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To vape or not to vape? What is your personal opinion in vaping?

KingPeep 6 Apr 9

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After I quit smoking, I just don't feel like vaping. Eight years without a single cigarette.

Gohan Level 7 Apr 9, 2018



It is great for cannabis, no muss no fuss, no roaches, no stinky aroma, no tars and other gross things, just around 80% THC. I don't vape nicotine or other flavors unless I am on vacation and I need to satisfy my oral fixation, and then 3% nic.

cava Level 7 Apr 9, 2018

I am always guarded about newer things. THere just hasnt been the time to accurately determine long term side effects

My late dh vaped.... I'll always wonder. I don't trust them at all.


Only dry herbs (weed) for me in a destop pothead model. None of those funny pen things, even the eliquid pot ones.. weird .. sorry funny pen heads.. i know i just dissed like the whole world lol 😛

i got the 'mighty'

@SeeCanU They are wicked!!! really great taste and high quality !!

helllll yea!!

I have had 4 crafty's and loved them all. I wear them out pretty quick though. Now I have this DaVinci IQ and I like it better. Easier to clean and seems more durable. Plus it has a 10yr warranty,

@kauva Excellent!!!! I like the look of davinci ... they are wicked ... the crafty too but I thought they looked super well made, but you must get through it haha!! Fair play.. I use an Airizer without the bag model.. the has lifetime gaurantee on element and few years on rest so not bad.. I bought it years ago and use a desktop to stop me carrying it about lol.. I can get high enough for a day with that and not really want to vape again ... I can take it or leave it despite my input sometimes lol .... Have been known to detox for a week or two now and then!! Love it ... Vapes really changed way I used weed.


It's still nicotine, and nicotine is a poison. From what I've read it has other adverse effects.

You may have quit the cigarette habit, but you are still intaking nicotine.

Nope. They have many brands that do not contain nicotine. Most have the option of how much nicotine you want in them and you can choose from none to high doses.

I know of no one who vapes just to look cool, though I'm sure there are people out there that do. Even those are ingesting toxic chemicals that will damage the lungs/body.

Personally, I don't see the sexuality of smoking and I was a smoker at one time.


Only for weed


The artificial fragrances in most vape products make me react just as badly as tobacco smoke. Weed smoke doesn't bother me.


E-cigs helped me quit cigarettes but I only used them for a few months and then didn’t need them any longer. I’ve been smoke free for several years now and if I get in a rough spot or know I’ll be around smokers or clubbing I pack that e-cig as backup. I used the no-nicotine version.


No thank you. It's bad for your lungs.


Currently vaping vanilla cupcake!?

Lani Level 5 Apr 9, 2018

Vaping Mermaids Blood at the moment.

@KingPeep LOL. What?!


I like to vape. I'm allergic to smoke so I don't smoke. But I do not vape products with nicotine in them. I usually vape CBD oils. It helps calm my nerves and helps keep me mellow.

I do flavor vape with 12 mg of nicotine.


I vape my cannabis. I like that the vapour doesn't smell nearly as bad, and that I can vape as much or as little as I want with just the push of a button. If I only want a few puffs, it doesn't make sense to me to light up a whole joint.



This gives a pretty comprehensive overview ...

One side of my family vapes.  They are constantly shrouded in a cloud of fragrant steam.  If i cannot roll it into a joint, I don't want to smoke it.

It's excellent. I prefer dabbing but it doesn't get me as high as vaping some decent weed. This Davinci IQ is an amazing little machine.


There it nothing like the wonderful smell of a low grade weed. The current crops are way to strong and stinky.

Just some of us oldies know, and regret the loss of.

Jacar Level 8 Apr 10, 2018

Vape weed


While it MAY be better than smoking, it also may not be. I have a few thoughts, covering varied perspectives.

  1. I have watched conscientious smokers use vape pens to reduce their smoking and use them as part of a smoking cessation plan, and I have to applaud anyone who breaks an addiction like that, because I understand that cigarettes are a tough addiction to kick for some people--such as my COPD-ridden mother who drags around an oxygen hose 24/7 to be able to breathe--she would die within a day or two without supplemental oxygen--yet she still smokes.

  2. My mother has COPD and tried switching to vaping to help quit smoking. The thing is, she was still inhaling things into her lungs via the vape pen. Between the flavors and the vapor, it built up in her lungs and lead to pneumonia. For someone with healthy lungs, you're probably exhaling most of that back out, but what part of it are you not exhaling, and what is it doing to your lungs?

  3. As a non-smoker, I have noted that vapers are often less considerate than their smoking counterparts when it comes to blowing "smoke" toward others or even directly into the faces of people nearby because it somehow makes them look cool. "It's only vapor!" It is still offensive and rude. A friend introduced me to a name for vape pens when they are used by people like this: "douche flutes" Sometimes, I am hit by a plume of something that triggers an allergic reaction in me, and of course, I am the rude one when I ask the offending "douche flautist" to please stop or move somewhere else.

Lol @ douche flute/flautist

@Funnygir175 I also call cigarette smokers buttsuckers. 😀

I always have respect for others around me when vaping. I usually only do it at home and in my car. I am never rude about it nor would I be offended if someone asked me not to vape around them. I know other people are not as kind about it and I agree they should never blow vape toward another person. That is a funny name though. Glad I don't no use a pen. LOL

@KingPeep Most people are very good at making sure they are being kind. A select few, however, make the rest of the lot look bad, too. Thanks for being courteous. Even when you don't hear it from someone directly, it is always appreciated.


It's not a good idea. If you don't smoke cigarettes don't get into vaping. People think they can smoke in non-smoking places if they vape but this is not true. I know many who smoke and vape and my daughters both do this. I smoked cigarettes for 30 years and currently have not smoked for the last 18. Vaping for me would be the curiousity that sucked me back into smoking cigarettes again. Since I know this, it's a pretty good reason for me not to vape.


Aren't there carcinogens in e-cig vapor? Just like cigarettes (tobacco or weed) and cigars, I'm not a fan of hookah and e-cigs. Breathing in smoke or concentrated flavored vapors (nicotine or non) doesn't seem like a good idea from my perspective.


Haven''t tried it yet.


No thanks. I'll just keep smoking.


Think it causes your kidneys to bleed.


Two words - popcorn lungs. May be worse than smoking regular cigarettes

jeffy Level 7 Apr 9, 2018


@Jnei Thank you for pointing that out, but I don't think that means they are safe either. Caveat emptor. []

@jeffy Indeed; not safe and it's far better not to smoke or vape - however, the popcorn lung argument was blown out of proportion.

Popcorn lung debate is obsolete. Very few of the vape brands use the chemical that causes it. And everyone of them lists the ingredients in there Vapes online.

@Jnei Yes, thanks for correcting that. I wonder why someone went to the trouble of doing that? Who knows?

@jeffy The most obvious answer to that is "the tobacco industry", who have a vested interest in discouraging people from replacing tobacco with vaping and are well known for being economical with the truth!


it's wayy better

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