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To be the messiah, Jesus had to have descended from israel, right?
Hence the "begats" in matthew establishing his blood line, but it only establishes the bloodline of his step dad, Joseph had NOTHING TO DO WITH JESUS' LINEAGE. So Jesus COULDNT HAVE BEEN the messiah right?

Wildgreens 8 Oct 19

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I was always taught Joseph was Mary's first cousin so they had the same granddad and that is why Jesus had the right to to the Title King of the Jews.
So by 'consanguineous' incest, well that's all right then.


Jesus was Egyptian, thru Mary's geneology would appear to be correct according to biblical theme.

The LORD Almighty will bless them, saying, "Blessed be Egypt my people, Assyria my handiwork, and Israel my inheritance." Isaiah 19:25

Matthew 5:17 Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfil.

Word Level 8 Oct 19, 2020

So by your moronic idiotiic all Jews are Egyptians!!!

@of-the-mountain might work


There are actually two New Testament genealogies, Matthew and Luke, with Luke getting in Mr. Peabody's wayback machine and taking us all the way to Adam and God. A whopper of a tale, indeed!

Since people still believe that Jesus was, in effect, the bastard half-breed product of a deity having carnal knowledge with a human teenage maiden, the best that Joseph could do was to not object to the statutory rape of his fiancé and adopt the lad.

Incidentally, ever wonder what the genetic constituents of God's sperm are? Something tells me ol' Joseph couldn't wait, and blame shifted his dirty deed into an immaculate deception. Oh for a rape kit and Mr. Peabody's blasted machine!


Another reason Jews don't accept his messiahship.


assuming there ever was a jesus, which is an assumption i won't make.

also christ and messiah are not conceptually synonymous. i have not read matthew, and have never been christian, but the assumption within christianity, in my understanding, is that a christ is a savior, a divine being whose job it is to die for our sins (assuming original sin) and then come back and save us from the sins he supposedly already died for. the messiah, on the other hand, is a human king who brings about peace in his own time, a description that clearly does not fit jesus as written. (that is, making the assumption i do not make regarding his existence.)


He did promise to be the messiah though, and to come back and rule on earth, within the lifetime of his living followers. So either there are some very old deciples about, or he failed on that one. LOL

@Fernapple ya think? rofl



Well, now that we have the answer to that perplexing question let's move on to the use of a dimensional stabilizer and temporal traveling.


no son of man may die for another's sins so "messiah"--which was one of the titles of Caesar, along with king of kings, lord of lords, etc--was apparently intentionally usurped to make a point, and is surely misunderstood today, mostly by ppl in the Cult of Sol Invictus who call themselves "Christian"
also My God, why have you forsaken Me? then makes sense


The parentage of fictional characters is always up for debate.
Especially when the author(s) have contradicted themselves repeatedly.

Then they lie and say that they don’t
contradict themselves.


That's a hole in the illogic of the bible. Joseph and Mary never acknowledged the father, it was a GHOST. How unlikely is that? A holy one to boot.
Aside from the bible being a myth and people to this day are still rewriting it- nothing about the bible is literal.

yet you are interpeting it that way anyway? ok

@bbyrd009 stating the obvious.


If your son is your father and the lord is your son!!!

Fuck it who cares in mystic fairy tails about overtly sick incestuous pedophilia!!!

Yeap pedophilia started very early back
in the day.

Exactly. If you ask me it all sounds like some QAnonsense conspiracy tale. That stable was probably was a pizza parlor basement and all those "wise men" with gifts... just looking to purchase a child. That explains why the whole "wise men" thing always sounded so creepy to me as a kid.


One might consider that Yahweh was the original Israel. I would think that the Jews most likely considered that to be the case.

Yahweh, the shady one.

@Wildgreens The imaginary one.

@jlynn37 John 1:14 ... the imagination become flesh. So it is written. Logos become flesh, logos is thoughts, thoughts are imaginary.


Hypothetically, Mary could have had a similar bloodline (cousins marrying cousins?) but yeah, Joseph's bloodline is irrelevant.

the bible rarely follows the lineage of mere women

@bookofmorons True enough. (Ugh. I had a book called "Women of the Bible". It was pathetic in its lack of information.) Still, one might think that an exception would be made for such a topic as the lineage of the savior of all mankind!

@AmyTheBruce its underlying core of misogyny is simply staggering. Always wondered why any woman would buy in

ha well not to other ppl though. If you guys insist on reading the Bible literally, like a chump, like a believer, then you are natch going to arrive at bad conclusions,
jesus' lineage through mary is given, and there are no male and female in the kingdom anyway. Plus neither one of them ever literally existed anyway, almost surely
have a nice day

@bookofmorons women used to be chattel, still are in much of the world, yet you blame the Bible for misogyny. And pls don't go posting any of the vv that you are reading literally, thus not understanding, ty. You are as deluded as any believer wadr, who also essentially proclaims themselves to be Yah

@bookofmorons My opinion is because we were considered property, so therefore our own names were not important. We “were to submit and to be controlled”.

@bbyrd009 point out where I "Blamed the bible for misogyny" . I said its core is misogyny - no doubt arising from the society that wrote it

@bookofmorons i hear that a lot, but most of it is borrowed from other cultures anyway? I doubt women were treated any worse than at any previous time/culture in history, although i don't know. But i suggest "women" in the Bible is representative of something else anyway


Anakin Skywalker didn't have a Daddy either, his papa was the force.
My family tried to do the same, but got it Alabama backwards, I had a forceful papa.
All this has significant importance to your question.
I'm sure you can see how I mean that.

Got to watch out for them pesky mitaclorians. 🤭

His papa was the farce!

@oldFloyd Midichlorians and Jar Jar Binks: two of the dumbest ideas from the mind of George Lucas!


I think that he also had to be of the house of David, as well. But since the two lists do not agree, it certainly is not the perfect word of a perfect god.

ha, you think that was a mistake, an unintentional oversight?


there was no jesus.

You are almost certainly correct. Still, I do enjoy discussing fictional characters (usually from better fiction than the Bible, though.)

and if ppl knew how to read the Bible they would see that written plain, barely disguised
not that you know either, there were prolly thousands of them
you are just a hater who is accidentally right now and then, mofo
how the fuck would any of us know whether there was a literal jesus or not lol

👎 Nope, he had a weekend gig where
he stupidly sacrificed himself, but he didn’t
stay dead.

@bbyrd009 i don't hate anybody, and to your unfunny comment that you unexplicably end up with a LOL, let me assure you that nobody is right or wrong 100% of the time, that would require perfection. Then you ask a lame question, how would we know if there was a literal jesus? By reading words written in the bible, the qoran, many apocryphal gospels, etcetera. I have read them all, have been to Israel, to most of the countries in the middle east, so you are also wrong in saying that I wouldn't know, at least I am sure that I definitely know more than you.

@AmyTheBruce Almost?

@Wildgreens that was Jesus the Mexican laborer.

@CountMK i know, love his tacos.

@Mofo1953 Yes, "almost" certainly. 😛 As vanishingly unlikely as the story is, there may be a tiny kernel of truth in there somewhere.

@AmyTheBruce doubt it thoroughly

@Mofo1953 "I am sure that I definitely know more than you" i wasnt aware i posted that, my apologies; but it is interesting to watch someone emote out their ass all day and call it fact, and getting likes too lol. Gee, i wonder what "eating the fruit of the tree of knowledge" means?

@bbyrd009 don't be so hard on yourself by emoting, billions of flies can't be wrong because they like shit, definitely doesn't mean an apple.

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