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Anyone want secular daycare and pre school? I'd like to begin an open program of athiest child care. I'd like to challenge adoption and foster care programs that are also being rooted in religious affiliation. I'm currently frustrated because I'm fearful I could be restricted from being hired to work in a day care. I could honestly be changing my social media to accommodate being hired in the bible belt. It's so messed up that being vocal about the prejudice could hurt my family and friends.

Virgoan 5 Apr 9

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I'm a very vocal, atheistic childcare provider/nanny.
I'm interested.


I disagree with both daycare and preschool. Also bottles, baby food jars, public school in general, and most things US people seem to accept as normal.

But, even if people use daycare, unless they used a church-affiliated childcare, these places are already secular.

Childcare is a nessicary resource for any well populated city.

@Virgoan But it's detrimental anyway. Studies show that children who are cuddled and touched a lot grow up to be nonviolent and kind. Nursed children also acquire brain connections that never happen with bottle fed babies. They probably don't get much nurturing in a daycare center. But people need to work, so I hope they continue the trend to allow flex working hours and remote work.

@birdingnut Yes, whole heartily agree. If single person income could sustain a home, children should ideally get that bond with their parents


Yes. This is so frustrating. They start getting them in daycare and preschool

That's why WE should be getting them in daycare and preschool, teaching kids how to think critically.


Thank god secular is the norm here, we do have christian stuff but most do not get into religion at all.


That’s as deep a core issue as I’ve read on these boards…..

Nearly every damn church using their tax-free buildings as ‘day care’ or religious indoctrination chambers for the children of our stressed communities…. More lasting damage is no doubt done in those settings than any proselytizing at an adult level.

Why are my daughters Atheists? Because their at-home-dad gave up a career to raise them honest… But how many parents can afford to have one home when my Atheist mother raised me and my siblings..

As I left work early today ‘church daycare’ was apparently letting out. But it looked like ordinary stress-out parents leading their little waddlers home - not the socially pious you’d see on a Sunday. Had me thinking the same, as I was only days ago … but where could ‘this successful dad’ find work caring for kids beyond his own..? Not in my small town..

And to think, having to ‘cleanse your personality’ … if not replace it with, at best, a ‘religious tolerance’ if not religious promotion. Makes me sick. Angry, depressed - and disgusted with my nation, region - and humanity in general. No answer here - dog damnit ~

Varn Level 8 Apr 9, 2018

Start at the beginning


Love it, easy said then done.
What I mean is dapending on the state religous child care gets some Govt breaks. Like less over site and regulations.
That's why some religous child care is cheaper, and they might get support from the church.

Adoption and foster care programs have similar issues. Less regulations and mor financial support.
Good luck, you really are disadvantage in this area as a secularist.


No reason why you couldn't be many people require religion as part of daycare?

I can give you an example. In the state foster system according to the parts of a child's wellness plan, spirituality and active in church in one of the 6 basic needs.

@Virgoan are you freaking kidding? That's infuriating.


I worked in 2 day cares that were both secular. Are all yours church run? Don't know if feasible in the Bible Belt-enough non-religious kids?

Most are government subsidized places. Those who run them are usually religious women. My observation hours were in a facility ran by the college. Every question was lazily answered with God. Reminders Christmas is about baby Jesus. Lead in a prayer before a nap or lunch.


Unfortunately the establishment basis on the characteristic of people with religious backgrounds. I would like for them to know Ted Bundy, Dennis Raider (BTK ) and Gary Ridgeway ( the green river killer) were all upstanding religious people.

I had to "anonymously" answer a questionnaire during training to be a child advocate. One question was "Do you agree with the statement a Christian home is a happy home?" I strongly disagreed. The only one of 12. The majority of the homes children are removed from, the parents would consider themselves "Christian." The parable "Spare the rod spoil the child." originated in church. Being Christian means fuck all if they were an abusive or neglectful parent. I had to remind my trainer of this.


I would think that many millennials would be seeking secular or humanistic child care or pre-school for their children, but perhaps that is regional. If you are in a bible belt, you would likely have better success if you avoid the term "atheist" until the label loses its stigma, and stick to "secular" or "humanistic" or "human values oriented" which seem to be better tolerated by the public.

If you're interested in getting a tax exemption for your center, like the religious centers get, you could look into forming a religious organization based on humanism or some such thing that conveys your message on non-theistic human values. I know it's controversial to ask for tax consideration for humanistic endeavors, but it's one avenue to explore.

That, is a logical answer. ...mine was emotional.. I so appreciate those capable of getting beyond ..the emotional. I’ll try harder..


What's an athiest? 😉

How a dyslexic spells "atheist." badumtiss I always do that. ?


You sound like a pain in the ass.

@DZhukovin Well that's fucking rude thing to say.


Honestly, I’d rather see an orphan go to a religious family than none at all.

I wanted to say this. I can genuinely agree. Beautiful full families of adopted children prevalently have been Christian. It's wonderful even if it was their religion that may have encouraged them, it's all very humanitarian act.


I'm for it, but it is all messed up. The best way would just be having a day care that is not god oriented. Somewhere along the line someone will notice that and it could even end with you not being able to work in day care any longer. Good luck, but watch your steps.

Yes, as much as a catchy name that "Little Heathens" is I'd have to be more subdued. I've studied the " Montessori method" and highly value that organic learning technique. I believe, I can easily enough provide a secular teaching plan by staying in that area. Religious holidays arn't going to be acknowledged beyond myth. It's also important to validate a childs curiosity with age appropriate but true statements.


Good luck to you! It definitely needs to be done.

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