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Who does this? I'm usually a good guest no matter how long I've known you.

Freespirit64 8 Apr 12

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It is nice when you know somebody for so long they are family. When you visit they allow you to be yourself, with no masks.


My best friend from childhood and I had this type of friendship where we were went into the fridge or pantry but we also knew where everything was kept LOL

I have no other person outside of relatives that I would do that with now.


I am always respectful. I've known some of my friends for decades and still don't make myself at home.

I'm the same way


I respect other people's things, food, ideas, and lifestyle. If you want me to trash your house it probably won't happen.

SamL Level 7 Apr 12, 2018

Anyone else have problems drinking someone else’s milk? I can’t.


I'm usually pretty comfortable after an hour or so to be both..


Too cute !!


I will help you cook but I wouldnt get into your fridge without you asking me to get something


I'm a good guest but my bestest friend and I just show up and cook dinner in each others house with or without the other lol


I always ask first. Always.


I was at a party in college and found our kitten in the fridge. Thankfully there is plenty of air for a cat that small. Poor kitten.

(No one put her there - I'm sure she jumped).

that happened to me once. She was sleeping in the crisper

@btroje I feel better now. lol

@WizardBill It was a party - many people - I'm certain someone reached in for a beer - and in she went. She was so fluffed out. Poor baby!


I love dogs and that's funny. I have a open door policy. I never lock my doors, hell I don't even know where any keys are. My friends a can walk in help theirselves, I'm not bother by that. the only thing is if my dog has never met you then good luck .

@Renickulous They are my friends. How can I not trust them. If you can't trust your friends you might want to get new ones.


When I was young I would just walk into my friend's house never knock. One day his dad stopped me and said I would like to talk to you. He said that he really liked that I felt so comfortable about just coming in and that it had reminded him of his youth when the world was not so paranoid.


Love the dog humor.


I once had a female friend come over to my place and she said she was hungry, so I told her to help herself. She proceeded to pull out a chair, sit down, and open the refrigerator door and just inspected everything I had, shelf by shelf. I asked her, "would you like me to tilt the fridge for you too?"


I don't get it. Are you saying that they eventually raid your refrigerator? If that's what your saying then don't hold back. Their brave enough to challenge your goodness with disrespect? Then tell them get out of there. Don't smile or laugh or giggle. Be serious about it.


What the fuck is wrong with people?


I am a good guest too.

JK666 Level 7 Apr 12, 2018
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