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I'm pretty sure most, but not all, atheists, agnostics, etc. are politically and socially liberal. Why?

Duncle1 5 Apr 11

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Intelligence --> Education
Education --> Perspective
Perspective --> Empathy
Empathy --> Liberalism

Intelligence [--> Education] --> Critical thinking
Critical thinking --> Irreligiousity

Parallel tracks that lead to the same place.


There are some that are not liberal. You would think ( or I think ) more christians would be liberal, Because of Christ, To me he seems very liberal I say that to trump supporters drives them nuts.


Because we tend to be more intelligent πŸ™‚

Seriously. Atheists, agnostics etc are people that have put some thought into it and arrived at a conclusion.
Most people on the right (especially the extreme right) tend not to think too deeply about things and so accept things lkke religion or the views put forward by the right eing press and media


I think it has to do with how the country was founded. Really it was just a bunch of silly, self-righteous, Christian sects that weren't popular enough in Europe combined with England's excess criminals that were sent here in the 1600s. They created a sense of Christian = correct.

Conservatism, as I understand it, means respect for order and hierarchy. Christianity, albeit more left-leaning, is still conservatism because it assumes a natural order that descends from Christ. So instead of basing things on facts and evidence, your status in the society is determined based on how "Christ-like" you are. Atheists, by definition, don't accept that there is a divine order to anything.

As for American conservatism in general, (i.e. capitalism, nationalism, traditionalism) most atheists are turned off by the idea since they all have a Christian element to them. Most feel that conservative politicians have historically used Christ as a political tool to garner support for the leading authority in any society because there are so many Christian voters. Also, since Christ is divine, and doesn't have to prove it, you can just use him as the excuse for why the ruling class is in power and why Christians are allowed to do such shitty things to non-Christians.

For instance, both slavery and serfdom were justified because the Bible has rules for keeping slaves, and Christ explicitly approved of beating your slaves. If you wanted to maintain a social and political order that the masses would accept, Christianity was historically pretty effective. Chattel slavery was an extreme form of capitalism that maintained the status quo by arbitratily defining a class of people as ungodly and literally turning those people into capital.

Atheists weren't involved in the creation of this country. They're also outnumbered, so they don't fit in with the status quo. Technically they don't have a stake in nationalism since they enjoy no real social or political power as there are almost no openly atheits politicians. Since the politcal and social roads to conservatism are blocked, most atheists go liberal or hard-Left.

Liberals are, by definition, okay with anyone as long as you aren't hurting anyone else's liberties. This is sort of the message of Jesus Christ as well. So atheists can enjoy some socio-political support by locking arms with less conservative Christians who will compromise according to the word of God.


Because they have learned to think for themselves and not just accept the ideas handed down to them.


I think that once you take the idea of a deity--particularly one with rules and regulations--out of the equation, what you're left with is just humanity. And when you know that this life is all we have and no one is coming to save us, then you realize how kind we must be to each other. Especially when you see so much hate(and the resulting desire to strip people of their rights) coming from people who DO believe in a deity.


I think there is a group on this site for conservtive agnostics. I think the reason we tend to be progressive or liberal is agnostic, secularist, humanist, etc. operate or look at the world from a basis of fact and science. The thinking reasoning process seems more accute. JMO


I've explained my views on this quite a few times.

Atheists and agnostics are nto so muc liberal as they base their views and ideologies on science and actual facts.

It just happens that science and actaul facts support teh liberal ideology a great deal more than the conservative ideology.

So, agnostics and atheists are nto really liberal, so much as they are reality based, even though it may look that way.

Feel free to comment if you think my reasoning is flawed. I'd just see it as an opportunity to learn, or re-evluate if I encounter a soudn arguement.

Agreed. I find myself a bit skewed liberal but mostly middle road politically and socially.
Welfare and the like doesn’t make sense to me but neither does owning military weaponry.
I think conservative ideology in the US is mainly focused around Christian ideology, ie abortion, church and state, right to bear arms and hate on homosexuality etc.
at least that’s the most newsworthy stuff. I tend to side more conservative when dealing with financials.

@Moose42 Welfare, or the "social safety net" in general to me is just basic descency to make sure people ha ea minimum standard of living.

