every word of this. Put that thinking into our current political situation and you have defined it very well. This is what Trump, the Mercers, Kochs, and DeVos are all about. Their brand of "white Christian" has defined everyone else. If you hear someone say "Trump is not hurting all those he needs to be hurting" you start to understand it. The white nationalist is in power and divine justice will fall on everyone. Your religion and politics become you.

BTW, the word "sadist" does not have to be associated with sex. A sadist can get pleasure from poking your eye out or braking your arm. His pleasure does not have to be sexual pleasure.

Yes. Though it appears some of our contributors are upset over the insinuation their christian ‘loved ones’ are not the least bit sadist, they’re wrong. Surely, Sadism has degrees. Who among us hasn’t witnessed the smirk of a good christian?

If, a hidden pleasure is not derived from the attitude, ‘glad that wasn’t me’ … the idea of allowing others to suffer they play along must surely fit the description? I envision modern christians equal to the german populace who watched as their neighbors and friends were herded into cattle cars heading to death camps. If only thinking, good for me - I picked the right religion ~


There is no such thing as “normal” is a completely subjective word, and based entirely on one’s personal circumstances and viewpoint. Sadism is deriving pleasure from seeing and inflicting pain on others, it’s usually sexual, but not necessarily so. However, as the word was derived from the French sadisme named after The Marquis de Sade who was notorious for cruel and degrading sexual practices, that is the more usual definition of the word.


"For instance: Not only is it OK to cheat women out of equal pay for equal work because they are women; women actually want to be cheated."

Socially accepted sadism.

This describes Baylor University when I worked there. Meanness-hate-viciousness-discrimination, justified because they think they are the chosen, and they have money, lots of money.

Actually that sounds to me more like plain old Male privilege and misogyny than sadism.

@Marionville The article did include misogyny as one of its sub types of sadisim.

@Fernapple I know..I read the article. I was actually not responding to the article here though, but replying to linxminx’s comment.

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