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In doctors office and ran into a 26yr old mentally challenged man with his mother. She has him listening to Christian music, saying Jesus loves you, and telling me he'll see me in heaven because he's going there.

I smiled politely because of his disability but inside I am fuming mad. This poor man, this poor family pulled into fairytales just because he's disabled. ?

When will the insanity stop ?

ashortbeauty 8 Apr 4

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This makes me mad because it's a lie. Mentally disabled or not, it's wrong. The big part of what makes me angry about religion is the arrogance involved. It's not what they think, it's what they know is the truth. There's always a better answer to anything than religion. The Myth must stop.


She is hoping there is something better for her son in an after life. I could never begrudge anyone looking for something to ease that kind of pain.


If it helps him cope I don't mind. I'm not going to get in a deep philosophical discussion without someone who's mentally challenged. I get enough of that on Facebook. ???


I once had a dotor ask me if it was alright if he said a prayer before he started a procedure. I said sure, if it made him feel better and more confident as a surgeon that would work in my favor. You know, a form of the placebo effect.

I don't have to believe, and like you, sometimes I find it sickening, but if it gives another person comfort and solace, fine. I do get offended when I see people shoving religion down children's throats, but I know there is nothing I can do to stop it.


Why not be a little more tolerant and caring? It isn't going to hurt if they are talking Christian and you are atheist? Why does it bother you they believe? It shouldn't be your concern. So they dies and whoops, no God? Did you get hurt? Did they go where? Who knows? Why should you be concerned. Is it they die thinking there is a Heaven and you just die because your an atheist? You are concerned they felt a little more peacful in their death than you? I don't see why you feel like it is your business. Everyone has the right to choose. It could just be we all might wind up in the same place staring at each other. Could be all paths lead to God? I have been told that, but I am liberal enough that I can accept them teling me that. I am also caring enough not to rain on their parade.

Dearest Betty (oddly enough the exact same spelling as my Holy ghost roller mother),

I don't fear death. Death is a part of life. Life is wonderful and full of adventures. So don't assume, for obvious reasons.

Secondly I care. That is the issue. I care if they get sucked into some race to the death because of some false promises. I care that the doctors that have kept him alive, the science that has kept him thriving is poo pooed while they insanely thank some imaginary friend. I care that when he's alone, mother dead, that hell attempt to live life based upon some sky daddy's lies. I care.

Do you? Live and let live even if it kills us?

@ashortbeauty Do you enforce the constitution? You have the right to believe as you wish?So do they, because of that constitution.. I have seen those kids in homes where the help is paid little money. I have seen them come in higher functioning and abused by staff that doesn't give a damn if they live or die. Then they act like tempermental zombies. The guy is 26 and with his Mom. If he could understand belief systems, he wold probably be out like you might want him, getting high, dancing and shaking his butt while he drinks, and having unproteccted sex with some girl who sticks her butt in his face.You are not saving him. His mother is, I know some 40 yr old children that have been staff raped. Don't try to be GOD, you are not one. Let them alone is what I say.


It breaks the 'heart,' to see people use this tactic in a modern society! But, I believe we cannot control we must promote the things we can! With the acceptance that somehow, somewhere everything will work out ok...if not in our lifetime, then in another one! At this very moment, I am having a problem, saving the world! Lol...

You and me both, lol. I am an activist for about everything on the planet and the planet. LOL. People get caught up in stuff like that and forget there are only so many elephants alive now. Lions are endandgered. I read an article where they are actually starting farms with elephants on one and lions on another. The sole purpose is to mate and incease the population so they can have trophy kills legal. Now that upsets me and I am active about it. I am active that 45 signed to allow hybernating grizzly bears, usually with one or 2 cubs to be killed as they sleep. Do I care if the man killing them loves God or not? No, that doesn't bother me, but killing those hybernating bears who also are endangered, I would like him to get the same. I don't care what he believes or where he goes when he dies. Also, 45 took the ban off bringing trophy kills home, opening it up for planes to have to fly them. I do not know if the air companies still won't.

@BettyColeman dear 'sister' I was just starting to feel good, because of your report about about the 'breeding,' only to find out, it was so they could "kill' them!! Actually, 'killing' goes over like a lead balloon, with me where or however it is done...except for our food source. Even, then we need to thank that which dies, so that our life continues.


I have friends with low functioning autistic and down syndrome children. It is incredibly difficult for these parents. If it calms him and gives him comfort, just leave it be. In many ways being in total ignorance of the things that agitate us on a daily basis is probably liberating. I envy these people sometimes.

I'm not saying too push and press. That's just plain harsh and you'll find out not at all me. I'm bothered by the telling and retelling of fairytales as reality. I'd feel the same if he was listening to the Latest Zeus Hits of 2018

jperlow, I thank you and I so agree. Why allow something to bother you that gives another peace and happiness.


Most Ivangelicals are also mentally challenged. If you went to a shrink and said " I have an invisible friend who tells me what to do and who to hate and attack but promises me pie some day, if I do what he says without hesitation, you'd be in a rubber room. But say he's The Guy in the Sky and you're golden.


