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Does hardship make a person stronger? If so, under what conditions and at what point is it too much hardship? If not, what makes a person stronger?

Elvi 5 Mar 31

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I am pretty sure hardship will change everyone. How they will change varies with that person


I don't know about stronger but it can seriously make you harder. Hardships usually have a way of breaking bits and pieces off us.


I should be a veritable ox by now.

Deb57 Level 8 Mar 31, 2018

I am.


What makes a person stronger is surviving through a crisis, hardship, trauma, abuse, etc... People that live to tell their stories are the strong ones that survived.

That's beautiful, well said. ??

@Wildgreens Thanks.


I don't know about stronger, but in my life, it has made me inventive and self sufficient. I guess it IS a type of strength knowing how to make windproof toilet paper when a tornado hits the outhouse.....


The ability to deal with hardship makes a person stronger. Overcoming or even failing, but still trying to overcome. Not the hardship by itself. Hardship is the weight, and figuring out how to lift it makes you stronger.

@SilverDollarJedi Thanks!


I think hardship, I've only really had emotional hardship, makes you harder not neccesarily stronger but it may be specific to the emotion concerned rather than generally.
I think for me, my experience has made me less likely to be emotionally trusting in the future.


Hardship helps a person grow stronger only if (1) one learns how to cope with situations and overcome them and how to develop strategies for dealing with difficulties, (2) the person develops the physical and/or mental stamina to overcome problems, and (3) the hardship is not more than that which a person could be expected to survive.


Most likely it reveals the strength that person already has.


I consider hardships and heartache an annealing process, like strengthening steel with fire.


Hardship in itself is not what make one stronger, it is the response to hardshjp and your ability to learn from experiance that makes you stronger.


Do you think trump is strong? Picture him without resources... will he be strong?

No. he is a baby in man clothes.

He's not even strong with resources. The only thing he knows how to do is use strongarm tactics and bully, intimidate, and lie every chance he gets. I do not consider that strong.

I think that we will soon find out how capable Trump is in dealing with real hardship. I predict that his lack of intelligence and wisdom will cause him to collapse in a whining mass or quivering of mental and physical flab.

very good point.

@wordywalt Dunno about that. He seems to have an undentable ego and an amazing ability to deny fault. It may all go to shit and leave him standing in the middle going "What are you looking at me for?"


Yes for me it did. Cancer, disability and forced retirement have been challenging. They also have made me more independent, resourceful and thrifty.


Hardships to some degree make you some point I have to agree with the Joker though...


Necessity is the mother of invention.


I suppose it varies from person to person, but I very much value difficult experiences. W/o them, I wouldn’t have been as prepared as I was for life.


If there is no hardship in life, there would be no growth. We need some challenges in life just as muscles need excercise to stay strong. That's why children need to be allowed to learn by figuring things out for themselves sometimes, and by not always letting them win at games.

Not always losing is also good for growth as you cannot develope confidence. For example, if a child learns to play chess from a parent but the parent always wins, the child may feel less confident. By the same token, if life constantly causes hardship without any successes, it's hard to thrive. Oppression such as relentless poverty and racism can be very difficult to overcome.

Truly devastating circumstances will affect different people in different ways. If they have the tools of compassion and a desire to help others, they may be ale to turn a tragedy into action to help others. Other people may become angry and bitter but do not have compassion. They may harm others or become self-destructive. Many people will withdraw and not become activated or destructive, but learn to get along day to day. To say they are strong or not strong is not relevant.


They say hard work never killed anybody but it sure crippled a few. Everyone has a breaking point where things just get too much. Yes hardship is character building and nothing truly worthwhile comes easy but for every Rocky there are hundreds of permanantly damaged.


I think the old adage " waht dooesn't kill you makes you stronger". As a woman who has been around for awhile it has proven true time after time to the case. After you get to the other side of the 'crap' - reflect and grow forward. I have a great support group and knowing I've got people to talk to ,whine to and get the needed hug or kick in the pants and then brace for anything that comes down the pike. Many times I have repeated the same mistake but maybe a new twist. Onward and upward I say


Overcoming or surviving challenges makes a person stronger. If a person gives up or stops striving, then that's when they don't get any stronger.

It's all down to what the individual can bear.


I believe it all has to do with the individuals ability to interpret the positives, digest and reinvent the hardships, turning them into overcoming, while taking control. Personally I have survived and surpassed a lot of horrible things and almost died so many times. I spent most of my life being treated like shit, while taking care of the people that treated me like shit.

I have been abused till I became mute, but I'm still standing. I chose poetry as my form of justice. Writing and sharing, using symbology and metaphors since middle school.

In high school I publicly shared my writing and found others shared theirs, publicly, or with me. Started my schools first gay straight alliance, dead poets society, and book club. I've gone from one toxic situation to the next, involving my self with codependent assholes because I had trouble NOT seeing the good and wanting to take care of them

. This is the first year I haven't been in a toxic situation and I'm going great. I absorbed any useful information I could from my hardships, but I also struggle with mental and emotional issues because of them. I strive every day to be better than I was yesterday.


You make a mistake and learn not to make that mistake again hopefully making you more equipt or stronger.


Yes it does, without any doubt. I know so many people who have had an easy life in almost every way, and they just don't understand. They are useless in any dificult situation. I met a young girl a few months back, 34 years old, looked more like 23. Has been so ill all her life, 4 years back had a double lung and heart transplant. Conversations with her were great for somebody her age. I know another lady in her late 50s who is living rough here, homeless living on the beach. She bhad a kidney transplant 5 years ago, once she was recovered she moved out of her parents home for the 1st time in her life. She is very greatful to them, does not want to be a burden any longer and wants to survive for herself. There is another angle though, those who face the struggles and those who whimper and cower. My brother Druggles, has always cried for his mummy, since he was a kid, and my mother has always bailed him out. Always. And he was always a little shit.

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