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I was conversing with someone who does not believe the US ever landed men on the moon . Anyone else think that, or maybe has spoken with someone who does ?

evergreen 8 Apr 9

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Just tell them that the government never lies to achieve an agenda.



I can't stand conspiracy theories especially in this day and age. People think the government can easily cover something up...Nixon wasn't able to and for crying out loud, Bill Clinton couldn't even cover up a blow job.

I’ve heard the same described so often by government employees … though not quite as colorful πŸ˜€

Conspiracy theorists was the tern started by the goverment to help label people that questioned the gov. like they were crazy. I myself believe you should question almost everything. After all are we conspiracy theorist now because we don't believe in the greatest lie ever told. I'm only saying this for you to agree or disagree just only to think about it.

@kenriley Good point I hate the term 'conspiracy theorist' especially in recent times. I believe that there was a conspiracy to kill Hitler by some of his own staff, so I must be a conspiracy theorist.


These nudniks pop up every so often, like the flat Earth nincompoops. I worked at a company called Rocketdyne. Ever heard of it? Probably not. Rocketdyne designed and manufactured the F-1 rocket engine. Now, being retired, and away from the field for awhile, I cannot precisely recall the thrust factor (perhaps a million pounds per engine, easily googled, I'm sure) of the F-1 engines, but it took 5 of them, I believe, to boost the Apollo capsule through the 250,000 mile trip to the moon.

We often had astronauts visit our facility just to remind us that there were real human beings putting their lives in our hands, and to remind us that quality was a very important issue. It made you think.

I also was compelled every couple of years, or so, to go to JPL in Pasadena, where they track all the manned space missions, and have seen their labs and monitoring consoles in row after row. I have also seen mockups of the Moon Rovers in their test facilities.

So, I simply mean to say from all of that that somebody spent a shitload of money and went to a considerable amount of trouble to hoax whom, and for what? Why? Why do all that just to impress, who?

@irascible I often think those people are just starved for attention.

Shit - Rocketdyne & the Saturn Five! … I’d of wanted your autograph.. πŸ˜‰

@Varn well, I must admit, that program was done by the time I got there; but the program that, essentially, took it's place was the Space Shuttle. Space Shuttle Main Engines (SSMEs) were pretty impressive, too.

I wrote this as part of a series a few years ago []

@jperlow nice article, thanks. Stangeland was still there when I was there. Also, they had quit testing SSMEs at SSFL about the time I hired on, but I did get to see a couple Atlas engine tests; it was awesome.


I have spoken with people that think such things. It is born of ignorance. There were 6 manned moon landings during which three retroreflectors were placed on the earth side face which "anyone" (It does take some large expensive equipment) can bounce lasers off from earth. We went.


Where's Buzz Aldrin when you need him?

Handing out Mars bars to kids on Halloween?

I'm named after him....will I do?

@buzz13 Edwin, or Buzz πŸ™‚


I have no patience for those people. I actually have an uncle who is a holocaust denier.

Wow, just wow. There is tons and tons of video evidence, eye witness accounts and other records.

@Humanity4all oh no....that’s all Hollywood. ? So frustrating and irritating.


I spent 6 hours with Neil Armstrong one day, my biggest hero, I can attest all of the questions I proposed were answered to the point, quickly and honestly. From that encounter my conclusion is ; Hell yes we certainly landed on the Moon and he was the first!


This comedy clip may help πŸ™‚

(2mins 5secs)

.....and for the 'flat earthers'....

LOL! Love it. Have to admit, though, that the accents threw me for a second.

@GothRik absolutely true about the cats.

@Condor5 I did consider warning that it was English comedy, but, didn't want to put anyone off πŸ™‚


I have a cousin who is a flat earher , doesn't believe we went to the moon, thinks the government was behind 9/11. He is on disability and spends his days watching YouTube conspiracy videos.


I always tend to look for the positives. Though I disagree with moon hoaxers, flat earthers and the like, I think it gives us an opportunity to exercise our critical thinking skills, affirm things that had been taught or assumed and sharpen our overall knowledge of this reality.


You believe in the Moon?


Ha! It's like reading the bible! No mater what you say, no matter how far fetched, some one will sware it is true. People are funnier than anybody.


Conspiracy theories are a conspiracy.


BS amateur radio operators were picking up signals. How were they faked.


To me men landing on the moon is the altimate proof that there is no god, because what kind of a god would allow something that horrible happen to the rest of the universe.


I work with some flat earthers, at first I was taken aback by how left field it was, now it's just kinda annoying

soa Level 4 Apr 9, 2018

@MrLizard I had to recently relocate to the family farm in the wilds of northern Canada. I'm a cook, and there are few restaurants around here, so I keep my head down and collect a pay check


What a waste of time. I don't suffer fools to waste my time


They are everywhere.


If people actually think that, about our space program, its really sad, of course we were on the moon!!!, they might as well say Elvis, Jom Morrison, jimi Hendrix ,and janis joplin all faked their deaths, i know i should not say that so loud


Never met anyone so dumbfounded.


I think the moon landing happened when I was in the fourth grade. They said it was true, I guess that makes it true.After serving in the US Army during VN I've question a lot of things.

Does VN mean VietNam?


...I’m not so good with math, but was a couple of grades ahead of you with the first moon landing (69) ..and I missed VN by a good year ~

I served in nam 1971-72 I thought the moon landing was around 1963 or 64 Maybe I'm thinking about when Kennedy was killed.


I haven't. I don't know if I could control my contempt if I did.


I knew a man who just a few years ago in his late 60s who was extreme in his Catholicism, his distrust of government, his conservative politics. He told me the moon landing was a hoax, never happened, that it was all staged like on a movie set. After awhile we realized we had very little in common and our friendship faded. Now that I think about it, some say the exact same thing about The Virgin Birth.


Yeah I’ve spoken with some of those idiots before


Secret government, NSA, and astronaut whistle blowers have said for decades that the US did both..they both landed on the moon and faked a landing for the cameras, since the original landing showed alien structures and vehicles. See also videos of interviews with US presidents and science leaders admitting this, in 'Unacknowledged," seen on Netflix and YouTube.

I tend to believe them more than the US government because of all the things I've seen with my own eyes, that the goverment denies.

By the way, skip the trolling, since I'll just block you. I've learned that this website can be as bad as alt-right ones if you post something people don't agree with.



Marz Level 7 Apr 10, 2018
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