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How many of you have read the bible completely?

By RizzoJenkins4
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In the words of a recent YouTube video gone viral: "Ain't nobody got time for that!"


Several times including different translations. What about you?

Not in other languages.


3 times start to finish, many extracts dozens of times.


Serveral times. Spoiler alert... "it wasn't the devil, it was God."


No chance


Heavens no, I got shit to do. But, as soon as they make it into a movie, I'm on it smile009.gif

MsNobody Level 5 Apr 9, 2018

If you want to debunk it - READ IT. My late grandfather was a Rabbi of note. He understood even when I was in my early teens that I am an atheist. He challenged me to study religion simply for the sake of knowing what I am against. In his words - an ignorant agnostic is simply ignorant. His lack of knowledge - the Greek meaning of agnostic - is simply ignorance rather than doubt.

The old testament makes a bit more sense than the new. I would expect it to be the other way around as I expect knowledge to increase rather than decrease, but religion does its best to squash knowledge

Don't be a religious atheist or a devout atheist without knowledge of the other side..


Reading the bible took me from "an atheist" to "holy shit I am such a fucking atheist you don't even know."


No, I love to read, but I have never felt the need to read the bible.


I have read the Bible the koran the Book of Mormon part of the Vedas didn’t get to the Upanishad I read a little bit of the Tanaka and read quite a lot of the writing of the Baha’i. Been thinking about looking at the Tipitaka. But they are all bullshit. .

Donto101 Level 7 Apr 8, 2018

I have read it from beginning to end three times.

gsiamne Level 7 Apr 8, 2018

By the age of 15, I had read it from cover to cover 3 times.


Now why would I do a damn-fool thing like that? Seriously - I have read a lot of it, back when I was doing the church thing 30 years ago, and also in college next to other texts, comparing stories. I never wanted to read the whole thing! I got enough to know not to!

poetdi56 Level 7 Apr 8, 2018

I read it on a dare once. I found it arrogant and boring. I also read the Bhagavad Gita, and the quoran. I found the story about Krishna the most interesting. But still very fictional. They are just books. ☹️

SukiSue Level 8 Sep 8, 2018

Thanks and congratulations for understanding Bhagvatgita for which I never tried and ever also.


I read the Bible 3 times from cover to cover by the time I was 15. I have done no Bible reading since the age of 18.


One doesn't have to read a book cover to cover to know it's complete bullshit.



In the middle of reading it. Leviticus is annoying as hell, the repetition is pissing me off, lol


I've made it most of the way through. It's interesting that, if you're taught its the infallible Word of God, and read it with devotion (assuming it's right and if you don't understand it's your problem) that you can miss so much obvious bullshit. I'm not sure what exactly flipped the skeptic switch in my brain, eventually, but ever since I find so much bullshit in the Bible it's staggering.
The Skeptic's Annotated Bible is on my shelf and on my list to sit and go through some day. "Drunk with Blood" is a good book, if you want to get a sense for how evil the "god of the Bible" is, condensed. Pure evil. On the level of Hitler. How did I miss that all those years?

EB80 Level 5 Apr 12, 2018

I have read it in many different forms. The Christian Bible and the Eastern Orthodox Bible as well as the Catholic Bible. They are all differing books. Same idea but the see it differently.

Iggie Level 3 Apr 9, 2018

Many many times....


You mean including the parts that have been left out like the Book of Mary?

arca2027 Level 6 Apr 8, 2018

or the gospel of judas []

Yes, the books that some pope decided were't orthodoxy enough.


Not a single verse.... Why would I want to do that??



A few times during the 2.5 years spent in a fundamentalist cult from 19-21.

Helga Level 4 Apr 8, 2018

Back when I was 24 I did a read the bible in a year. Stopped half way through when I found that certain parts were left out. Read the deleted parts and called myself an atheist.

BillF Level 7 Apr 8, 2018

Tried a couple of times and failed.

Donna_I Level 7 Apr 8, 2018

It is a tough read.


I read the KJV, and the NIV.
The NIV was with supporting texts.
It was not until I read the counter points that I realized it was not true.

bubinf Level 6 Apr 8, 2018
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