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What would Jesus do?

I just saw this Meme and thought it was funny....

snytiger6 9 Aug 17

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This is exactly what Jesus would do and this is not a baptism. I posted it on my FB page last year.


He would truly earn the title of Savior if he did.




Wow! Maybe I need to cut Jesus some slack! (Of course, if he gets away with it, it’ll only be because he’s white ...)


This is what happens when they let their imaginary leaders lead them into electing those who dwell in the swamp who vow to drain it by filling up!!!


Oldie but goodie

bobwjr Level 10 Aug 17, 2020

That is funny. All that loving thy neighbor shit went right out the window. 😛


I would do it!


Do people sit around and play the 'If you wouldn't get in trouble, how would you do it' game?


Drowning is too good for him.

I would lock Donald Trump in an outdoor cage in Arizona with no shade, make him wear pink underwear, drink from a toilet and eat rotten food. Let Marmalade Mussolini broil in the sun while he awaits trial for corruption and other crimes.

This is what former Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio did to immigrants. Trump pardoned Joe Arpaio and admires him greatly.

well, at least your vision isn't nearly as bad as mine lol

@redhog Yeah... My vision doesnt' giv ehim any clothes and involves fire ants....

@snytiger6 thats still pretty tame lol


Not accurate. If Jeebus was real, he would most likely consider Trump to be some sort of martyr, based on his actions. Think about it...


Ohhh yeah!! I would do the same thing.

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