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51 Senate Obstructionist republican fascist voted against paid sick leave to protect us in this Pandemic!!!

These Obstructionist republican fascist have paid medical leave and healthcare at our expense!!!

When it comes time to help those who elected them they turn their backs on us completely!!!

Republican Obstructionist Senators knew of Coronavirus weeks before did nothing to warm the public!!!


of-the-mountain 8 Mar 19

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They cheat and lie to win elections, never deliver on their campaign promises and fill their pockets with outside money from Corporations and Lobbyists. Draft Dodgers who never served and would start a war to send your kids too so they can make some more money. If your just catching on you can see what's next on their agenda after the inside trading scam that they will not go to jail for or anything else for that matter which is why they don't give a dam about those who elected them.


Fascist??? Do you even know what that word means? We use the language so promiscuously that it loses all meaning.

Only to those like you who blow it off as BS!


It's a tad more complicated than the on surface appearance. There is Congressional bi-partisan and White House support to get a short-term cash allotment for all citizens. That money would be direct and not subjected to payroll taxes (and employers without flush cash flow would likely not be able to pay sick leave, thereby nobody getting anything.) Paid sick leave, in this situation isn't as good an idea as it may appear. Employers would be able to fire or otherwise relieve employees of their duties for no just cause, thereby avoiding any compensation, and so and on. Right to work states already have that on their side and when someone is, laid off, sick leave wouldn't necessarily be paid anyway.

It's way more complicated and risky than allotments.

It remains to be seen what Mnuchin comes up with to start writing the checks he's publicly promised.


Yes, yes, and yes--but unlike Gomer Pyle used to say, "No surprise!"


Anyone who seriously wanted to work for the good of their country would do it without pay - just expenses and subsistence.
The rest are crooks.

That's kinda where most teachers are--and some have bare subsistence.


To vote them out would be a grand idea, after all guillotines are all to messy. 😝

I'm really okay with the mess.

@KKGator Oh well then, carry on.😆

I'm ok with the mess, too. I am in, KKGator.

@Gwendolyn2018 Maybe pick up a shop vac on the way. 😉 Might be visitors later. 🙄

@oldFloyd Sounds like a good idea--thanks for the tip!

Let their heads roll like bowling balls down the ramp!!!

@of-the-mountain I wonder if they could pick up a 7-10 split


Lawmakers should not be allowed to set their own salaries or benefits. The American taxpayer should need to approve all pay increases. Unless someone owns a business, they don't set their own compensation package. Representative are "hired" by an election and need to be more answerable to their constituents rather than to special interests, big donors outside their districts (the Koch brothers, Mercers, etc.) or even their party. Either we are a government of the people or we aren't.


We need a Democrat majority in both houses of Congress.

Yes, we do. That's as important, if not more important, than the presidential race.


I hope they all catch it, and suffer terribly.


I so agree they need to have salaries changed to hourly and min wage no lifetime retirement


I truly despise so many repthuglicans.

Then don't vote for Biden he wants a republiCON for VP

@K9Kohle789 Oh, who did he pick? I hadn't heard.

@K9Kohle789 It is just his way of showing he really wants to bring the country together. Don't think he will actually do it. Otherwise we may see some "loyalist" going for the assassination.


@NHjulie no one yet but here's the page saying he'd run with one. They are all criminals and the Dems aren't all that and a bag of chips either. []


Many of them say they were only obstructing paid leave for spouses in same sex couple marriages. There in humanity is limitless.


That is outrageous. Thanks for this information.


Make them pay in November.

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