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The United States and Italy so far have the same number of infected cases -- around 80,000, but the Italy's deaths are nearly 8 times higher.

I don't trust China's communist party's statistics. It is manipulated.

This is a concern overall too. Countries like China, India, Egypt, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan will lie to its people with low statics to create a false success story.

I was growing up in India where there was a huge hurricane in South India before today's weather satellites, Internet, digital news. The hurricane was huge. The Indian government was reporting 1,100 deaths and BBC Radio started reporting live from the scene and it reported 21,000. I still remember the shock and awe among people. Because of these lying governments, the true victims will never be recognized.

St-Sinner 9 Mar 26

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I think you mean 80K cases in US

Yes, thank you. Corrected.


I think you mean 80K cases in US


Make sure that your statistics only come from a verified conservative website. Donnie and his GOP want you to follow that. I continue to watch news from all over the world. The hell with Donnie.


When I reviewed the site just now, the US leads the world in total cases - including China. I was criticized here not too long ago for quoting an estimate of 50k cases of infections in the US. This count shows the US at 83k. I believe our testing is woefully inadequate in our nation so I expect this number to go even higher. With Republicans encouraging people to go back to work and to resume going out to eat and out for entertainment, it could get a whole lot worse. GOP Lt. Gov. Of Texas Dan Patrick says we should sacrifice our grandparents to this disease to keep our economy running.


There is so much misinformation out in the media about the COVID crisis atm that it is maddening trying to make sense of it all. The Imperial College of London was forecasting 2.2M fatalities just yesterday but now they have walked it back to 20,000 and all good by mid April. It's crazy.


We have already seen Trump attempt to downplay and shrug off the true nature of this new emergency, to the real detriment of our collective ability to positively deal with it.


In less than a week, the United States will have the most active cases of Covid 19 in the world. Doctors are becoming sick at an alarming rate. Hospitals will become completely overwhelmed. The idea that the American government is contemplating sending people back to work in such a situation, is shocking. Tens of thousands of people will become infected. Only a mad man would consider such an action. The United States should seriously consider invoking the 25th Amendment or should consider watching thousands or tens of thousands of Americans dying. The situation is becoming out of control. I wish everyone well and I hope that everyone will remain safe but urgent action is required, not hunches, not hopes, not prayers. The American president is going to get large numbers of people killed because he is a moron.

If we do not go back to work for 90 days and follow all the rules told by experts, do you think the U.S. cases will still be high?

I would like to correct myself. The United States didn't come to have the most cases in the world in a week. It happened in less than a day. And those are only the identified cases. Look what Mardi Gras did to Louisiana. The spread of the virus in the United States is raging almost completely out of control and if people go back to work, the rate of the spread will increase very, very dramatically.

Finally, somebody nails it.


I wish everyone well and success in avoiding being infected by this virus and for those unfortunate enough to be infected I wish a speedy and complete recover with no complications.

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