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Highest rates of Unemployment projected since the great depression Are you or somebody close to you affected?


ToolGuy 9 Apr 6

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I was an essential employee till today. Now they called me and told me that they will selectively close stores and mine is one of them...I'm laid-off as from next week!


I am laid off from work, have social security, rental income. It is strange being home as I am not used to it, I have worker for years without a vacation, which has been alright. I love what I do. We have to get the house ready to sell and I just found something to research in Physics and Math. So actually this is great as I can do what I want to do and not have to worry to much about the money. It is good to be home with Kate as we do have a lot of fun together, our conversations get interesting as we are both losing our hearing. If I had the money I would just quit working, but I miss making stuff and the access to all the tools.


I have some friends of mine who work in retail (Macy's, Burlington, exc..) and they've been furloughed from their jobs until their locations reopen.

I keep seeing that word. What the heck does furloughed mean anyways? πŸ˜•

@demifeministgal , I guess we commonly say 'temporary lay-off' me!

Just like me...


Somehow the stock market is shooting up....but that's for another discussion.
I'm self employed, work is slow, few calls coming in.
I signed a job yesterday. I hope to start it soon. Real soon.

twill Level 7 Apr 7, 2020

Retired my kids no


Since I teach online, I have not been affected and do not expect a huge impact on my classload. While some students will opt not to take courses in the coming weeks/months, many others will either take online courses or not take courses due to campus shutdowns. One of my schools is a community college and typically, enrollment goes up during a recession. I can teach two courses and pay my bills.

My daughter-in-law works for a major insurance company and she has been working at home for a couple of weeks. My son is an IT guy and is "essential" and still goes in to work, so they have not been affected so far--except for elementary school closures and trying to work from home with a six year who can't sit still.

I have great sympathy for not only those who are have been laid off, but those who have small children and are trying to work from home. I have a bit of an "ivory tower" because of my type of work and because I live beneath my means, save, and draw SS (which isn't much) but most are not in the same situation.

I am so glad I have decided to be childfree in my life otherwise I would be royally fckd now. Also good not to have a pet atm as that is more expenses in and of itself.

@demifeministgal I have garage cats, but I feed them dry food and it is not a big expense. My biggest concern is about my oldest son who is homeless in California--I have not heard from him in four years. It is stressful to wonder how he is doing, especially now.

@Gwendolyn2018 what are garage cats?? πŸ˜• how are they distinct from regular cats?

I am sorry about your son. Do they have good responses for the homeless population in Cali? I know our response in my city has been dreadful and slow and like pulling teeth to get any action achieved. But other cities seem to have their shit together.

@demifeministgal Garage cats live in the garage! My son is in Northern Cali and the city/county has some beneficial programs for the homeless; it has been a problem there for at least 25 years. The not knowing is the hard part.

@Gwendolyn2018 apparently United Way of california is going around providing tents and cots and healthcare workers and this initiative to get homeless in to hotel rooms is underway too. []

@demifeministgal Thank you for letting me know!


Seems the whole planet is effected/affected in too too many Within direct and indirect ways!!!

I am one of the lucky one who has been medically retired for over sixteen years!!!

I have enough food for weeks now, all the PPE to last for months, and transportation that is paid off!!

I only have rent, utilities, and credit cards payment well within my meager fixed retirement!!!

I did realize that I was this well off, until this Pandemic, the same thing happened during the Dot Bomb fiasco when I lost all my investments, home, and vehicles!!! The 2008 depression was a bump in the road since they took everything I worked for back in the the Dot Bomb fiasco!!!

If you live through all of this, it will humble you, it will destroy your lifestyle if you even had one!!!

Humans will survive as a living group, what they will be able to preserve is another question!!!

Welcome to the real world of survival of those who can figure out and provide for themselves!!!

Summed up perfectly! And, we should take seriously what lies ahead! It will be a β€˜cakewalk’...with NO chairs!


We're sure the Fuhrer will gladly allow the new influx of homeless to use his golf courses to establish new Trumpyvilles on!


Me! Been laid off since March 20th, I applied for unemployment and I got the approval for it today, just waiting for my checks to come in until we are told to go back. Until then I'm going to go stay with my fiancee metalhead222, he said that he will support me until then. I am lucky to have him in my life!


If laid off counts as unemployed, then yea. 😳😳 part of the loser millenial club 😟

@demifeministgal You're not a loser! Getting laid off is a part of this pandemic!


My hope is.., that people find a way and keep making a life! We are going to be forced to work to help one another!

My hope, as well.


Not me, I'm retired. Several friends and siblings who are working from home or unemployed.


My son was furloughed, now part time, but that could change in a heartbeat and he'd be going on unemployment


I m not but my daughter just got furloughed. She was tole early and was able to apply for and get unemployment. Her husband, unfortunately is a dreamer (her words) when it comes to money and I fear he will be a drag rather than a help.
Thing is this was not necessary. Our maniac-in-chief has created this whole mess by his stupid focus on the economy at the loss of safety measures and choice of a band of insane, unqualified heads (which need to roll).


I'm not affected. My oldest son's entire work went on partial unemployment including salaried folks like him. He is social work, so once this settles he will most likely be back to doing lots of overtime - that company pays salaried people overtime. My other son is teaching online for Penn State. And, my daughter is waiting to see if a furlough comes as she works for an airline - for her, once things would settle she would be back at work. None are married or have kids, so they actually have money. My daughter and her roommate have a side business but I doubt that is selling much currently.


Maybe you could post this to a newly formed group, here:-

@ToolGuy I see you've now found it.

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