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An Italian journalist and athiest, who struck up a friendship with the Pope, has published an article in which he paraphrases the Pope as saying “Hell does not exist”. Apparantly his underlings are losing their minds. Thanks Pope. Now what do you tell all those families who, over the ages have anguished imagining their sinful loved ones charring in pain?

Markus 7 Mar 29

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I guess you've seen this? []

I was raised in the Catholic faith, and had the bejesus scared out of me plenty when I was a kid. It's astounding to me (well maybe not) how much they spin and lie.

"Catholic Church doctrine affirms the existence of hell and its eternity.

The souls of sinners descend into hell, where they suffer "eternal fire", the Catholic catechism states.

However, Cardinal Vincent Nichols, the most senior Catholic in England and Wales, said "there's nowhere in Catholic teaching that actually says any one person is in hell".

He told the BBC that the Pope was apparently exploring "the imagery of hell - fire and brimstone and all of that".

"That's never been part of Catholic teaching, it's been part of Catholic iconography, part of Christian iconography," he said."

As for Cardinal Vinnie, the nuns who taught me from 1st through 12th grade didn’t get the memo about the fires of hell not being part of doctrine.

@Markus Nor did the nuns who taught me.

@fathercat Haha -- have you seen this yet?


He really said that? Maybe he is changing Church doctrine?


OMG - that's hilarious. All you have to do is look around and see the people who are suffering - in constant pain - physically and/or emotionally to realize that hell is right here....right now...for some people.


That's a good point. It's against what they've always known. I'm curious to see how this is dealt with. I keep wondering if some groups are going to start calling for him to be removed because of his controversial (ie more consistent with reality) views.

Nope. He has cryptonite infallibility. I ask myself....Why during Holy Week? It may be virtue signaling to an evaporating congregation that “We’re not so bad, come home” or some similar sentiment.


Have you seen Bill Maher's Religulous? One of my favorite interviews is the Vatican astronomer who first of all, is incredibly charming. But, he also admits something'd have to be crazy to believe in the fairy tales in the bible...

I remember that interview segment from the movie. The Priest stated that the Bible wasn’t scientifically accurate. I think he ended up moving the goal post by giving God the credit for the Big Bang.

@Markus I have to go back and watch it again. All I know is we laughed right through it.

@crazycurlz it was hilarious!


And as usual, the papal apparatchiks will come out soon and say, "what the holy Father meant was..." This is what happens every time he makes these comments. The press report the comment, but ignore the "nuancing" by his handlers in which what he said is qualified to mean very little. It's their strategy to handle progressives and the media.

I didnt read the whole thing but I thought I saw just that on my FB feed

Agreed. His handlers were “nuancing” when I saw the piece. I haven’t heard of another such announcement except as applied to purgatory. Progress of a kind. One ethereal abode at a time.


We probably make our own hell on earth. I love it., no hell.

I’ve heard that from older Roman Catholic family members for years. I got the impression that they didn’t buy into the idea of hell and actually believe that we’re in it now.


I loved that Pope, from the start! He has heart and common sense! Nice to hear some secrets, too! My guess is, if that Pope, really cut loose, all 'hell,' would break loose here!

He's progressive, given his position. When he finally changes his religion's attitude towards being LGBT, he'll have my true appreciation. It won't happen until Catholicism gets over its fixation with the evils of contraception, though. The idea that God owns your genitals, and you're only allowed to gain pleasure from them if you're breeding for him.

@NicoleCadmium yes, that is a biggie! But, I just bet...can't be certain, but this Pope would be perfectly fine with LGBT and any kind of persons! But, he would need to denounce his religion! Lol. Social changes take time, he is making a few and knowing how frozen in time, religious beliefs are...that is most likely a real challenge, where the Pope, sits! I sure appreciate is not easy going against the 'grain!'


Its well known for hundreds of years. The jews do not believe in hell. And the Templars broke from catholic tradition after the 1st crusade 1090's or so. The Templars basically lived ans excavated in jerusalem and surroundind area for like 200 or so. They were integrated with the population. And its well known that the French Knights did come back the same and did not do what their stated mision was. The stories tought in general are very misleading. And yes it is mass manipulation on grand scale. The term god derives from the latin deus wich derives from greek zeus.

Etre Level 7 Mar 30, 2018

fascinating etre

And this........
If you’ve seen it, mea culpa for the repost.

@Markus Astrotheologia

@Etre. Yup. This subject was completely eliminated from theology and world religions class in High School. Moreover, we were taught that the Catholic Church
adopted only a few traditions of pagan religions to make It easier for the pagans to convert. Taqiyya christian style.


LOL! The upper echelons of religion know better, but the money is good!


Yes moving the holy fucking goal posts is a fucking great bit of fun to me and a flea in the ointment but its a real kick in the balls for your sheep like flock.

Another goal post mover: Now that we see the background radiation from the Big Bang, God is even more magnificent than we imagined.

he's a sly fucker that's for sure.


There was never a hell in the Bible, it was originally in Hebrew and the word was "sheol" which means grave. When it was translated to Greek they made it "Hades" Hell is Norse, Dante came up with the fire and brimstone. 'All hope abandon ye who enter here' though we more commonly phrase it thus 'Abandon hope all ye who enter here'

BTW. Trivia night here next Wednesday.

My head is full of shit.

lol INTERESTING shit, Rugglesby

Trivia eh? I’ll check it out. I have a lot to learn.

I’ve heard that hell with its punishment is unlike Sheol which seems like a spiritual limbo where you stay until the Messiah arrives. ( I can’t believe I’m typing about this dogmatic bullshit like any of it matters but it’s an interesting delusion)


I thought they just retracted that

The Pope’s handlers are nuancing it. I haven’t read the article but the thought has crossed my mind that it could be a political play prior to Easter in an effort to get the attention of an evaporating congregation. Sort of a softening of the overall concept of the consequences of being a sinner previously worthy of the full treatment?

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