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Growing my beard for my Central America trip in 2 weeks. I'm gonna be 'beard guy' down there.

Hello, to all of you.

JustChris 6 Apr 10

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Very handsome!!! Beards aren't awesome on everyone, but you're one of those folks who it's totally great on. Looking forward to pictures from your trip, and I'm jealous because it sounds like fun and I haven't traveled in such a long time!

I'm starting to get butterflies about my trip. Very excited. I do these trips once a year if I can. One big trip a year. I'll go broke doing it if I have to.


Enjoy your trip and your beard.




Ahh good, just in time.

I just laughed out loud

@JustChris We have a "thing" Movember, guys shave the mustaches off fro charity, many grow them specifically for the event. now they are asking for beards. Everybody around me have beards. Many people do the "shave for cancer" but some like my students go for outrageous hair colours instead. I don't mind taking the beard off for a week, but some of my guys have monster beads, I am sure they would be ok with teh bright colours instead.

@Rugglesby Oh, this is a thing. I'm sorry. I think I'll just stick to giving money and keep my hair to myself.


You gonna wear a backpack and hiking boots and go find yourself in the Aztec jungles?

I think the idea is to lose myself, not find myself. Either way, if someone wants to take me in down there.....I'll gladly stay in the jungle.


Those dimples....



I like it!

Lani Level 5 Apr 10, 2018

Thanks. It's totally vain crap but it's fun.


I was just looking at your profile pic and remembering that I do have a "type" - the glasses and a short beard. Go for it.

Haha same.


Be careful. Once you grow it, you might not want to get rid of it.

Oh, dude, I see your beard and I respect it....but I am not that manly. That's you man, not me. I have a hard time NOT shaving my head on a daily basis. Forget my face. That crap is freedom!


That's a nice enough one. And great dimple.

Nice enough? NO, two more weeks and it can be better! (Look, I'm sorry I yelled, this is very personal) jk


At least you won't have to shave. Keep it trimmed tho.


Dude I've been 'beard guy' since 1990, but welcome to the brotherhood


Hello beard guy

See, I couldn't pull that off. That's badass.

it's all good lol


At least you are keeping your beard well trimmed and clean, so that's good.

I bought "beard butter." This is no joke. Hahahaha


What does Central America have to do with growing a beard?

Nothing. It's an exploration guy.....long beard....been out in the jungle for a while archetype.


It looks very nice, @JustChris

Thanks. Yours looks tight too. Trying to ride that line between scraggly and well kept.


Get a good beard balm, it will keep the skin and hair moisturized and itch less. I have 3 bearded sons in law and I made beard balm for them. Sounds like a fun trip.

I got beard balm. I. AM. NOT. MESSING. AROUND. Ha


I did it when I went to Israel so no one would think I was American. Lots would come up to be and start speaking Hebrew and I would just smile. I told them I was from Ireland. I was able to go to Palestine and it was the same thing except they didn't speak Hebrew. They just asked where I was from.

I'm doing it for less practical reasons than to be less bothered. My ex loves the beard (we're still very cool). She asked I do it for fun for at least part of the two weeks. And I think it'd be fun til' it itches.


Very cute!


you have a great start. Where will you visit. We expect pictures

Well, I have 2 weeks to grow more....and I might cut it half way through my trip April 22 - May 4. My trip is Guatemala, Costa Rica, and Nicaragua.....Maybe in Costa Rica the blade comes out? I can post pics if anyone cares.

@JustChris you can post them on my group Handcrafters, photographers etc. You will be a photographer and your photos will be beautiful

@btroje Thank you, you're sweet

@JustChris don't let anyone know


I think I like you with or without beard guy.


Cool bro enjoy you trip

Rosh Level 7 Apr 11, 2018

Have a good trip.


Hi. Sorry you're blind. And with the flying that's gotta be even worse.

@JustChris I do frequently fall on my face. Remember the crow from the secret of nim? About like that.

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