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Say What?!?

Homeland Security wants to develop database that tracks journalists and 'media influencers'
US news 2 hours ago
A new proposal from the DHS seeks to establish further "media monitoring services." The department is looking for a contractor to help them compile a database of journalists, editors, foreign correspondents, and bloggers to identify top “media influencers.”

Angelface 7 Apr 6

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Welcome to the Fascist States of Amerikkka, anyone that has been paying attention should have seen this coming when they created the Patriot Act, the fascist creep seems too be accelerating under the current administration and congress.


Why are we simply standing around and simply accepting these constant rips against us? Is everyone simply apathetic or believes no good comes out of speaking up? This is all the very definition of fascism....I don't understand.

I don't think people know WHAT to do?

This should all be Constitutional Law - I guess the press is going to have to take it to court?

@RavenCT # 1 Vote - be sure you know what the issues are and where candidates stand on them. (2) Register others to vote. Especially in red or purple states where voter suppression exists to help keep Republicans in power (3) educate yourself and others. You can find out a lot from the League of Women Voters and government websites as to what topics are being proposed and who your representatives are. Most people have very little idea of who represents them in their state districts & local offices. That's how a lot of things get slipped under the radar.

@TerriCity I am registered and I do vote. Also in a democratic state.

@RavenCT This is not merely a matter of journalists going to court. This type of behavior was ratified into our constitution. This is a matter of constitutional law, Congress, and the supreme court. But those Repubs are controlled by their greed for cash and graft, power and they see nothing beyond their latest cash offer. For those who want to chime in with their beefs against other parties, other groups, NONE can come close by millions of miles to what the Repubs have brought into being.

@TerriCity if you think it's only a republican thing, you'll never help us change it. Do a search, Obama's war on journalism, and you'll get several hits on him wanting to jail James Risen for not revealing his sources. Obama and our representatives have waged a war on any type of whistle blower during his terms. "Out Of The Illusion " Group

By rips, I mean a continuous barrage of losses, of small bits of power and freedoms lost that slowly evolve into a fascist state. If the Repubs weren't complacent under Trump unless to bury the ones who do speak up, if the moderate religious did not stand up against the radical evangelists that will accept anything, anyway, to gain power.

If the rightwing nationalists who hate anything different than them, didn't have Trump as a mouthpiece, and if the Democrats were not intent on not rocking the boat and being indignant, yet not doing anything, if wishes were horses, beggars would ride. And yes, @Willliam_Mary, I know Obama, and all Democrats aren't all blameless.

However, when foreign interference in a large scale brings only approval or complanacy and the only ones speaking out are children. And when international condemnation mounts and our stand of living slip, not a notch but more headlong, only journalists are speaking up. And now efforts to denigrate, call it fake, track, corral and take away their voice, seeks to accomplish what others could not, who will be left?


I've been saying all along that Trump is following a playbook for dictators.....

marga Level 7 Apr 6, 2018

Trump, or any president at that, or our most of our representatives really have a strong degree of control of what our intelligence agency's are doing. The interaction and or lack of between Trump and the FBI is a clear example that there are other means of control of how they work. Even more so would be the history of John Edgar Hoover as the FBI's director. Nixon was scared of him and Truman accused him of transforming the agency into his own private police force. Quote from Truman. " we want no Gestapo or secret police. The FBI is tending in that direction. They are dabbling in sex-life scandals and plain blackmail. J. Edgar Hoover would give his right eye to take over, and all congressmen and senators are afraid of him. — Harry S. Truman". With Trump's history, I'd imagine he has some degree of fear in the FBI also!


Because we don't have enough to worry about in this fucked up country.


No no no no no!

Screaming silently. That would be beyond wrong.

I've worked with Journalists (paper) and the struggle is real enough without crap like this. The fear of reprisal or jail time (for not revealing a source).


Bad idea.


That should be protested! If there should be a problem with a journalist, let the CIA or FBI...look into it! That kind of information could easily be used to unsavory ends! No, that is not right!

That is one of the principles that this country was built on, a free press...
This all started with the current administration's fake news term for anything he didn't like.

@Angelface this started when St. Raygun repealed the Fairness Doctrine, as much as I would like to blame mango mussolini they have been setting us up for years for this type of shit.


I suppose it beats putting them directly in Dachau, but not by much.

Dachau is not functional anymore. You'll have to build your own facilities.

@Spinliesel Hitler had it all built, and fully filled with journlists & other outspoken ones, in his first 6 months in office. I am VERY thankful for our Free Press!


For what purpose? To exile them to a siberian gulag? Destroy the 4th estate? Stamp out free speech?

Or all of the above. This is Trump we're talking about.

For what purpose indeed. Even with some sort of proof of a journalist creating fake news, what then? There would have to be a law that abridges freedom of the press, before any action could be taken. I doubt even a largely conservative Supreme Court would allow that.

Which means doing something about it would have to lie outside the law. Very troubling.

