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"Be fruitful and multiply":
Why the Abrahamic religions are winning the evolutionary race.

Most of us are aware of our origins as a species, and accept evolution as science.
We also know that reproduction, passing on one's genes, is the beating heart of evolution.
Now consider this: only about 20% or so of Americans identify as agnostic/atheist, whereas most of America is JudeoChristian, with some Islamics. And in that holiest of books, God tells the first couple as a first commandment: "Be Fruitful And Multiply".
Those of you who have ever seen the movie "Idiocracy" can see where this is going.
Meanwhile, most science minded, highly intelligent people seem too BUSY with their work to be involved with parenting.
As long as this trends, we will continue to produce more and more flabby minds as a species.
What do YOU think?

Leafhead 8 Mar 30

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Creating congregants is the fastest and easiest way to spread a religion. That is why The Mormons have spread so damn quick and why polygamy was/is allowed. Probably why the Catholics have preached against contraception and abortion more than any other group. The hope is that in this information age, the spread of the Non-Religious, Social & Environmentally conscience will out pace the religious and eventually bring the world population under control


There was a comment in another thread where someone stated that the world would be better off if humans became extinct. I tend to agree with that. We may be smarter and have more information available, but I think humans have just as much a tendency now as thousands of years ago of being greedy, selfish, hateful, violent, power-hungry people.

Our major malfunction as a species is that we've lost connection with Nature. Therefor, we tend to destroy it.


Zero children, my perfect number. I'm fine with raising someone else's kids, but my genetics suck.


It's a persons choice to have children. However< I don't want children and wish I had the money to get a vasectmy. Do what makes you happy.

Vasectomy is an office procedure, not expensive atall. And many insurances do pay for it...mine paid to get my tubes tied 40 years ago and only one child.


No humans are going to win anything breeding at this rate.


Political leaders like high birth rates of followers. They need cannon fodder for their wars, worker bees for their wealthy, voters for their vision. Population in the poorest countries continues to climb because they have nothing better to entertain themselves than sex and no means of birth control. Even in the areas of war and starvation, if you watch the videos, there are no shortage of children even with the high mortality rate. I like to think that if I was in that situation, I would do whatever I had to not to bring a child into that kind of hell. But maybe you have to be there to understand.


Scary but sounds about right !


"most science minded, highly intelligent people seem too BUSY with their work to be involved with parenting." I think you missed the mark with this statement. It should always be the job of parents to parent: nurture, teach, correct, etc. That is important whether you are a secularist or not.


One big problem for Israel is that, in order to balance the large number of Jewis immigrants returning to the "chosen land" the Palestineans have a high fertility rate. This population surge is the cause of most of the strife in this area.

Using fertility as a weapon is common but, in the end, it will not lead to winning but losing for all.


We're breeding ourselves into extinction one way or another.
Good riddance.


I have 4 kids and I'm an avid atheist. I'm trying my hardest to instill critical thinking skills.


I think this is when they started this noble idea lets play and be creative lets make AI

Rosh Level 7 Mar 30, 2018

Actually the birth rate is so low that some white populations are in danger of extinction, due to birth control.
Seems that, given a choice, most women of any country DON'T want more than two children, if that.
I'm surprised I reproduced at ALL...


What does it mean, 'only the strong survive?' Genes, can be altered in the here and now! may not be all in the genes!

Epigenetics can have multi-generational effects.

Evolution does not function by "Survival of the Fittest".
I have taught that a better model is the "preferential elimination of the least fit."

@Reignmond makes sense...


Jewish families are usually smaller these days. Its the fundamentalist Christians and Muslims whose numbers keep going up.

White evangelicals have a birth rate that's 15-20% higher than other whites in the population. Yikes.

What about reality show...'19 kids and counting?' I always wondered what they were really trying to prove? Why would people have so many kids and then put it on the older children to help take care of them? They took, "working on production,' to a whole new level!

That's the case here too, where the median age of Jewish people is around 5.5 years older than the median age for non-Jewish people, suggesting fewer Jewish children. The Orthodox, meanwhile, still tend to have very large families with many children; their numbers have been growing for some time/

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