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Stop me, before I shop again!

Hi, my name is Cat and I'm addicted to thrift store shopping.

SACatWalker 8 Mar 28

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I love thrift store shopping! I'm not addicted, though; more often than not I walk out of the store having bought nothing.

marga Level 7 Mar 28, 2018

I don’t donate to Salvation Army. They have a policy that excludes homosexuals and athiests. They won’t even feed them. I’m not giving anything to an organization like that.

Although I'm not happy with the religionist stuff, we give to the St Vincent's society. They operate an orphanage in Michigan.


I love thrift stores, and I understand your addiction. I have the same issue with book stores.


Shopping has never been my favorite activity.
However, going into thrift stores can be fun. Sometimes, you can find really cool stuff.

I detest shopping...only do what I have to in order to stay alive. I also don't like makeup, high heels, or mani/pedis. AND my ring finger is definitely longer than my index finger LOL.

@ReadyforaChange I'm with you on everything except mani/pedis. Love those!

@ReadyforaChange, was wondering about the finger length comment....?


I got a sweet vintage London Fog trench coat from Goowill today, only $6!!


?. My soul mate!!! Okay not a soul thing, but I love to thrift. It is my addiction too. I have trained myself to be a bit more critical of what I buy. It’s a whole lot better and cheaper than a lot of shopaholics that I’ve known.


They have support groups for that sweetie.


Love some thrift store shopping. Since retiring my clothing demands are much more modest and pretty much all my clothes, except undies, come from thrift stores.

Yeah, and shoes. I think it's important to get good quality.

@Tony80223 True. Although I don't buy thrift store shoes, I don't buy in shoe stores either. I have become rather picky in my old age, I need shoes with some good cushion on the bottom and have become accustom to shoes with rocker soles. I find walking in a normal, flat soled shoe makes me feel like I'm clomping. Can't find rocker sole shoes in any stores within the region I live in so I get them online. Sketchers makes some nice one and MBT has a big variety. I do however buy these "used" generally through ebay, with LOTS of pictures. So far have had very good luck and get shoes I can walk comfortably in.


Yes, I am prone to that addiction! And, here as I am moving I am paying a high price for it! I am forced to go through the stuff and box it up and donate a great deal of it back! I see what my problem is...when I see something that cost a lot more originally than is offered in the thrift store, I think I may need 'that thing' now or most likely in the future! I found things behind other things, that I forgot that I had and it was there for years!! I could have been out of here a month ago, if I was not trapped here with sorting through things, that were to be used at some future date, in my life! And, it has come about when my physical body can only do so much, extra stuff! I would have come out ahead of this game, to have gone out and bought only the thing that I used on a regular it's normal price! It has become so distressing that I am starting to hate all my "stuff'! I WILL, take up a more productive habit, in the future! This is surely a waste of time and money, because adding together all the stuff, that I had to truck back to re-donate, I lost money...big time! It hurts to 'lay bare' yourself, to yourself!!


Hey Cat, there are far worse addictions. I too like thrift stores. Smoke a little weed then go shopping, you'll find the coolest

Same! I wander and sometimes the more I look, the more interesting stuff I find. I don't buy too much though, I more enjoy the browsing of second hand goods.

Oh and the getting high part too ?


I like various thrift shops and resales. It's nice to get a good bargain. It's extra nice to have a spar of something in case one breaks. I tend to have things from these shops that are better in my opinion because they were a bit older. I like veggie choppers and all that stuff, pots and pans, dishes, etc. Of course, if it comes to electronics I'm all digital today so resale doesn't have much for me there.


I bought a stack of new black stretch cotton, size large T-shirts at an outdoor Thai marketplace for the cloth, to make boy shorts.

I cut a pair out of each shirt, then pieced together a few more pairs from the scraps. Great to have a new set of totally comfortable, adjustable boy shorts, of my own design, that I custom made myself.

They never bunch, ride up, or bind me when I move, and are so light and breathable, they constantly startle me when I'm out walking, because I can't tell I'm wearing them.


I'm a contributor, and a shopper. Some of the coolest tableware is only available at such stores. Recently got a great, gotta be, pre-50s sea-blue dinner plate. How is that wrong?

Jacar Level 8 Mar 28, 2018

As long as you are not a hoarder as well I think its fine.

It depends upon the type of hoard.


More power to you brother! Saving money is a virtue. Just don't buy something because it a bargain if you don't really need it.


Oh, me too!

There's a real high, (that IS addictive) when you discover that treasure.


Oooh, that can become a major problem...
Start donating to the homeless, or whatever.
But get it under control.


Had a friend who called that retail therapy . On the other hand , she wasn't paying off her tuition bills , and was getting more and more in debt every year , and in the end , she had nothing to show for it .


You are one up on me. I'm addicted to department store shoplifting

Hope you manage to control that one. Could cost you much more than our thrift vice..

Now that is an addiction with potential for some serious costs!! 😮


I'm a bargainshopper-used to be addicted to off-price stores. As long as I can't get there I'm good.


It's my first choice.

Prefer local ones. One supports cancer patients and there are a couple others for animal shelters. There is also a Habitat Re-Store.
I generally avoid the Goodwill and Salvation Army anymore.


Sounds like fun to me.

Deb57 Level 8 Mar 28, 2018

"Stop me before I shop again!" I'm still laughing.

And all the possible substitutions for "shop." Gonna be a happy few days.


Jacar Level 8 Mar 30, 2018

Sounds like fun


No lol but welcome

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