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There will be a sharp rise in domestic violence on Sundays now that there are no sporting events to keep men occupied. Twenty to thirty years ago when I worked as a police officer as a patrolman, every year at the end of football and basketball seasons there was a sharp increase in domestic violence calls on Sunday afternoons and evenings. Now with those people having to stay home and self quarantined with nothing to keep them distracted, I fear that a lot of women will suffer at the hand of those idiots. If you know anyone that may be in that situation, please find a way to help them.

noworry28 8 Mar 15

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I always find that a baseball bat makes an effective equalizer. Teach the little girls how to defend themselves instead of relying on the patriarchy of daddy, brother, boyfriend, police, to impose protection. Thanks dad!


Am missing the sad face again. Yes it sucks, but it’s also bad if their team loses I believe?
What a nasty scenario, perhaps a games night with friends instead?
Tv video calls mean you can potentially play Pictionary in different houses πŸ˜‰ not sure how it changes phone or power usage though.


At some point, I have to think, we simply have to move forward. Maybe I have it all wrong

twill Level 7 Mar 16, 2020

Yeah. Nothing like a bunch of wife beaters home all the time. And with the added stress?
And alcoholism is going to soar..

Expect(?) the population to increase in 9-10 months........

And now, with the restrictions on gatherings of over 10 people, there won't be any 12-step meetings for alcoholics...


That's horrible. This makes me sad. I would have never even considered a correlation between sports broadcasts and domestic violence.

My faith in humanity dropped a bit more. And it wasn't even all that high to begin with. 😟

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