The 4th estate is already working for the establishment. 90% of "the 4th estate" is owned and monopolized for the sole purpose to mange your perception of what they want you to believe is fact. Free speech? You should be worried about free thought! "Out Of The Illusion " Group


Sounds like an April Fools joke but sick enough to be true. 1st Amendment anyone? Not in news yet.

It is now see the above links.


hmm, I heard a new story half asleep about the formation of an agency to focus on prevention of mass shooters. something fishy about that too


Do you think the DHS stopped monitoring everything because of Snowden and Wikileaks?
I believe they just said they did and it's still ongoing.
Trust the government and politicians? Not on your life.
Paranoid? Maybe a little.


Trump's truth in words and speeches



This looks to me like DHS trying to deal with the ACTUAL fake news, you know those sites which actually create false stories, and the FALSE stories the Russkies made and spread on social media and were repeated by media?

How exactly do you track such stories unless your keeping track of the stories?

This is what they said
Judge for yourself
"The work request from DHS seeks a firm that has the ability to monitor up to 290,000 global news sources; ability to track media coverage in up to 100 languages and the ability to "track online, print, broadcast, cable, radio, trade and industry publications, local sources, national/international outlets, traditional news sources, and social media." "

Trump has filled the agency with his most fervent supporters as he has done to as many government ones he can. Since 99.9.5% of fake news originates from Trump's camp, it is highly unlikely to be as you posted.


@Angelface I agree, but that is not all the people there, nor the policy they have put into place.
Government must always be watched.
With an Authoritative person like Trump in office this is doubly so.

That does not equate to "The Gov is now following and tracking the whereabouts of all jouranalists at all times"
As the op implies, rather it wants to track the news stories (which we need to do to combat Russian influence in digital warfare, information warfare)

It will be up to us to ensure the one NEVER becomes the other, but not to falsely equate one to the other and thereby leave ourselves open to information warfare.

What REALLY irritates me is that some media WILL hype it that way, BECAUSE IT SELLS BETTER, because fear sells.

@Angelface Trump now has the help of Sinclair Media Group to add his take of things into their daily news programs. I was watching ABC 30 in my area recently when something was aired that is not true at all. It was just words of Trump and what he wants you to believe. Later I found this TV station to be a part of Sinclair Media.

@DenoPenno I saw that, I do not watch TV, and have not for many years because of advertising.
Why do I need a damn carpetbagger in my living room?
I gave up TV the second we had VHS.

I am also keenly aware of hwo state run that looks, and distressed that apparently NONE of the so called journalist in any of these local stations stood up to such content control of news.

Under this new program Sinclair media would be watched by Homeland Security.
I find that hard to disagree with, tracking their stories and ads, lookinig for patterns, not only there but all over.
We live inthe age of Goebells.

@Davesnothere We are in the age of Goebells because an oligarchy now has control of America. It threatens our Democracy. Finding out their true plans is frustrating but you can bet it will cost every one of us some money.

@DenoPenno Undoubtedly, and all research supports that conclusion, that we exist in a democratic oligarchy.
However the sad stae of education is such that I actually wonder if you or I attempt to have such a discourse with the open public on the street, how many actually understand those terms, rather than some pundit or others spin on those terms.
How many viewers realize that when a Host like Rachel Maddow or Anderson Cooper or ANYONE is talking, that is NOT news anymore?
When they say so and so did such and such, THAT is the news.
When they say "I think this means, or indicates, OR anything,, it is no longer news, it is speculation ON the news.
Which makes it opinion, really.

In my life news has become more and more commentary ON the news with less and less content of actual news.
It allows people who are social thinkers rather than logical thinkers to NOT think. A social thinker does not feel a need to solve a problem, instead they think "How would so and so solve this? What would Mom, do, Dad do, Coach do, Jesus do?" Instead of weighing out the issue themselves via ethics and empathy.
In politics it allows these types of thinkers to just follow Bill O reily, "no need to think about those pesky details, he did that for me, I trust him"

The fact that this type of reasoning dominates the planet has long left me on the outside.




To think about this, I have long ago. If the people that did these crimes received no publicity and never had there names published it would take away the recognition complex.


do you have a link to the story?


"The work request from DHS seeks a firm that has the ability to monitor up to 290,000 global news sources; ability to track media coverage in up to 100 languages and the ability to "track online, print, broadcast, cable, radio, trade and industry publications, local sources, national/international outlets, traditional news sources, and social media."

The work request also seeks the ability to build lists of journalists based on beat, location, outlet type/size and journalist role. Creating an online "media influence database" is also included. "


This right up trumpie's alley. He thinks everyone is out to get him and they are because he is an amoral creature,bully,thief,ego maniac


The CIA and FBI won't share theirs? This is probably a subliminal preparation to advance an already existing program out of fear that, that program is about to be outted. In which they are going to make a move towards legalizing something they did illegally within it. "Out Of The Illusion " Group

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