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Despite my many years and rapidly advancing decrepitude have forgotten my age and acted inappropriately on more than one occasion recently. Decided to let my beard grow showing all the white hair more as a reminder to myself that I'm not in my 30's much less my 20's anymore. Maybe it's more of a guy thing but do you try to remind yourself of your age? You don't need to? You don't want to?

kmdskit3 8 Apr 11

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I'm aware - but don't think about it much. Since I've held up pretty well ( with consciencious maintenance), not really too concerned.


At age 81, my body remindsme of my age often -- whether I like it or not.


I don't really think about it. Every now and then I'll get a reminder that I'm not 20 anymore...when it takes a little longer to recover from a hangover, for example. Otherwise, I don't think about my age much. Every year I get older means another year I survived, so I see aging as a blessing.


it gets worse

Dude! 😉


Everytime I climb a set of stairs, get on a dance floor or swim laps at my girlfriend's pool I am reminded that I'm not a kid anymore.


My body will remind me regularly of how long we have crawled together over this earth. I am thrilled to have had the years to experience my own, personal adventures and now to have a hippie grandson I can share my stories with.

Thanks. That's wonderful.


I turned 60 in January. I rarely wear makeup, I do not color my hair. I stay well hydrated and don't each much processed food which I'm told is why I have great skin, few wrinkles. I might not look 60 but my knees tell another story. My mom died at 45 and I decided I'd never regret growing older, she never got the chance. I don't know how to act my age, I've never been this age before. I act how I wanna. I don't give a flying f..k for what others might think.



Don't need to, don't want to. Still act age-inappropriate on occasion. Letting my silver grow out. Chiropractor keeps me mobile and flexible. All I gotta do is act naturally. I wasn't able to be myself for many years. Now - look out.

I probably should have worded my post differently. I'm talking about forgetting who I am: a 55 year old man with a lot of experience, wisdom, maturity etc. I agree with you, I don't want to 'act my age' but I shouldn't forget who and what I am out of need and loneliness.


Nothing's really reminding me of age (43), I'm just out of shape. At least that's what I tell myself. And I go to the gym and sometimes it works. I am in better shape that I was in my 20s or even most of my 30s, though, so there's that.

Good on you. 🙂


My hair gets a little gray around my face. Just the other day, I went to the stylist and tweaked the way I get my hair highlighted. I'm going to stop trying so hard to cover the gray.



I'm not going down without a fight! I feel 29 inside and I will live a fitness lifestyle until my last day regardless of the health issues that may confront me. Age is only a number. It is my state of mind that ultimately determines my abilities. I will do whatever I must to live a full and happy life!

I agree wholr heartedly. I still ride my bicycle daily, greet friends along the way, old and young. Come home feeling accompishment and beside also getting a good workout.



Don't need no remainder, I see it everyday on the mirror !!!!!


At 53, for the first time with a diagnosis, I have a sense that my life is finite. It's not just words on paper anymore, it's personal. I've been fishing around for over a year trying to absorb this new reality and gut reaction was the blues like I haven't been blue in many years and that lasted a few months. But, happily have reached my go with the flo, own it before it owns you approach: I aim to go gray. It will be a process, take time, be something I can grow into. Fortunately, it's a new fad and I think more than a fad, embracing gray has become chic. Beyond hair, so many of us value our elders, the aging process, the wisdom that comes with experience, the realities of wear and tear. I want to quietly celebrate my existence, every day, as it comes.

Is it permissible for us, the community, to loudly celebrate your existence? I can't help think doing otherwise and staying quiet would be doing a disservice to a strong and intelligent human being.

I understand you being purposefully vague but it was somewhat scary to read your comment. It sounds like your struggles are not as overwhelming as they once were? Take care.

@crazycurlz very nice, there is nothing else I can say ?

@SpikeTalon hugs to you for being you. LOL I really believe what you connect with/value in my words IS the same something in you that's just looking for definition or beginning to take shape. So, I am equally in awe of your existence, too.

@kmdskit3 wow, such sensitive people in this community! That's amazing and I love it. You are one and I am sorry for the cliff hanger...hard to see how others will read our words. My diagnosis is not fatal, but it was life changing. I will follow your posts, my goodness, compassionate.

@IamNobody, my friend, glad we're part of the same community.


...'acted inappropriate' Was it silly, childish, insulting or just plain stupid? Did you order some of that new men's 'butt lift,' underwear, that keeps popping up...when I try and read my news feeds! If it is worse than these, maybe you should just that you can be 'word flogged,' on this site! I have not noticed that I 'acted' much different while aging than I my younger self. I can't run now...but I haven't been tested lately, either! Oh! The loss of my once long and flowing hair, has changed, that was an act of nature...that I did not appreciate! We may get old and appear to be slower, but it is not necessary to act old! Just keep 'acting' the way you have always spite of dropped words, being bald, wrinkles and no long distance running ability! Inappropriate how? That is the question?

Ignoring vast age differences in relationships.

@kmdskit3 are you chasing younger women? If so, if there are common threads between both parties, does age matter? A friend my age, married a guy 18 years younger than she and they have been married at least 30 yrs! Happy people, too! But, it was love... I reread your bio, you are the age of my children...they don't seem old!

I'm lonely and have been pursuing the women available who have been too young in age and maturity. Have decided to stay away from all that for awhile.

@kmdskit3 is always better, to hook up with people who are compatible with our do otherwise is bad for our mental health (maybe physical too). Do more things that nurture your spirit...until the right person is there! Don't give in to loneliness, even when it cuts like a knife!

You're right...


I ignore it. As long as my body works and does what I want, I don't worry about it.

Trying to accept my aging physical limitations.

@kmdskit3 You don't really have to. I changed my diet when I was in my twenties to save my life, eliminating red meat, white flour, sugar, and most processed food. My health and stamina took a sudden leap and I was never sick again, unless I caved in and ate "normal" food at a family function.

At 65, I was riding motorbikes, riding the waves, climbing mountains and cliffs, hiking daily, wading swamps to take bird/wildlife photos, etc. I have been so strong that most men won't hike with me after one attempt.



I'm so far from "normal" at this point it never crosses my mind. I'm breathing so I'm not going to complain about it, lol. I also find that most of the people who act my age are exceedingly boring, but that might have more to do with my maturity level than my age.

TBH the ONLY time age has been an issue is at the VA. I've had tons of issues health-wise for my age, which means, since it is a teaching hospital, I'm usually a lab rat. It goes something like this:

Them: "Wow! You shouldn't have had all this stuff for a man of your age!"

Me: "Really, chucklenuts? That medical school education is really paying off, huh?"

Okay, I don't respond like that. I sure the hell am thinking it though.

Dude! Tell 'em off at least once. 😉


I need no reminders. It's just always so damned painfully obvious.


My joints remind me constantly. The gray hair does its share also.


It is kind of weird all of a sudden I was saying I was 60 and that is not that far from 70 and I look what I am doing on my land and it doesnt really make sense

Not quite sure I understand?

@kmdskit3 just that I am taking on and doing projects like I am 20 and there is no end

@btroje Bravo!

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