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Do you believe there are aliens walking among us?

Millie 6 Apr 12

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Each and every time I see my neighbor I believe they are....LOL


Illegal aliens? (Kidding).

As a skeptic and critical thinker, I feel I am the alien on this planet. πŸ˜‰


I live near the dangerous Northern border. I think a lot of the polite people with BC plates are aliens from Canada.

Space aliens? If they have the capacity for interstellar flight, to disguise themselves as humans, and to hide from all of our sensors, why would they want to be on this primitive backward planet? More than half of humans believe in some magical being that controls everything. We are at war with each other. We don't care enough to provide healthcare, clean water, safe shelter, and education to all people of the planet...


How would I know? humans could be aliens because they don't fit in on this planet and do it no favours.

I believe that statement is called a non sequitur

Sad but...


I see no evidence for such.
All evidence I do see presented, some which is quite compelling, is not compelling a result of Aliens, but of some unknown anomaly. Evidence of anomalies is not evidence FOR anything, but evidence of anomalies and unknowns.
It can be reason for further investigation, but without presupposing anything, because if you suppose something like Aliens as a rationale then you create a bias for yourself to find exactly that in your own interpretation of evidence. Our brains are hardwired to find patterns, if you tell it to look for patterns with a bias it will readily create them, like Jesus in a piece of toast or a bulldogs hindquarters.


I have talked to them they rant about some fictional magical creature that can control everything.



No. Any space-fairing civilization searching for intelligent life to live amongst would have driven right past this planet (much like I do on my way to Vegas and passing Barstow with a finger out the window) once they see what we’ve done to our planet. In no way does this broadcast intelligence.

Thats kinda brutal there Moose, I always stopped in Barstow to pick up my second 12 pac of beer, the next stop would be Baker for gas and more beer. Not really sure what we did after that but I'm sure we made it because the credit card bills came back from Vegas. Still wondering who Bambi was.

Reminds me of the joke I heard back in the late 60's.

Capt. Kirk: Beam me up Scotty! There's no inteligent life down here!
Scotty: Aye-aye Captain!

@clarkatticus alright, to be fair, my drug addict ex wife lives in Barstow. Hence the finger.
But I suppose their beer is as cold as any other towns.


Yes!!! Mexicans, Hondurans, Guatemalans, etc.


If there IS intelligent life out there, they’re staying as far away from us as they possibly can. We are the trailer trash of the universe. We’re the universal Jerry Springer show.


I think I might actually be one of them - feels like it sometimes!


Why would they want to be


Same answer for God. No evidence = no belief

JeffB Level 6 Apr 12, 2018

No, I believe if extra-terrestrials had the technology to visit Earth they would make themselves undetectable - unless it was for conquest.


By the looks of certain people.... yes ????


The Trump family. Have you taken a good look at these folks?


I don't know, but there's some fucking crazy people out there. Does that count?


I don't believe, but I do think there's a possibility.

Gohan Level 7 Apr 12, 2018



No comment..... πŸ™‚


No, I think it's another way of externalising the bits of ourselves that we don't like (we always want an us and them as Floyd put it). Especially primative emotional responses. The reptilian theory interests me, but I think it has more to do with hind brain functioning being overt than actual alien influence. Some people can control their emotions and indeed themselves better than others.
It's just a theory; a work in progress.


No, I don't.


Is not about what I believe without any proof. Isn't that how religion starts?




I've been arguing with religious gun people from the south. So, yeah, quite alien.


I don't.

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