This is true!

@jperlow say that our any passage from the Bible but leave out the word god and he's right, it sounds ridiculous

it is their right to choose and not your right to police or judge.

@ashortbeauty judge not less you be judged. karma says what goes around, comes around. About all faiths have some place where they condemn judging others, yet you feel you have that right. I an not into religion. I hate dogmatic little boxes and atheists little boxes too.


Yes it is too bad / so sad but developmentally challenged people often have magical beliefs and because that's all they're capable of we play along. It's too bad when the adults who are responsible for those folks are not just playing along but sharing the beliefs. It shows how challenged they are making themselves, needlessly.

Many of us are capable of growing and learning beyond magical thinking. Autistic woman with Epilepsy here. Hi!

@TaraMarshall kudos to you hun 🙂

@TaraMarshall Yup, wasn't making a blanket statement by any means.

@mordant "developmentally challenged people often have magical beliefs and because that's all they're capable of " uhm sounds blanketed to me js

@ashortbeauty OK understandable I suppose and careless phrasing on my part despite including the word "often" but I do happen to understand that not 100% of developmentally challenged people think magically.

@mordant I'd say that 99% of people believe magically as we've all been subjected to some form of religion in life. His mother has a hard job and it's more for her comfort than anyone else.

I have worked with these people. They maybe adults in thier 40s but are mentally like children in their minds. I have seen a man in his forties take all the nails and screws out of everything in a room. They don't know who they are let alone understand belief systems. But if you can't find him, play 'Who let the dogs out' and he will come running to you.


The people that do this think it is the right thing to do. This is because the religious leaders grind it into their followers that if they would do anything else it would go against the laws of religion. The clergy tells them if they try to do anything else the community of religion would shun them. This is a form of abuse and needs to be addressed.


It never will. As long as there are more than one there will be discontent.

False. "Nones" (those who identify as having no religious affiliation) are on the rise. Mere exposure to the existence of irreligiousity (? dunno about this word) is more than enough to tip the scales for budding atheists--its one of the reasons some believes hate and fear non-believers. All we have to do is keep on keepin' on, speak up, and refuse to be cowed. We will win--generations or centuries from now. Keep your eyes on the long game.

@stinkeye_a Logic will prevail.

@stinkeye_a So, let me see here. The purpose of this group and the atheists is not to just accept someone as they are, but you must convert them? Now that is sick.Flew into the airpor in Billings, Montana several times. I loved that airport and the area. I went to Custer's last stand and some other places. I was working in a mine in Decker, Montana.

@BettyColeman When I said "exposure", "keep on", 'speak up", and "refuse to be cowed", I meant exactly those--not proselytize or try to convert people to atheism, reject them for their beliefs, argue with or ridicule anyone, or anything else that is disrespectful to human dignity. "Speaking up" about atheism does not equal trying to reject or convert anyone. It means things like saying "I'm an atheist", refusing to participate in rituals, etc.--which, like anything, can be done with the utmost respect and tact. Respectfully, does that clear it up, or did I misinterpret your misinterpretation? I admit I find your response a little enigmatic and difficult to interpret.


It is a common hope that the gods will heal, but there are no gods or daemons. No amount of prayer can `cure' autism. Currently there simply isn't a cure. It isn't as if science isn't trying. All that can be done is to give them as great a life as can be. It's what I do for a job! As for the Christian music, well he may just like it. It gives my butt-hole an earache, however when I'm working, its just work. But then I sometimes have to listen to Barney the Dinosaur too!

Most Autistic people who can communicate don't want a cure. We do, of course, want treatments to help our more severely affected peers.

How sweet. So you know how vulnerable it can be for them. I became very attached to the ones I supervised. I grew easily to love them like they were mine. Their idea of happiness only can be guessed.Thank you for sharing and big teddy bear hugs!


I totally understand how you feel. My now 35 yr old daughter is physically disabled with cerebral palsy and socially delayed. She received a Hebrew name in my parents temple to make them happy after she was born at 2 lbs, 5 ounces. Imagine how I felt when she revealed her father went behind my back and had her baptized because he a blackout alcoholic had become born again?

Oh wow that's rough about the Hebrew name. Pleasing family is suffocating

I feel for you and it's just a name which doesn't define the person. Society ahs designated that we must at least be at a certain level of development to be accepted when someone with an ailment could actually live a better life than most.


Oh, I know. There are whole church groups devoted to people with Developmental Disabilities. It's almost as if they understand that eventually, only people with child-like minds will believe in their fairy tales.


I don't think it ever will end. Human beings, my nature, are attracted to this fantasy world. It gives them something to hope for as misguided as it is.

balou Level 8 Apr 4, 2018

Well, maybe it doesn't bother him if he isn't able to do a lot of reasoning.

Maybe if he had the choice it'd bother him

@ashortbeauty For dependent children it's a lot safer for them if they agree with their caretakers.

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