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I had to post this because of the effect it had on Facebook.
Granted I was half poking fun at the religious, and half showing some ignorance. And a bit of what I thought would be humor.

This meme, as I was very surprised, got quite a few people giving the 'I'm never afraid to post about God. And just how few actually knew that the pic is of Obi Wan Kenobi,... not Jesus.
I really thought that people would get the joke right away. But instead, a lot of arguments came about being proud to say I love Jesus. Which BTW, I also found funny.

TristanNuvo 8 Sep 25

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Ahh... May the Farce be with you.


That's a great gag. I'm no longer surprised by the number of people online who miss the painfully obvious. There's millions and million of them posting at any given moment. That's how we wound up with Trump.


If you really want to poke fun, next time post these, which are really funny and irreverent and don't leave room for any interpretation.

@MyTVC15 that wouldn't be funny nor an appropriate simile of the cross build up.


So much ignorance, so little time to fix it.


"The Christians are easily startled, but they will soon be back, and in greater numbers."


I like the ones that have Charles Manson as Jesus. They still don't notice.

BDair Level 8 Sep 25, 2020

I've seen some of those as well. Yeah, great stuff.


“Luke, you’re going to find that many of the truths we cling to depend greatly on our own point of view.”


Help us Obi Wan Kenobi youre our only hope. Seriously I need that show to come out already lol


If you really really want to creep them out...


Too funny 😂


Christians should know there was never a character named Jesus, in Greek the hero's name was Yeshua, not Jesus. Next Christians should realize that not only was Yeshua not Jesus he also wasn't white.

It is with its irony that Most of the people that know that are non- believers. Seems in many cases, the people who know better have actually read that damn book cover to cover, and most who have not argue for it. Ugh. A white Jesus. Even if they haven';t read the thing, do they not understand geography? lol.

And most of the names of people in history are translated or adapted to a language. Including old kings of England.
Adapting names is not wrong. And it is needed as languages changes or the name must be understood in other languages. So writing Jesus is goos, unless you want to be purist and write something like יְהוֹשֻׁעַ‎


Facebook is good for this kinda crap. I remember the one with Jesus arm wrestling the devil. You always have to share these to show what side you are on and be patient coz Jesus don't do nothing until he gets a certain number of likes. Tell Obi Wan that Jesus looks like Jeffery Hunter.


Is it sad that I had to correct my aunt for posting what she thought was a picture of jesus standing behind Trump when in actuality it was Charles Manson? (swastika on the forehead and everything.)

I've seen that one as well. and yup. people fall for it all the time. I just find that sort of thing funny.


I think I would consider having an intimate, personal, relationship with this Jesus. May his force be with me 😮.

Ha! nice one. 🙂


Shows what I know, I thought it was Michelangelo's boyfriend.




That's not Jesus😂

Yup. And that's the whole point.


May as well put up a picture of any fictional character.

I think my response to such a post would be along the lines of, "Yes, I'd be very embarrassed that people might think I actually believe in the Christian Jesus myth."

I think in this case, this just shows how much believers will jump for joy over anything with a jesus lable on it. Much like the divine grilled cheese sandwich that if you squint enough jesus appears. lol.Just silly to me.


There's also one with Kenny Loggins. And most recently, one with a bearded man blessing dtrumph at the Resolute desk, whom some seemed to think was Jesus.
Do you think this is Jesus?

Yes! I do!

That's one of those great Charles Manson ones. Funny stuff.


There are dozens of modern shows about jesus, this could have been taken from anyone. So the fact it's a star wars character is truly irrelevant to the situation. The important part is that in your attempt to make fun of jesus, instead you got people talking about him. Maybe you even helped reach that soul that was curious, and your meme attached to proud christian walls got his attention. All publicity is good publicity, so thank you for bringing well needed attention to the savior God, Jesus. People need to know him now more than ever. It's nice to see god works, even through the he always has...irony.

Shouldn't proselytizers like you be trying to bilk some lonely old woman out of the money she needs from her fixed income?
What do you think you are doing here?
Your mental pablum is worthless against free thought.

This is almost as funny as the original joke.


Is it the same use of the force?

Word Level 8 Sep 26, 2020

How about these

bobwjr Level 10 Sep 25, 2020

I thought it was pretty funny before I knew it was Obi Wan Kenobi.


This is what many people think Jesus would look like!


I first thought it looked like Ewan McGregor playing Ben and so many bad jokes came to mind about Star Trek vs Star Wars. The question of if you can put it on the wall using sticky tape or do you have to use nails. Maybe a political riff, especially directed at the evangelicals: I prefer my religious figures to not be captured and crucified. Just so much fun with insensitive remarks!

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