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FFS, when this saga with Evangeloon and his mother come to an end?
Last evening she again rang me, Evangeloon is being released from hospital some time later today (Friday) and will be wearing a sling to support his arm, etc, until it heals.
His mother offered me the following deal,
" I will pay you $50.00 per week in cash into your bank account on the following conditions, First you must move in to his home, care for him 7 days per week, watch over him and make sure he does not do stupid things again, Second, You WILL be responsible for any and ALL of his actions what ever they may be, Third, you WILL be required to cook, clean, etc, etc, for him, being his personal driver and take anywhere he wishes to go other than anywhere within 300 miles of the rest of his family."
You can guess what my response to her 'deal' was and it was NOT put in polite terms either.
Suffice it to say that I suggested she insert her 'deal' and her money as far as possible in to the bodily orifice where the sun seldom reaches.
Who the f--k does she think she is?

Triphid 8 Sep 17

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She meant $50,000.00/week, right?!

No, $50 per week which by my calculations works out to be just over $7 per day.
And for that I'm expected to abandon my home, move into his and be at his beck and call 24/7 and I think she meant it to be a PERMANENT thing as well.
She has 2 chances of that happening, a) Buckley's and b) S.F.A. ( Sweet f--k All.


I haven't read the rest of this Saga - but can't she hire someone qualified or get someone qualified through insurance?

And if he isn't capable of living on his own - aren't there half-way houses to support him to live as independently as possible without coming to harm? (That's what we do here in the States if someone isn't capable of living alone without coming to harm). They have support staff there with them 24/7.

Granted people fall through the cracks all the time. It's not law that people get qualified help.

I'm sorry that she disregards you in this manner - that has to be very hard to take.

Well, imo, anyone who took up such an offer would have to a certifiable nut-case.
I have an acquaintance who lives in the block up from where I live, in a work accident she lost her right eye and right arm, she is now 58 years of age, has lived alone since the accident, cares for herself, is a very independent person, has no family what-so-ever and refuses to accept help of any kind UNLESS it is vitally necessary like moving heavy furniture, etc, which, btw, we, her and I, often have kind of 'warmish' debates over when I offer my assistance.
Debates that always end up with the both of us laughing at each other and just doing what is needed anyway.
Evangeloon, on the other hand, HAD a 'house-mate' of sorts until late last year, a house-mate that in lieu of rent paid the Council Rates, the Electricity Bills and the Water Rates ( not cheap by any means), but packed up and left because Evangeloon expected him to cook and clean as well while he, Evangeloon, sat around preaching to him.
Shit, Evangeloon ONLY has a fractured shoulder which is now in a sling, imo, he is NOT a complete cripple, technically, and, except for his apparent laziness, is more than capable of looking after himself.

@Triphid There's probably some day to day things that are hard to do right now - a shoulder immobilizer makes things hard to do. But you can work around it!
What he should need is a Home aid to help with vacuuming or some lite cooking etc. Not live in help!


$50 is not nearly enough for what she is asking. Maybe $5000. And no one can be 100% responsible for another adult. That sounds like a life of slavery, that is just wacked out.


Just for fun, maybe suggest that she shop around a little for a caregiver? It might be good for her to hear what a few home health aides think of her "deal".


Crazy is sometimes hereditary.


BULLSHIT to nth degree!!!!

What her 'deal' or my posting?
Btw, my posting is 110% true.

@Triphid Her deal is revolting, & she seems to be making a lot of assumptions that you are for sale.

@Lilac-JadeCanada I'm starting to think that perhaps that is how their whole family operates and thinks.

@Triphid Well they all seem rather out of their bloody tree be polite.

@Lilac-JadeCanada I'm for sale, but for more zeros than that!

@Lilac-JadeCanada As we Aussies say, "Crazy as cut snakes."


$50/week or $500/week? Either way who needs that shit, but maybe one of the local parishoners would take the deal 🤣🤣🤣

I doubt it since he has been barred from almost every Church in town EXCEPT the one run by a certain dubious, self-proclaimed Evangelist Preacher, thrice self-declared bankrupt.

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