Not havingt the safety net means fewer people take risks in developing innovations or starting new businesses. I think conservatives tha fvor big business dont' want it because then big business doesn't have to warry so much about competition so much with smaller businesses or some upstart business cutting into their profits or putting them out of business. Teh large businesses contol the supply of raw materials and means of production, and if someo0en has an innovative idea they buy them out and either take it to use themselves or bury it so it cant' be used at all.

A social safety net would insure that peoel can start businesses and take risks without worrying about ending up on the streets shoudl they fail. This is the real reason why conservatives oppose the social safety net. It better enables socioeconomic mobility. The rich dont' want new money" to enter their circles.


To be honest, in today's world, I no longer have a political party that I support. I'm still very political, but I find every party has been driven to the far sides of the spectrum. No one represents the middle anymore. I'd like to think I'm socially Liberal, economically Conservative, and environmentally Green, but there is no party at this time that speaks to me.

I'll never vote Conservative because they're so tied to religion and their social goals seem to be to outlaw anything and everything that makes them uncomfortable. Also, they ALWAYS cut Education, Healthcare, and Infrastructure because, you know, who cares about the future so long as we have lots and lots of money. "Teach your kids to count money, use money to stop bleeding, fill potholes will money!"

I thought Liberal was the way to go, but now... they are WAY too PC. They are so focused on social justice that they are neglecting the things that actually matter in our Country.

NDP had always shitty leadership and the new guy doesn't seem to have any interest in western Canada. Even less than Trudeau. As well, they lost me in the last election with their stance of a few i.important topics for me.

The Green party has great environmental ideas, and I'd love to live in a greener country, but their party has the economic insight of an old shoe.

This lead me to look into the Libertarian party. They have a lot of good ideas, and a lot of what they say makes sense... but they go too far on too many topics, and I don't have enough faith in humanity to get on board.

KDzo Level 4 Apr 11, 2018

Could you elaborate on "they are WAY too PC. They are so focused on social justice that they are neglecting the things that actually matter in our Country."?


I suppose that many of us gave up on something & resigned ourselves to living in reality - Reality is a hard place; sometimes i really don't want to go there - I am not talking about religion here, just la la land - Realising it every so often makes me wake up to the truth and even though its hard to keep awake it is a way of showing others that you understand that if we arent all in this together its a tough old world


I am the1% that is not. I have a hard time relating to those who are extreme in either direction.


I do know conservative atheists and liberal believers, so I think it's a stereotype. That said, stereotypes exist for a reason. A few outliers don't disprove a rule. People who look at you with a straight face and say, "Well the Bible says x", as if that settles everything are probably also thinking Sean Hannity makes lots of sense.


We have a diverse group here. I am politically and socially liberal. I believe in humanitarianism. I think other freethinkers also have humanistic beliefs.


Could it be because they are 'thinkers,' they are not afraid of their thoughts? A lot of wisdom can come out of 'comtemplative thoughts!' In short...a person becomes more flexable, and is not afraid to examine anything, even when it disgust them! They can look at the 'ugly and the lovely,' and not loose sight of them selves!


I would definitely qualify as politically liberal as I'm convinced the best way to correct our politics would be to simply discard our system and start over. Some of our principles make sense, however, history and current events has clearly demonstrated religious folk will mix in their beliefs whenever the opportunity presents itself whether it's a teacher, a cop, a county clerk or the president.


Open minds.


In most cases, religion is a conservative idea, therefore to progress further into our evolution as a species it seems to come with the territory that we aren't thinking about a God, but more thinking about what we can do better for each other and humanity.


It could be that, at least in the US, conservativism has become inextricably linked to Xtianity.


Primarily because they are skeptical of ideological dofgma, whether religious or political. Most conservatives are ideologues.


We get it....


Atheists may be more intelligent.
There are conservative Atheists.. (AkA Libertarians.) but mostly they are just thinly veiled narcissists. Also, we don't believe anyone is going to fix things for us... in this world or the "next". If we want any kind of "justice" in the world, we understand we have to get together provide it for ourselves.


I'm not, never trust politicians.


I’m not politically liberal either. Conservatives haves docked their ship to the Christian conservative movement for too long. How you end up with hilarious candidates like Michele Bachman. Conservatives should sever those ties, they won’t. My name is Jeff. Hi πŸ™‚

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