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I joined a Christian Chat Group just to see what was going on with them. Holy Crap!! I'm glad I am a Humanist. Their posts make me ill.

alon 6 Mar 15

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Is this some sort of penance thing? Atheists don't do penance, we aren't guilty of anything but using our heads for more than a hat rack.


Carlin says it all
loved him in Dogma


About the time I joined I somehow managed to join a Trump lovers group. It was a bizarre experience, probably similar to the Christian group. Facts and rationality were totally absent and I was told to leave as I was obviously not a Trump lover just as a non believer would be asked to leave a religious group.


I am praying now that they forgive you! πŸ˜‰


As a balancing point, I dare say what we post makes them sick too! Good - that'll learn 'em!


What were you thinking?!?!


They make me sick to a point that sometimes I cuss. It is hard for me to talk to my longtime friend who is a Christian and I only do so because we have been friends since about age 13.


You are brave. I fear my head would explode if I were to do that. And, I used to be a believer--maybe it's because I used to be a believer πŸ₯΄.


I soon tire of the cognitively challenged making fools of themselves.


I know exactly how that feels I joined the Xian Forums online -- a huge community -- less than a year ago and posted there for maybe a month before I was banned permanently for making an offensive anti-Trump post. While I was there, the conversations I had were mind-boggling -- the absolute bullshit they believe. I posted regular reports here while I was posting there.

I'd like to point out that the anti-Trump post that got me banned was offensive by their standards, not mine but, yeah, it was bad. I admit it.


Nothing like being ill informed by their religious leadership!!!

So many people have not done any research and have no comprehension of what it all entails!!

Their BS god(s) will provide, save them with prayers, and toxic snake oil cures sold to to them at outlandish prices by their own leadership!!!


Tell us more!!!


Those Xstian Chat Groups are truly something else are they not?
I often find that when I get in amongst them it's a kind of reverse " Daniel in the Lions Den" Scenario in that I'm one lion among a crowd of 'Daniels" trying to decide which one to pounce on first....LOL.


Make sure you follow the guidelines and wash your hands after every encounter.

And beware of the virtual "holy water" they will try to douse you with....LOL.

@Triphid Take a bar of soap and wash with it!

@Petter No way Jose, my Dad always said that 'Holy Water' was nothing more than slightly diluted Priest and Nun piss.....LOL.

@Triphid Actually holy water was the origin of the homeopathy con. It's plain water with the spirit, or essence, of divinity in it.

@Petter LO, these days it is merely water from the tap/faucet with a few magic cantations said over it.
But hey, I'll stick with my Dad's old saying about, after you never really know what the Priests, Nuns, etc, have used it for before they sprinkle it on you, do you?


No examples??

Right??? I was looking forward to some good examples too!

Just for you, here's a fun one that I heard on Christian talk radio:
"Lord, we ask that you do not let us be led astray by facts and figures..."

I almost couldn't believe that they actually said that.

@AmyTheBruce Oh my goodness. They are nuts. Just nuts.

@AmyTheBruce Hey, just came in from going outside to see what the weather is like, saw my Evangeloon neighbour actually standing in his front and praying very loudly, " Lord Jesus, protect from the effects of this 'Morona Virus' that I have contracted ( see post I made yesterday re- him and Morona Virus).

@Triphid β€œMoron” virus? πŸ™„

@Triphid I'm unsure how to look that up (I'm not exactly tech-savvy.) Care to point me in the right direction?

@Triphid never mind! I figured it out!

@Apunzelle Precisely......LOL.
And my little of ' on the spot quick thinking' with very annoying Evangeloon pest actually worked a treat, better, far, far better than I even hoped....LOL.

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