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How do you sleep? Stomach, back, sides...maybe all?

I grew up a stomach sleeper and now soon to be 52. After two lower back surgeries I can no longer do that, nor on my back, nor on my left side due to nerve pain/discomfort, so I toss and turn all GD night.

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DrewShourd 7 Mar 27

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I sleep in the, "mountain climber," pose.

Me too. Body pillow underneath the bent leg.

hahaha, me too sometimes...

@kmdskit3 yup


Ive been totally deaf in my left ear since age 5 and I found if I slept on my right side with my good ear down I was able to get to sleep easier as sounds around me were not distracting.


I think you might have overlooked cuddling. For some years now, my side sleeping includes a pillow or two. Life-long habit still has me occupying only one side of the queen-size bed with the knee and elbow pillows. If you'd re-tool this survey to include cuddling, bet it would get a great score. 🙂

cuddling is nice but my cat is not always up for it.


So much for intelligent design. I don't think I'm quite as bad off as you, but I can relate. I sleep on my back because side sleeping bothers my shoulders, and recently my neck as well. After a max of about 6 consecutive hrs on my back, it starts to cramp and wakes me up. And I've learned not to remain lying at that point. Consequently I usually require a nap later in the day. Let me know if you find solution.

Wonder if you could use a contoured memory foam pillow...Belk's and that type of store has them on sale often.


on my back like a vampire in his coffin

I can see it now, the return of Blacula! Enjoyable movie!

@misstuffy lol. i never saw it but i heard about it

@twshield Look it up, it's a pretty good movie. Also the Saturday night live skit with John Travolta as Dracula, he has a questionaire for his victims asking about their HIV status, Hep c, STD's and so forth, that was hilarious.

@misstuffy lol i will check it out thanks

@twshield You will enjoy both. Promise.

@misstuffy i heard about it before so i am sure i will

@twshield Here is a link with a synopsis, it is from 1972 so a bit campy these days. []

@misstuffy thanks. i will check it out.


Used to be back, but found out when I was married it makes me snore. No longer married, but now I wake myself up when I snore. I'm cursed.

godef Level 7 Mar 27, 2018

Sleep study. You probably need a CPAP to keep your airway open.

@RavenCT Thanks for the advice. I think I'm such a chronic insomniac that such a device would keep me awake, and I've gotten quite used to sleeping on my side. Ironically, when I was much younger, an arm would fall asleep if I slept on my side; once or twice, both my arms fell asleep when I slept on my stomach, imagine trying to roll over from that. But those issues went away long ago, not sure if sleeping on better mattresses helped.

The "cursed" comment had to do with the job my ex did on me with on the snoring bit; I used to be blissfully unaware of this, but she would poke me every time I started snoring, and conditioned me to wake up on my own when I started in.


I sleep half on my stomach, half on my side and I will alternate left to right throughout the night ... I like a lot of pillows too ... l like to have a one to rest my arm on and one for my knee so I keep two on either side for when I switch ... (seems sort of complex now that I've written it down lol)


It's like I'm strapped to a rotisserie. I fall asleep one way and wake up in another. I've dispenced with covers because of this.

This is the second answer having to do with cooking meat, interesting.


I bought a special incline pillow from a company called "Medicline". It's kinda pricey ($250) but I use it sometimes. You might consider it.


Mostly sides, and curled up slightly if I have room. Hugging rather than just resting my head on the pillow.

I sometimes wake up on my back, but rarely go to sleep that way.


Slept on my back all my life since a baby. years ago I lost a lot of weight and for some reason found I was sleeping on my stomach. For the past 10 years, until 6 weeks ago, I slept on my sides, swapping sides every 20 minutes all night. Now I sleep on my back again

Back is the best if you do it right and your not drunk or ill


I mostly sleep on my side, but it would sure be nice to sleep on someone else’s side sometimes.?


Side of stomach, one leg up.


One side or the other in my bed. On the couch usually fall asleep on my back.


I'm a 'burrower'. If that makes sense.


I sleep on my stomach. That, for me, was one of the biggest challenges when I got pregnant. Had to learn how to sleep on my side when my belly got big. Which it did as I gained waaay too much weight.


When I was a kid I slept on my stomach, and in young adulthood I slept mostly on my back.

Now, sleeping on my side, i usually wake up with a cat sleeping between my legs


The back is tbe best way to sleep for your spine but you got to get your angles right pillow elevating your head just right and one raising your legs behind your knees. I also sleep on the floor.


When I was a kid, I could sleep in any position. That was true into my 20s, though I tended to sleep more on my back. In recent years, however, I can sleep only on my side (left of right doesn't matter). I have no idea why this is or what changed but, even when I'm truly exhausted and lying comfortably on my back, I can't fall asleep in that position.


I'm a sprawler. I toss and turn and squirm all night. Sometimes I will end up sideways on the bed.🙂

marga Level 7 Mar 27, 2018



Like you, I used to sleep on my stomah. After back surgery 38 years ago, I sleep mainly on my sides.


If you believe that you would be more comfortable on your stomach, you could put a good sized pillow under your lower abdomen (between waist and crotch). It must be firm enough to hold your back up firmly! But, you would need to leave off pillow for your head. To relieve nerve pain, I use memory form on top of my mattress, and I use a contoured form pillow...not to keep neck in alignment with spine. Good luck


You need to pay for a damn good mattress. I did, and I sleep on my back without discomfort, despite having an artificial L4/L5 disc.

Marz Level 7 Mar 27, 2018

I have a really good, new mattress, I can only fall asleep on my back after drinking too much..haha


I used to sleep in many positions but probably my stomach the most often when alone or on my back if someone else is sleeping in the same bed.

I was diagnosed with severe complex sleep apnea about a year ago. Now I sleep strictly on m side due to mask and tubing. So, while somewhat difficult, it is possible to learn to sleep in a designated position, if you can find one or two that work. Finding more than one is important so as not to do damage to the side you are always on or use body pillows to get support.


On my right side.

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